June 18, 2010

On air...

"Look at me I’m"…sitting right here by the computer. Yes. I deliberately changed (removed) the colors, so prevent anyone from seeing how grey my beard is! Plans tonight include listening to some music, reading some mails, watch some music videos and of course check the score in the England vs. Algeria game.

Have read so much about the video for Say No To Love (the new single by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in case you didn't know) that I have to watch it myself...just like the song itself the video is really lovely, and repeating myself is rather tempting as I'm once again wondering if the band can do anything wrong?
+ Say No To Love

A deluxe edition of Propaganda’s epic debut album A Secret Wish will be out on August 2 (according to the promo mail, though various online shops list the time of release as mid-July) including "the original album plus all of the cassette/vinyl-only mixes on Disc One, complete with guest appearances from David Sylvian, Steve Howe (Yes) and Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17). Disc Two adds a wealth of bonus material including the complete, unexpurgated 20-minute cassette mix of Duel, Trevor Horn's previously unreleased Thousand Eyes... remix of Dr. Mabuse, a works-in-progress version of The Chase and ten-minute 12" mixes of Frozen Faces and p:Machinery". This is really awesome news, as this was one of the albums of my teenage years and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on the double CD box.

As always I'm living in a world of my own, so I was completely unaware of that new single Sunset to Sunset by Spleen United is out on Monday (iTunes).

Not much happening really..........

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