April 19, 2012

Blast off...

New video from blog favorites Tetris=Therapy. Not sure if I'm quite getting what the video all about (if it has any point that is), but the track Blast Off, which will be the opening track of the band's forthcoming EP The Temperance, is just brilliant. What I wrote a few years back (just checked - that was as far back as in March 2007, so a little more than a few years), when I first came across the band "The music is an unpredictable blend of just about everything" still seems to be a pretty valid description of the band's musical universe. It's not quite pop, not quite rock, not quite post-rock, not quite etc. It's simply just a whole lot of everything! So much looking forward to give the rest of the EP a listen! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend, but release party tonight at Huset in Copenhagen.

+ Blast Off

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