January 14, 2010

No Blood In Bones...

Danish duo No Blood In Bones announced its existence in May/June last year, and it didn’t take long before the band caught a lot of people’s attention and among other things was featured as “band of the week” at BandBase.dk. A few months later the band was signed by Morningside Records, and now the duo is ready to release a self-titled debut EP, which will be available on vinyl as well as digital download some time in February. If you (by any chance) recall my first short take on the band, I called the music "more pop and less rock", when comparing it to Green Concorde, which back then seemed like an obvious thing to do, as that band used to be fronted by Morten Espersen Dam, who makes up half of the No Blood In Bones duo (Sven Busck Andersen being the second half). But Green Concorde split up and to Mr. Dam that meant a goodbye to the darker, post-punk influenced sound and a hello to a more playful and diverse pop-inspired sound. At least that’s the impression you get when listening to the two promo tracks posted below, as Headphones is energetic and insisting, whereas Safe Way Out is a more dreamy and repetitive electronic piece. A third track I am a Statue can be streamed at Myspace and reveals that the duo has a quiet and melancholic side as well! I haven’t seen a track-list, so I don’t know if all three tracks are included on the EP. If they are, the release could very well end up being a rather varied experience, but as long as all songs are this good, the duo can pretty much do whatever they want to for all I care.
+ Headphones
+ Safe Way Out (download link disabled)


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