February 1, 2010


Death Valley Sleepers has mailed a brand new recording named Into My Mind. A psychedelic 60’s inspired tune, and of course it’s absolutely fabulous. Download all previous recordings from this post.
+ Into My Mind (Disabled)

The Ginger Ninja debut album Wicked Map was released last Monday and it’s an absolutely wonderful infusion of energy. An infusion I believe all us are in dire need of right now.

Speaking of Ginger Ninja. Remember to vote for Bone Will Break Metal for next week’s Tjeklisten!

For the past two weeks The Balcony by The Rumour Said Fire has topped the aforementioned list. When and how did the band become mainstream (hate that word)?

I have spent quite some time today listening to Trespassers. That’s the new album by Kashmir, in case you’ve somehow missed the news that it’s out today! Gaffa summarizes the reviews.

Found this track by duo Evelyn Evelyn in the mailbox. The story that the duo consists of two conjoined twin sisters seems a little far-fetched! But probably the first time I’ve been mailed a track sounding like The Andrew Sisters!
+ Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?

Safe Wat Ouy by No Blood In Bones is used as featured music in Vampire Diaries (Part 1) on Nylon TV!
+ Safe Way Out

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Terri said...

Thank you for the new DVS song!!!!!!