January 29, 2009


This morning I bought tickets for the White Lies concert in Lille Vega (March 4). Seems like the hype has yet to reach Denmark, as tickets are still available.
+ Death (Crystal Castles Remix)

My Loney, Dear CD collection is now complete, as the missing 4 albums arrived yesterday.

Don’t forget to grab the new track Jetstream by Doves, which is free to download at the band’s webpage. It’s far more electronic than anything we’ve heard from the trio before, and definitely better than any track of the disappointing Some Cities. Kingdom of Rust will be out April 6 and expectations are growing.

Sony has signed Danish indie rock quartet Ginger Ninja. About bloody time if you ask me that some label finally “inked” this extraordinary band.
+ OnePlusOneIsThree

The album The Night Is Ours by Australians Youth Group will be out in the US on April 7. In case you missed it, this was Chris’ favorite album of 2008.
+ All This Will Pass


Søren said...

I also got my ticket for White Lies today. Maybe it's time to get that beer?

stytzer said...

Sure is :)