December 17, 2010

ho ho ho...

Yawn! So here's yet another Christmas themed post in the blogger universe compiling endless of useless Christmas tunes. Dull I know, but since I promised to post one a while ago, I definitely intend to keep my word. So today (it's the 8th), tomorrow, the day after and so on, I'm going to scan my mailbox, computer, the www etc. for nice Christmas tunes to share (and will do my utmost only to post the real good ones, meaning that I'm probably going to include several from years before). Will also try to share only what's already available for free (or freebies from previous years) since this holiday season is all about giving and not about stealing bread from people's mouths. Please note that whenever new songs are added this post will be bumped to the top!

+ Liam and Me - Winter Paradise (I Miss You This Christmas)
In my adult life I’ve never really been a fan of Christmas, but in recent years I’ve eagerly been awaiting the arrival of December, just to be able to listen to this song!

+ One Weekly Gun - One Xmas Song
In a perfect world this would be a seasonal classic and included in every Christmas compilation.

+ Strawberry Whiplash - Santa Needs A Holiday
Wonderful track found on the highly recommended The Matinée Holiday Soirée EP.

+ Viola - Wayne Coyne, Be Our Santa Claus
This has to be one of the best titled songs ever!

+ I Like Trains - Last Christmas
Finally this classic sounds miserable; exactly as it should!

+ TIAC - It's Christmas But Not For You
Another reminder that Christmas can indeed be a miserable time for some...


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PsychExFutureHeart said...

Nice selections! I just used Strawberry Whiplash today ( in my "name that tune" Christmas contest on youtube... and I made a video for Viola's Wayne Coyne Be Our Santa last week ( I've got a bunch planned for uploads for the next few days involving Flaming Lips/ Wayne, and others.
Peace and love!