March 18, 2010

Bits and pieces...

Don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve started to use the download links from the promo mails rather than uploading songs myself. Not that I’ve had any recent problems with IFPI, but for whatever reason I’ve suddenly become too much of a chicken to risk anything.

Death Valley Sleepers has a lovely and rather melancholic new track named Along The Canals streaming at Myspace. Because of the band’s growing popularity (thanks to that car commercial) the days of the freebies are over. At least for now.

Congrats to Albin from Sweden, who’s the lucky winner of the Ceremony - A New Order Tribute CD. Will try to ship the CD this weekend!

I’ve downloaded the 6 track Making Up A Changing Mind EP by Pretty Lights for free from the official webpage and though I still think this is seriously annoying (downtempo, jazz influenced instrumental hip-hop really isn’t my thing), I’m nonetheless drawn to it.
+ I Can See It In Your Face

Dad Rocks! is a solo project by Mimas frontman Snævar Njáll Albertsson and the forthcoming Digital Age EP will be the first ever release on new label Kanel Records. This is laid back, lo-fi, stripped down and really quite beautiful. The exact opposite of Pretty Lights, you could say.
+ Aroused By Hair

The 7” single Den Lille Havfrue by A Smile and A Ribbon will be out May 20 on Cloudberry Records. In case anyone’s wondering, the song title is Danish for The Little Mermaid.
+ Den Lille Havfrue

Check this fine video for This Vision’s Wherever I Run.

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