August 11, 2010

Counting stars...

As always the world has been really busy, while I was away on holiday. Would be much appreciated if the world took a timely break every now and then as well, as it would make catching up so much easier. Instead of leaving me when the unpleasant feeling that there are lots and lots of things I’m going to miss, because I cannot read every mail, tweet, blog update etc. of the past two weeks. I know I post exactly the same story of whining every year, but I just can’t help myself. However I will from this moment on try my best to be positive and giddily happy about the many interesting things that have happen, during my holiday. No matter how numerous they may seem. Let’s check some of them out!

Florida based shoegaze/electronica quartet/quintet (someone please enlighten me) Purplespace has been so kind to mail me a copy of their new 5-track EP Eventually, Juliet…. According to the band the songs are “a bit slower and more organic (real drums, less synth & keys)”, when compared to previous recordings, but it probably requires more trained ears than mine to spot the difference. To me there’s not much new under the sun here (John – please don’t rip me to pieces), but as long as the songs continue to be this dreamy and beautiful, I see no reason for anything to change. I’ve been given permission to post a track off the EP, but I strongly recommend that you pick of the whole thing at iTunes or wherever you buy your digital downloads these days!
+ Counting Stars

So I ended up not going on to the Jens Lekman concert at Vega on Monday evening after all. Passed my ticket on to this young fellow, whom I believe had a great time? Why I didn’t go? Monday was the first day at work following the holiday and no way would my (aging) body have accepted staying out late Monday night. Why buy a ticket in the first place then? I do strange things all the time, so you tell me! Oh! If you haven’t done so really, don’t forget to swap your email address for the gloriously wonderful new track by Mr. Lekman called The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love.

Endless is the number of Danish bands I’ve been trying to hype ever since the birth of this blog. And equally endless is the number of bands unable to (even remotely) match the hype. But the fast rising quartet Ginger Ninja is one of the rare exceptions and this new, very competent and free to download Eumig & Chinon remix of the band’s first single Sunshine (video) should only add to their growing popularity.
+ Sunshine (Eumig & Chinon Remix)

Though Danish trio Chadore is only a few songs old, I’m not afraid of touting them as yet another band to look out for (since I’m usually wrong anyway, why be afraid?). I featured the brilliant Den Dag a month and a half ago, and earlier today the band published this dance remix of (what I believe must be) new track Når Du Ser På Mig. Both tracks are catchy beyond belief (well almost), so please don’t let the Danish lyrics scare you away!
+ Den Dag
+ Når Du Ser På Mig (Dance Remix)

Here’s one from the good news department. VETO is back in the studio. The debut album was good, the second album was even better, so now please record a third one that is going to blow us all away!
+ You Are A Knife

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