June 22, 2010

When will I ever learn...?

Yesterday was pure torture, as I was tired beyond belief. Had far too much to drink and went to bed far too late Saturday evening, so yesterday my age once again showed its ugly face. The partying and drinking wasn’t a direct result of Denmark’s trashing of Cameroun at the World Cup (would like to think of it as “trashing”, though a “fortunate win” is the somewhat more accurate way to describe it), but simply because I spent a real fun evening with great company. And we all know how nights like those can evolve, and Saturday night it certainly did! But today I’m in a much better shape, so time to re-group and get back to blogging.

The new Spleen United single Sunset to Sunset can now be streamed at Myspace. I've always been a fan of Spleen United and therefore really hate to write this, but I do think that the new song is one of the band's weakest efforts to date.

Another new track streaming at Myspace is Caves and Light by The William Blakes. It’s the first track published from the band’s forthcoming (and third) album The Way of the Warrior, which will be out on September 13. Perhaps sounding a bit more “polished” than previous stuff released by the band, but more importantly the band certainly hasn't forgotten how to craft a great pop song!

The jury is still out on the new (and free to download) track Here Sometimes by Blonde Redhead. It’s not bad at all, but not really standing out either in the way I hoped it would (perhaps even equaling or beating 23, which is downright fantastic).
+ 23

Found this track by Elk City in the mailbox last week and it’s been on frequent rotation ever since. From the album House of Tongues which was released by Friendly Fire Recordings on June 1.
+ Nine O’clock in France

Another really nice one from the mailbox is the dark and haunting You Can’t Be Alone by All Saints Day. Not yet taken from any release, but simply mailed out to help promoting the duo’s forthcoming 7” release It’ll Come Around. Personally I like "Alone" a lot better than the track they’ve picked as the lead track on the single!
+ You Can’t Be Alone

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