March 19, 2010

A bored sparrow...

The Jeremy Sparrow debut EP This Summer Was Just Such A Bore is now available from iTunes. The music is labeled by the artist himself as “post-indie”, as a (much needed?) reaction to the overuse of the indie-term. And he’s probably quite right, as, had I not had this information, I would undoubtedly have taken the safe bet and called it "indie-rock". So I guess refraining from calling it anything now is the wisest move? Or should I risk an eye and try something like lo-fi, garage rock with a small twist of western inspiration? But in my world the real important thing is the quality of the songwriting and as long as the production doesn't ruin the songs, they can label the music whatever they want to. And since all four tracks are quite catchy pieces and the production real interesting (try comparing it to the demos below), the scene is set for a great debut.
+ Outrunning Paper Tigers (demo version)
+ Suburbs (demo version)

Came across the debut album Slow and Steady Wins the Race from Brooklyn duo Jonka earlier this week, while I was cleaning the mailbox, and it's been on heavy rotation ever since. Like to think of this as indie (here we go again) pop tunes in electro-pop surroundings. More about this band in the very near future!
+ Better

J.A. recommends the incredible, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful etc. The Sight of Love by The Camerawalls (featuring Sarah Gaugler).
+ The Sight of Love

Californians The Shape of the Earth has mailed this really lovely new track. Another band found thanks to a "mail cleaning".
+ Romantics

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