June 16, 2010

From the mailbox...

Monster & The Beast is a new (though not brand new as claimed in the mail) track by Sad Day for Puppets taken from the band’s second album Pale Silver & Shiny Gold, which will be out on September 1. Somewhat noisy, really catchy, featuring a flute and with a female vocalist sounding like...?...someone please help me out on that one!
+ Monster & The Beast

Daybehavior shares this track taken from the band’s forthcoming album, which I’m told will be the band’s third! Reading the mail I somehow got the impression that I ought to be familiar with the band, but cannot say I am (or was at least). But the chilly, electronic, melancholic and dreamy City Lights could very well change that.
+ City Lights

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve posted this, but I’ll never (as in; no way, never, ever!) be a remix enthusiast. Of course it does happen that a remix breathes new life into a song, but those remixes are few and far between. Sadly most remixes are pretty close to unlistenable or (if I’m generous) plain boring and make me wonder why anyone thought them necessary. To exemplify what I’m trying to state, I’ve posted this awful remix of Korallreven’s Truest Faith, which I suggest you compare to the original (and absolutely lovely) version. If you somehow are capable of hearing (understanding, whatever), what I’m obviously unable to, do not hesitate to post a comment. I promise I’ll try my utmost to be open-minded!
+ Truest Faith
+ The Truest Faith (Ghostape Remix)

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Oats said...

Her voice reminds me of Audrey, or maybe a softer Emily Hines from Metric. I like it. It's very calming.