February 26, 2010


Here's a great piece of news from Danish electro rock quartet Volvoe. The band has been quiet for a long, long time (thought it was appropriate to add an extra "long" compared to my previous mentioning of the band), but yesterday they announced that their debut album will be out some time this spring (or summer). The album will be named Black Doors and two tracks are now streaming on the band’s Myspace page. Plus a third track can be heard as well if you watch the video clip below. No news on the number of tracks and how the album will be released (self-release, label, download, CD etc.), but the three appetizers sound real promising, so chances should be pretty good that the album will be able to match the brilliant, but already 3 years old, Organized Faults EP (download links below).

+ Organized Faults
+ Places
+ Remedy
+ Snowscape
+ These Moments


Studioprastathom said...

hai... :) happy smile 4 you

Anonymous said...

Great music..already bought it at itunes though it can be downloaded for free like everywhere already..shame on those pirates..
I need to listent to this kind of music for a number of times..but that is a really positive thing..
Hope that Volvoe will come to Germany one day..
Thank you for a great music Blog..

Best regards