March 10, 2010

Bits and...bits...

Mails, mails, mails. It’s the same old story. And with SXSW just around the corner it’s perhaps worse than ever (takes some imagination I know, but it's true). Lots of people wanting to meet and say hi in Austin, but sadly no mail so far has included a plane ticket etc. So as much as I’d love to go, it just ain’t gonna happen!!

Grab new track The Bigger Picture by The Floor Is Made Of Lava in exchange for your email address. The move towards a more "classic rock sound" continues and I quite like it!

Don't forget to enter the "Ceremony" contest!

Whence this sudden interest? Recording cover versions of The Raveonettes songs seems to be the new black! Two popped up last week and here's another one. Does this imply that the Danish duo is about to become mega?
+ Suckers - Boys Who Rape (The Raveonettes Cover)

Danish label music for dreams has mailed this track from the Giana Factory debut EP Bloody Game to post and share. Some remixes in the mail as well, but quite typical me ignoring those (unlike a few other bloggers). Is this a sign of an album being in the making? Let's hope so!
+ Trippin'

No rules without exceptions. One of the (many) SXSW related mail included this fairly decent Caribou remix of Oh No Ono's Eleanor Speaks.
+ Eleanor Speaks (Caribou remix)

It's now possible to order the self-titled No Blood In Bones EP. Vinyl and download.
+ Safe Way Out

Bloggers = lemmings?

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