July 13, 2010


Really short today...

Soundvenue has picked the self-titled debut album by Sleep Party People as the best album released by a Danish artist so far this year. Well done Brian!
+ I’m not human at all

UK duo The Tamborines shares their track CWB in exchange for your e-mail address. Definitely worth it!

Rodolfo recommends Canadian band Les Incendiaries. I'm pretty confident that this is something that Peter will write about at some later point, so instead I simply suggest that you download this Under Electric Light remix of their song Danaé, which I've posted a few times before.
+ Danaé (Under Electric Light mix)

Let's Go Surfing by The Drums has been remixed by The Raveonettes and now sounds like a song by (this can hardly be a surprise) The Raveonettes.
+ Let's Go Surfing (The Raveonettes Remix)


Parklife said...

I'm soooo predictable. :-)

stytzer said...

Maaaan - you are! ;-)

besu said...

Hey, man? Can u add Sleep party people's more songs? Plz