June 15, 2010

Bits and pieces...

Super cool one-man project Under Electric Light tweeted yesterday that the band has finished the recordings of an album. As always the essential information on when and how the album will be released is missing, but I do suspect that there is going to be a steady flow of updates once the mixing and mastering is done.
+ Wintertime
+ This Moment

When updated the Champagne Riot blog is always a good and fun read. What are the odds of Lady Gaga reading this post and the additional odds of her actually accepting the offer? Though she really should, as every song ever written by Champagne Riot is light-years better than anything she has put her name on!
+ Ingrid Bergman
+ The Champagne Anthem

A babysitter has been found, so time to book those Ginger Ninja tickets!!

As mentioned as few times I decided not to attend this year’s Start! festival. Unfortunately it seems like I wasn’t the only one to make that decision, which has caused Mr. Ardahl to ask why the festival is in such poor health!

Next in line of “exchange your email for a download” offers is the new single Fever Rising by them:youth. I'm afraid it's somewhat disappointing compared to previous outputs by the band.


Jason Strackner said...

i quite like them:youth actually. i guess Fever Rising its not as good as Lost & Lonely. now THAT is a proper tune. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NstaGHxFgyY

(lost and lonely is my fav!)

they do sound quite diffent in this new single.i'm just hoping they'll rework lost and lonely.

Oats said...

I like Fever Rising more than any other song I have heard by them:youth. To each his own I guess.

Anonymous said...

Got to disagree! This is the best song they have done by a mile!! They are growing all the time!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm pleased to say that Lost & Lonely has indeed been reworked and re-recorded and is sounding HUGE! Plan is for that to be the next single ;-) we aim to please.......