January 13, 2009

Ruined by Martin...

Sometimes it’s almost unbelievable how slowly things progresses. I featured Ruined by Martin in the blog for the first time back in December 2005, when the duo had just been picked as Gaffa’s demo band of the month. And I was really impressed with what I heard and the future looked so bright that I even started dreaming of an album. But for some reason things suddenly slowed down and three years have gone by with very little happening – at least when watching from the outside. The line-up has expanded and the duo is now a quartet with one of the original members leaving and three new ones joining. Roughly estimated the band has recorded (and published) 10 new songs during these three years and the band did actually shoot a video for one of them. Still this must be considered a significantly lower output than one could realistically hope and wish for back in 2005. But yesterday I received a most welcomed message from the band, and finally there seems to be a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. The band is very much alive and the first signs of better days to come is a brand new track named Self Assured, which has been streaming at Myspace for the past couple of days. The track bears the band’s trademark electronic, dark and melancholic pop sound, and obviously I'm thrilled that the band has given me permission to share this excellent track. But arguably the best news is that the band now feels ready to leave the practice room and has begun searching for live jobs. So hopefully it’s only a matter of short time before we finally get the chance to see Ruined by Martin in concert!!
+ Self Assured
+ Untouchable
+ Burn The Sun
+ Kaiser Star
+ Defy the Odds

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