November 20, 2009

One small step...

J.A. continues to be a useful and reliable source. This time he has mailed the info that you can get three new recordings by Glasslights for free if you sign up to the band’s mailing list. Plus this new version of old favorite Someone Like Me.
+ Someone Like Me

December is just around the corner and so is the annual flow of messages from bands wanting to share their Christmas recordings. The number of unread mails reached four digits some time ago, but I’m pretty certain that this track by Kate and After was the first of its kind to hit the mailbox this year and thus kicks off the Christmas season in this blog.
+ Snow Angel

Though just published earlier today it’s hardly news any longer that Interpol will release a new album in early 2010. It has (apparently) been revealed as well that the album will be a return to the sound of Turn on the Bright Lights, which makes the news even greater!

The album Three Fact Fader by Engineers has just been released and promo track Brighter As We Fall indicates that this is a must-hear for anyone who (just like me) is a fan of shoegaze.
+ Brighter As We Fall

A list of the 60 best albums of the decade (2000 – 2009) according to the Frekvens staff has been published.

Evening update:

Checking mails and downloading songs tonight. As written earlier today there's plenty to dig into.

First song to catch my attention and simply impossible not to post, is this ultra cool new wave/post-punk inspired track by Project:Komakino.
+ Civility

Have yet to decide if I actually enjoy the music of Morningbell or simply was intrigued by the description in the promo mail saying "...evokes everything from Curtis Mayfield to Tom Waits to African drumming and Brazilian folk music".
+ Marching Off To War
+ Stay In The Garden

Scrolling through the mails, I’m honestly surprised by the number of bands recording cover versions to help promoting their own music/releases.

Need to setup a filter to delete all remixes. Would reduce the number of mails by 50% (at least) in an instant!

When Danish bands write me in English is it because my English is super or because they haven't bothered reading anything in the blog except the mail address?

Fresh from the mailbox is this insisting dance floor anthem by Danish duo DATO. Disco, dance or whatever label you prefer attaching to this song, you simply cannot ignore that this is really, really catchy one.
+ I Don't Wanna (featuring Danny Andersen)


Janice said...

Hey Hit in the car, if you’re into Glasslights you should check out this wicked new band called Sound of Guns. Here is the album preview, have a listen! My fav track is Architects, see what you think.

Janice said...