June 13, 2009


Checking mails, reading news etc. tonight.

Ruined by Martin has announced that the band will be playing at Pakhuset in Århus on September 17. Great to see things are kicking off.
+ Seven Years

This has to be the worst song to come out of Sweden for I don’t know how many years. Though I’ll have to admit that it is actually quite funny, hearing my 3 year old daughter roaming around the house shouting “svennebanan”.

Seems like NY shoegazers Soundpool will soon have a new album out, as the band has put up a 12 minutes sampler at Myspace from “our newest album” Mirrors In Your Eyes. The sampler is downloadable via Last.fm.
+ Mirrors In Your Eyes (album sampler)

Swedish label Hybris is giving away a free download of the fine new Biker Boy single, which is a cover of the incredibly lovely Peter Sarstedt evergreen Where do you go to (my lovely)?.
+ Where do you go to (my lovely)?

One-man band Boy Without God was picked Gaffa's demo of June as the album Your Body Is Your Soul received 6 out of 6 possible stars. That combined with the opening track Holy Holy Little Fist being labelled "possibly one of the best songs I've heard this year" has really sparked my interest.
+ Holy Holy Little Fist

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Anonymous said...

About svennebanan: You're absolutely right. Nice video, though :D