February 13, 2009

Is This The Way The Good World Will End...?

In hindsight that “from the mailbox” mixtape I posted the other day was pretty damn good. Certainly not from a writing point of view, as the words weren’t really there. But most of the songs were of surprisingly high quality and 7 of them have been on repeat this morning, with only the Pet Shop Boys cover being ignored. To be honest, and being that every now and then do make you feel a lot better, I only posted it to attract some visitors, though the number of visits it actually did cause most likely can be counted on one hand. But to cut a long story short (which I’ve been told means that the story is already too long) two of the songs ended up in my current favorite list (in the right column in case you don’t know what I’m talking about) and thus deserves a few words along the way.

At first I ignored the promo mail regarding young UK singer Polly Scattergood, but then I read this excellent write-up at Chromewaves and thought “what the heck”. And I do agree with the take that Nitrogen Pink is an intriguing first single from what one could suspect will be a fine debut album, as the other songs streaming at myspace do sound rather interesting. Though the best moments are the ones where the young lady abandons her quiet and natural (?) singer-songwriter background and instead follow a less obvious electronic pop path, as she seems to be quite a force in this field. Whether or not there’s anything about my fear of an album dominated by this high-pitched voice (as beautiful as it may be), could end up being a little too much, I will put to rest for now and instead wait for the release of the self-titled debut album. And it won’t last long as it will be out March 9 in her native UK and preordering is already possible from the HMV webshop (and several others as well I guess).
+ Nitrogen Pink

Dead Heart Bloom is one of those bands that every music fan should love. If for nothing else then at least for its generosity, as every single song recorded by the band is available for free download. And quite a productive band this is, as 3 5-tracks EP’s were recorded and released last year. Just like the brilliant Flash in a Battle it’s all beautiful folk pop/rock, but suddenly something ignite and on the track Is This The Way The Good World Will End? the band decides to go shoegazing/noise-rocking, which as well as being unsuspected is both fascinating and refreshing.
+ Flash in a Bottle
+ Is This The Way The Good World Will End?

A few bits and bobs since you’re here already!

Calling new Danish band The Olympics a “super-group” might be a little over the top, but lots of skills is gathered, as all 5 band members have experience from other bands (Feet Don’t Fail Me and Surf In Stereo) or have worked as producers/remixers (john the electrician and Zvook Mescalin). Two songs have been published so far and though they don't convince me completely I still suggest that we keep an eye on these lads.
+ Superheroes

The Burning Hearts album Aboa Sleeping is out now on Shelflife Records. A month and a half ago I wrote that the 9 tracks had all been imported from “the indie pop heaven”, and they still sound exactly like that! It costs $10, so don't give me any "financial crisis" bullshit for not buying it!
+ I Lost My Colour Vision
+ Sea Birds

The video for the stunning new Doves single Kingdom of Rust.


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