March 5, 2010

While I was cleaning out the mailbox...

...lots of other things happened!

I finally bought myself a ticket for the Get Well Soon concert at Loppen on March 23.
+ If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting

The new album by The National was announced. To be released May 11 and will be named High Violet. Frank says it's awesome! I’m almost prepared to wager next month’s salary that no song on the new album will be as fantastic as Fake Empire. If there is, then it will definitely be worth the price!
+ Fake Empire

Band of Horses quickly sold out their concert at Vega on April 18. And, as I expected, announced that they are about to release a new album. Infinite Arms will be out on May 17 (or 18 depending on your location), but sadly not on Sub Pop.
+ The Great Salt Lake

New song Andalucía by Doves was played on radio for the first time.

I received a promo mail with a copy of Plastic Beach. Stylo is a nice one, but the rest is definitely not my “cup of tea”.

The band formerly known as Ruined by Martin okayed a “in retrospect” post. So hopefully a post will be up next week containing every track ever recorded by the band.
+ Kaiser Star

Jeremy Sparrow mailed me a copy of his debut EP This Summer Was Just Such A Bore. I’m looking forward to giving it some thorough listens.
+ Outrunning Paper Tigers (demo version)

Received the rest of the Call Signs EP, I requested yesterday! At times the lead singer of Wires in the Walls really sounds like Angie Aparo, and that combined with some great songwriting makes this a truly fabulous EP!
+ Twin Jet Engines

Two decent cover versions of The Raveonettes' Heart of Stone landed in my inbox.
+ Dum Dum Girls - Heart of Stone
+ Amazing Baby - Heart of Stone

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