October 28, 2011

A boiling kettle...

Not sure what to make of the new Korallreven single Sa Sa Samoa. It will probably works fine as part of the band's soon to be released debut album, but as a standalone track it just doesn’t. Or what does anyone think?
+ Sa Sa Samoa

Thank you Mr. Villumsen for introducing me to Blind Pilot. How on earth did I miss out on this band?
We Are The Tide by Blind Pilot Music

Have listened to the forthcoming Balloon Magic debut EP a couple of times this morning. Do I need to say that it sounds absolutely fantastic?
+ I’d like to build a house

New interesting Danish band on my radar is Den Fjerde Væg. Singing in Danish and describing their music as mix of Animal Collective and XTC. The three track debut EP Glittertårer is available for free via bandcamp.
 Selvportraet by Den Fjerde Væg

Ordered this cool t-shirt the other day. My old Cause & Effect t-shirt has been in the washing machine a few too many times, so it was definitely time to buy a new one!
Happiness Is Alien by CauseAndEffectMusic

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