April 13, 2012


A few more hours and it's weekend. Though I hardly drank any alcohol, I'm still trying to recover from that trip to London.

Think I've listen to the I Like Trains track I posted earlier today at least 30 times. It really is that fabulous...

Because a few of you said so, I actually bothered and gave the new album by The Shins a few listens. No exactly impressed, but promise to invest more time in it!

Musik I Lejet keeps adding new interesting names to the line-up and recent additions include Stoffer og Maskinen and old blog favorite Jonas Breum.
Kærestebrevet by Stoffer og Maskinen

The self-titled debut album by Death Valley Sleepers is now available from iTunes. Need to get myself a copy, but will have to do it from home (no iTunes at work). Quite curious to hear the end result and if it's been possible to improve the demo versions...
Small Town Bells by Death Valley Sleepers 

Finnish electro pop trio Sleeping In Airports shares two new tracks on SoundCloud.
This Used To Be My Home by Sleeping In Airports

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