April 23, 2010

This and that...

Wanted to buy the new Cause & Effect EP Artificial Construct - Part One earlier today, but bandcamp wasn't exactly cooperative. Decided to post my frustrations about this at the band's Facebook page and a few hours later the band posted an update that the problem(s) had been fixed. So right away I headed over to bandcamp and bought the CD (including access to immediate download). What I didn't see before ordering was that the band had mailed and offered me a free download of the EP for my troubles! Not posting this to express any dissatisfaction about spending those $5.99 (as always I'm just glad to support independent music), but rather to state how incredibly cool I think the band is for actually getting back to me as well as showing their appreciation by offering a free download! Listening to the songs right now and only too happy to learn that they sound like vintage Cause & Effect!

The program for this summer's Start! Festival was published two weeks ago, but to be honest, I'm rather unimpressed. So I'm seriously considering not going this year...

Exactly a week ago Jonas posted a Geneva video, which made me start pondering what has happened to ex-Geneva frontman Andrew Montgomery's project st famous. Seems like it has now turned into a solo project, but new songs are in the making, which I believe is always a good sign? And not matter how you look at things and how things will develop; Mr. Montgomery still has one of the best voices in music.

Just found this new single by Trentemøller in the mailbox. Not sure what I expected (not a long to be truthful), but this is surprisingly enjoyable and pleasingly distant from the electronica universe I normally associate with Trentemøller.
+ Sycamore Feeling (Trentemøller Remix Edit)

chaotisch und charmant interviews Caspar of Champagne Riot and offers the track Ingrid Bergman as a free download. As previously mentioned it's Stefan of Northern Portrait, who does the singing and this is one track you simply "have" to download! UPDATE: Caspar just okayed that I post the track as well, so...
+ Ingrid Bergman

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Mir said...

Meget spændende post med Cause & Effect samt Trentemøller.
Jeg er normalt helt solgt når varme opspændte guitarstrenge slåes an, men det her fungere virkelig godt!
Jeg nyder meget, at komme forbi her og få et fix af nyt musik skudt ind i systemet.
Du skal have stor tak for at formidle disse små mundrette stykker af glæde videre ud i verden.