January 14, 2009

This and that...

I’m honestly happy for all the bands announcing that they’ll be playing at SXSW in March. Even think it’s quite understandable that they fill up my inbox with messages telling me this. Obviously it’s easy being excited as a band, when something like this happens. But when the bands start asking if we should meet or hope that I will consider them for any showcases I might be hosting, things start getting slightly ridiculous, as the obviously haven’t read a single word I’ve been writing. Then they’d know that I’m 40, married, a father of two small children and living in Denmark. What are the chances exactly that I will be in Austin in March?

In my New Year’s post I vowed that I would continue writing about bands that you’ve probably never heard of. One of those bands could be impressive new Danish rock trio The Minor Collective, which has just published three tracks. Don't be surprised if these guys pop up in some future post.
+ Free
+ Wavelength
+ Lose Control

Like everyone else, I’ve decided to jump on the Loney, Dear bandwagon. Listened to the 2007 album Loney, Noir numerous times yesterday, which then made me order the forthcoming album Dear John. Gorgeous stuff!
+ Airport Surroundings
+ I Am John

Hate this. Promo track Like Lunatics from the Modern Skirts album All Of Us In Our Night was dreamy and beautiful, so I asked for (and immediately received) a download copy of the album to hear if the rest was equally great. Sadly the album (a few tracks aside) is rather uninteresting, and certainly not what I hoped for. But nonetheless please give Like Lunatics a good listen.
+ Like Lunatics


Anonymous said...

If you like 'Loney, Noir' you should also buy 'Sologne'. 'Sologne' is from 2006, and the 'Loney, Noir' album is from 2005. Among four of his albums 'Sologne" is my favourite album so far :)

Blog: http://martingreen.dk

Parklife said...

Hey, just being 40 doesn't mean you can't go to concerts anymore. :-) Actually I'm still feeling as young as I was at the beginning of last year, when I was still "young", 39... ;-)

DJ Talbot said...

I am certainly thinking about my age these days. At 37 (38 in Feb), I feel silly sometimes. The people that LOVE what I love are moving on and I am still here, as focused as ever. I wonder when music won't be important to me and wonder if I can be me without music! God knows, I read and respect the music opinions of those older than me...
and I am off to see De/Vision and Seabound next week. A 120 mile drive. What 37 year old does that on a Tuesday?

stytzer said...

@Peter - Oh I'll certainly continue going to concerts! But taking a trip across the Atlantic to go to a string of concerts in March doesn't exactly fit that well with my family obligations! :)

@Martin - should have done my homework properly. I only checked the Sub Pop page and they re-issued Loney, Noir in 2007. But true that it was originally released in 2005.

@DJ - Enjoy the concert and music will forever be important!

Anonymous said...

Loney, Dear is playing in Vega the 5th of April. Wohoo! :)

Blog: http://martingreen.dk