February 22, 2010

Sipping Champagne at the Radio Club...

Cannot recall ever being this tense and alert, as I spent the past weekend constantly monitoring the web for any (and I really mean any!) information regarding tickets for The Radio Dept. concert on May 15. Not that I was expecting to find any news, as tickets never go on sale during weekends, but nonetheless I was pathetically anxious. Predictably tickets became available this morning and now that tickets have been purchased, it’s high time to return to being my old self.

Despite another two months left until it's officially released, it does seem like Clinging To A Scheme has leaked? Whether or not it is in fact the album is obviously impossible to determine, but the songs (the two promo tracks aside) are all new to me, so it could very well be that this is indeed the album (if so - why not release it now?). Unless of course some prankster is pulling our legs! Leak or not! I’m definitely going to buy the album!

And those, I promise, will be the last words on The Radio Dept. for a good while.
+ David
+ Heaven's On Fire

Label mates Club 8 shares new single Western Hospitality. Sure it’s really nice, but each time I listen to it, I can’t help thinking of this one. Though I’m probably the only one who can hear any similarities!
+ Western Hospitality

New track Ingrid Bergman by Champagne Riot is now streaming at Myspace. As previously mentioned it is Stefan of Northern Portrait, who does the singing, and the result of this highly intriguing collaboration is an absolutely glorious pop tune. A video for the song is in the making, but when/if the track will be released remains unresolved for now (or at least has not been made public). Though Shelflife or Matinée seem like real good and fairly obvious bets (just trying to stir up some rumors)! Don't you think?


Anonymous said...

You're a fucking moron.

It is "indeed" the fucking album

stytzer said...

Sadly I am "indeed" a fucking moron, but thank you for the fucking verification. Though I am fucking surprised that you fucking know what the fucking songs I'm listening to fucking sound like...are you a fucking stalker?