June 17, 2010

From the mailbox...

Yeah I know that I’m not all that creative, when it comes to naming blog posts. Actually I’m not very creative in general (be it blog posts, be it life, be it whatever), so this is hardly a surprise. Though just for the fun of it I am trying a completely different recipe today by turning the mailbox upside down and checking out the oldest mails first rather than the newest. And some of them are indeed rather old dating back to December last year (I promise not to post any x-mas tunes!), but amazingly most download links still seem to be working. So the songs that I am (hopefully) going to post today will probably be old news to everyone but me…

+ Clare and the Reasons - That's All (Genesis cover)
The original version is a whole lot better I know, but so far this is the only song I've found that is worth giving a listen.

+ The Foreign Resort - Lost My Way
Flashing my ignorance here I suppose, but I had never heard of this Danish band before (happens more often than I like to think about)! The debut album Offshore was released in Denmark in February last year and saw a US release exactly one year later.

When reading the older mails I can see (and hear) that several of the promoted artists are not as new to me as I hoped they'd be. I know I lack discipline when it comes to deleting mails, but some artists/promoters seem to be sending mails at every given opportunity (xx weeks prior to release of album - at time of album release – when single/video is out – when tour kicks off - etc.), thus jamming my inbox and making them (almost) impossible to miss. But that's probably the whole idea, right?

I just love mails starting like this: “Thank you for your continued support of band I’ve never heard of”. You're more than welcome!

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