July 21, 2011

Holiday's coming up...parte uno...

Planning (hoping) to post “parte secunda” tomorrow before the girls and I leave for two weeks of pizza, pasta and red wine galore.

Back among the living after suffering for a couple of days from what is now known in Denmark as the “Robbie disease”. But still tired beyond belief...

I'm a Loney Dear fan so of course I have to mention that the track My Heart from the forthcoming album Hall Music is available as a free download. Not blown away as I hoped I would be, but still expecting the album to be nothing but truly awesome! How can it not be?

One of my current favorites is this laid-back and mellow 60'ies inspired track by Starlight Girls.

Yesterday, I received my tickets for the Arcade Fire concert in Copenhagen on August 28. Two tickets (yes), on two different rows (what?). Nice work CrowdSurge. Nice work indeed!
+ Wake Up (CrowdSurge! - I'm tempted to add)
Will probably think of more later today - but for now - that's it!

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