February 23, 2010

The Frozen Ocean...

Band of Horses will be at Vega on April 18, but am not planning attending this one. First of all April 18 is Sunday of the Copenhagen Popfest, so I expect to be worn out completely by then. And since I did see them a couple of years ago, I believe I’ll manage without seeing them this time, though I did think the show back then was absolutely brilliant. Copenhagen will be the last stop on a short European Tour (8 dates announced so far), which has made me start looking for news on any imminent release(s), though without much success so far!
+ Is There A Ghost
+ The Funeral

Tower Of Foil shares a second single from the band’s forthcoming album Driving North. The new track is called The Frozen Ocean is a real typical Tower Of Foil track in the sense that it’s sweet and beautiful. And with the weather being as it is right now, it’s hard to imagine a better timed release.
+ The Frozen Ocean

A Pleasant Dream is a pleasant Spanish blog (though I don’t understand a single word – you know; No habla español) focusing entirely on Nordic pop music.

Danny Provencher of Under Electric Light has teamed up with Rudy Behrnard of Les Incendiaries to form Those Weird, Dreamy Sounds. The first published track by the duo is the (rather oddly) named Á nœturnar, which does in fact sound weird and dreamy as well as somewhat incomplete.
+ Á nœturnar
+ Les Incendiaires VS Under Electric Light - Danaé (Under Electric Light Remix)
+ Under Electric LightThis Moment

Lucky Soul shares (in exchange for your email address) the title track of the band’s forthcoming album A Coming Of Age. “A lyrically dark, sonically dramatic Bond-theme-in-waiting, influenced by Scott Walker, Edif Piaf and brutal loss of innocence in equal measure”! Couldn’t have said that better myself...cough, cough.

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