January 18, 2010


Still all smiles following The xx’s performance at Vega Friday evening. I truly enjoyed the concert and I left the venue with the feeling that the band delivered exactly what I expected they would. Quiet and introverted (shy?) on stage, and instead letting the music speak for itself. I thought they did so rather convincingly, but scanning through reviews and comment sections, I can see that not everyone agrees. However when reading the inputs, it really strikes me that I’m not sure exactly what people were expecting! Okay, it was Friday evening, so perhaps a few were hoping for loud dance beats to kick off the party. Though partying isn’t the first thing that comes to mind (not my mind at least), when listening to the album. Perfectly illustrated by the band’s cover version of the close to unbearable Teardrops, which, for the first time ever, sounded as melancholic and depressing as the lyrics indicate it should. Admittedly the sound throughout the concert was a little too low (though it was quite nice not needing the earplugs), but since I wasn’t standing close to any of the bars, the ignorants, who stayed there chatting instead of paying attention to the music (why some people buy tickets and then opt not to hear the band is simply beyond me), never became a nuisance to me. So I’m sorry, but nothing could really spoil my evening, and here’s to hoping that the band will pay us another visit some time soon!
+ Basic Space
+ Stars (Dave Wrangler Remix)

The sophomore album Howl To The Moon by Danes The Floor Is Made Of Lava will be out on March 22. I quite liked the band’s dance rock dominated debut All Juice, No Fruit, but according to the press release, the band will be more “classic rock” sounding on the forthcoming release. First single All Outta Love (out February 1) should be first indication of whether or not there’s any truth to this. As a blogger I still fondly recall, how 5 tracks from the debut were okayed for promotional use, but a repeat of that scenario seems highly unlikely. Just for fun I checked, and it seems like all 5 download links are still working, so why not...
+ You Ain't a Bitch (Bitch)
+ IKEA Did A Job On You
+ Sucker Love
+ Told Her I'm From Compton
+ Do Your Sister

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