July 12, 2010

A champagne murder mystery...

Danish duo Champagne Riot has just finished a new version of the track A Friend of a Friend and as always they boldly state that “it's really the best we've ever done”. Not really sure if I fully agree (still having a major crush on Ingrid Bergman), but in many ways the re-recording has done wonders, when comparing it to the first version, which actually was pretty good in its own rights (I doubt it is available for downloading or even streaming anywhere, so you’ll have to take my word for it). The new version is slower paced, the vocals are not nearly as a “strained” and in general has a more melancholic and beautiful feel to it. The band is planning to release it as a single some time this fall, but has kindly granted me permission to post it for a short period of time (two weeks). So I strongly suggest you grab it while it’s there!
+ A Friend of a Friend (link removed)
+ Ingrid Bergman

I’ve featured great NY quartet Murder Mystery a few times before around here and now the band is back sharing two new tracks. No way I can top the band’s own description of the tracks, so that's the one you get: “The first, I Am (If You Are) is the debut lead vocal performance of our drummer Laura. It sounds like a collaboration between Stereolab and Madonna -- pulsing synths, shimmering guitars, a disco beat and a charming vocal performance ….The second, Change My Mind is like a Cure or Belle & Sebastian pop jam arranged with the warm, bouncy synths of Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works”. Think I’ll just add that both tracks are exactly as good as the description promises!
+ I Am (If You Are)
+ Change My Mind

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