January 13, 2010

Inspiration (or rather a lack of)...

Wrote Monday that my to-do list was rapidly growing and somehow I still ended up posting nothing (or close to nothing) yesterday. D’oh! So time for more catching up and why not start with the best piece of news? Fairly new Danish band The Boombox Hearts (still my first and only post on the band is nearly 6 months old) has been busy recording and is giving away two new tracks. Still have no clue whatsoever how to label this stuff, but since the band itself continues to use the description “We try to play: 60ies pop / melancholic lo-fi / country / indie. If we don't, we're sorry”, why not stick to that? And who cares about tags and labels anyway? Far more relevant is that the pounding Everything (which features Line of Cody on cello and definitely is the standout track of the two) has left quite an impression and continues to grow on me for every listen. Now one can just hope that we don’t have to wait another 6 months for the next piece of news?
+ Everything
+ Secrets/Girls

Heard fine new single Oh Solitude by RebekkaMaria on the radio last night and today the Anderson mix of said track arrived in the mailbox. Hard to imagine a better timing! The original version of the track will be included on her sophomore album Sister Sortie, which will be out on March 1. The remix is pretty good by the way!
+ Oh Solitude (Anderson mix)

Danish duo Stoffer & Maskinen shares their second single Flader mod Flader. The band was signed last year by Speed of Sound and according to the press material a debut album will be released in March. The first two singles (the first release was called De Eneste Tilbage) are (here we go again) creating some serious headaches, when trying to find a fitting description. But think cool, powerful, energetic, somewhat noisy and still really catchy electronic rock, and maybe (just maybe) we are closing in on something.
+ Flader mod Flader

Words are hard (even harder than usual) to find today. So no more updates I'm afraid!

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