July 9, 2010


This week has been real terrible from a sleeping point of view. Perhaps it's a little too early to start talking about insomnia (so let’s call it sleep deprivation instead), but 3-4 hours of sleep a night really isn’t doing anything good for neither brain nor body. So if what I write today makes no or little sense (as if it ever does), you know now why!

Earlier this week I started deleting Myspace “friends” and the cleaning continues, as far too many useless artists post far too many repetitive (and useless) updates, thus cluttering the news/update stream and “drowning” the few useful ones that do pop up from time to time!

Cannot say that I was all that impressed by the live performance of Swedish trio (quartet) Liechtenstein at Copenhagen Popfest, but new track (lead track of the soon to be released single) Passion for Water is in fact a more than competent indie pop tune!
+ Passion for Water

Just read this post over at Faronheit. Now there is a blog receiving exactly the same promo mails as I do (including the songs/remix featured below)! Check the post out and don’t forget to download the really fine Just Can't Sleep (Stupid Human Remix) by The Aikiu.

Last month I expressed my discontent with a remix of Korallreven’s Truest Faith. Now yet another remix has surfaced and though this isn’t even half as bad as the aforementioned remix attempt, it’s still rather weak when compared to the original version.
+ The Truest Faith (CFCF Remix)
+ The Truest Faith

Labrador shares a second track by [ingenting] from the album Tomhet, idel tomhet. No band I can possibly think of captures the feel of summer better than [ingenting].
+ Medan vi sov
+ Halleluja!
Plus these two summer favorites:
+ Här kommer solen
+ Släpp in solen

Speaking of summer favorites. Two years ago I predicted that the self-titled debut album by This Is Ivy League would be that year’s summer album. I guess it didn’t exactly turn out that way and since then things have been pretty quiet around the band. But who knows? Perhaps (and hopefully) another gem like this one is in the making?
+ The Richest Kids

South Park picture found here.

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