January 6, 2010

The Number...

Used to label UK band Kni9hts the “best unsigned band in the world”, but as mentioned in February last year the band is now working under the alias The Number (though the band mysteriously remains unsigned, thus holding on to that label). Up until a few days ago, the band had been awfully quiet since announcing the new name, but then the band finally broke the silence and uploaded 3 new demos to their Myspace page. (Luckily) the change of name didn't mark the beginning of a musical transformation for the band, as the quartet simply continues writing the same type of (rather fantastic) indie rock tunes, as they’ve “always” done. Knowing the band’s willingness to offer their songs as free downloads (and Myspace continuing being absolutely useless on this matter), I thought contacting the band might be a good idea and was rewarded by immediately receiving the files. So please go ahead and grab the new babies, and should you happen to be the last visitor to this blog, who has yet to be introduced to their previous works, they are all still available for free right here.
+ City of Gold
+ The Landings Have Begun
+ Trapped Tiger

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