June 24, 2006


Watching the extra time of Argentina vs Mexico and at the same time checking if it's possible to create a post. It is, but my connection is very slow :-(

Oh well - the house is nice and so far the weather has been pretty fine. Plenty of beers in the fridge, so what should prevent this from being a nice holiday :-)

June 23, 2006

Time for a break.......

Tomorrow morning we'll pack the car and head off to Jutland for two weeks holiday. The weather forecast doesn't look that impressive, but that's always the gamble when you decide to spend your holidays in Denmark.
I will have access to a (very slow) Internet connection, so maybe a post or two (or maybe more) will pop up during the next two weeks. But you really shouldn't count on it.
Off to the land of beers and beers and food.........

June 22, 2006

And The Bad News!

One of my favorite bands JJ72 is splitting up :-(

Read the press release here and here. Post note: Both sides have been deleted!

On a completely unrelated, but equally bad note, it looks as if Mars Needs Guitars has decided to quit!??!??

It could have been a fine day!

Fantastic News

I just received an e-mail with the following info:

Kind of girl will release the debut album in October this year.

Fantastic news indeed!

+ Poetry Boy (probably the 10th time I post it - but it really IS great!)

Myspace Music

It's time to take a look at some of the many Myspace "friend" requests and messages I've received the past few days.

Said The Shark
Duo from Copenhagen (the singer and songwriter Maya Saxell is actually Canadian). Quiet, emotional and beautiful.
+ Runaround
+ No Getting Over

Since November
Finnish one-man project writing songs about stars, satellites etc. Houston, Changing Manual is a brilliant and very catchy one.....
+ Houston, Changing Manual

US alternative rock band. Not groundbreaking, but not bad either.
+ Song For Staes

Joe DiVita
US guy creating down-tempo lounge music. Probably very nice if you need to chill-out. Not my "cup of tea" though.
+ Liquid Style

Danish band playing glam rock. Never really been a fan of this kind of music!
+ It's Not Me

There are still a few left to check out. Hopefully I'll find the time to give them a listen later today.

I'm seriously thinking of making this a weekly feature, because I seem to receive a steady flow of requests.

June 21, 2006

"New" Danish MP3 blog

Distortion Disco.......check it out!

Panda Riot

Yesterday a 6 track demo by promising Philly 2 piece Panda Riot arrived in the mailbox and this morning I gave the songs a real close listen in the car ("Hits In The Car" *s*) on my way to work. The band is positioned in the shoegaze/dream-pop genre and it shouldn't take very long, before your understand why "the pandas" have been compared to the "legendary" My Bloody Valentine. The influence is quite obvious, so if you're a fan of the classic shoegaze sound, this most certainly is a band you should keep a very close eye on! The duo (trio if you add the drum machine) is currently working on a full length album, and if the demo is any indication of what to expect (the songs are damn great), it could easily end up being a fantastic one. Unfortunately no info is available on any release date (accordingly the record should be done by the end of July, and then sent to various labels hoping that one of them will release it), but check the webpage for news, shows (if you happen to live close to NY or Philly) etc.
+ She Dares All Things (it's been on my Current Favorites list for some time now!)
+ Plateau
+ The Jesus Demeanor

June 20, 2006

Kashmir at Myspace

Two profiles (this and this) at Myspace offer free downloads of songs by Kashmir. Songs from the band's 3 recent albums are all represented, so if you don't know this brilliant band already, consider this your big chance to become just a little familiar with one of Denmark's finest rock bands. At the time of the 1999 release The Good Life, Kashmir was repeatedly (and quite obviously if you listen to the album) compared to Radiohead, but on the following two albums the band successfully moved in different musical directions. Expectations were high prior to the release of No Balance Palace (produced by Tony Visconti) last year, but the band had absolutely no problems meeting those and the album finished second on my list of favorite albums of 2005.

The Good Life (1999)
+ Gorgeous
+ Graceland

Zitilites (2003)
+ Rocket Brothers
+ The Aftermath

No Balance Palace (2005)
+ She's Made Of Chalk
+ Kalifornia

June 19, 2006

A little of this and a little bit of that!

I plan to write my thoughts on Vesterbro Festival tonight.

I mentioned Danish "Happy-Lo-Fi-Party-Indierockers" Charlie, Don't Surf a few months ago. Back then the songs weren't available as free downloads for very long, but when I checked their profile a couple of days ago, 3 songs were back up. This is great summer music, so grab the songs while they are there!
+ Bury Your Sadness (Always)
+ Friends of French Art
+ Breakthrough

One band that played Saturday evening was The Ondt and The Gracehopper, but we only arrived in time to hear the band perform one song. However that one sounded absolutely fabulous, so right now I'm very much questioning our decision to see The Alpine instead. I find it very difficult to describe the music, so these are the words of the band; "The music has settled in the area between the organic sound of acoustic instruments and the noise of electronic malfunction. Good when you're alone hugging your blanket, not that great for the dance floors..."
+ When We Dead Awaken
+ Year Of The Dog

Peter recommends Under Electric Light. Check them out!!!!

Blast - Peter beat me to it ;-) Listen to the new song by Du Pacque! First impression is very good!
+ Five Storey Houses

June 18, 2006

Vesterbro Festival

I guess this is the way every festival should be? Brilliant weather (it was a very beautiful summer day/evening), plenty of cold beers, several stages (all of them within 3 minutes walking distance), lots of music, not too many people, and still a great atmosphere. Finally; no entrance fee (not really that important, but leaves you with more money for beers!).

We (a friend and I) came just in time to take a quick look around the festival area and grab a beer, before heading to the rock stage to see The Seven Mile Journey. At times the post rockers seemed to be uninterested, but still delivered a pretty fine performance. Maybe it's the lack of a microphone (the music is purely instrumental) that makes it difficult communicating with the audience? Thus making them look uninterested?

After half an hour we headed to the indie stage to see the quartet Hazey Jane (Bad Wine - mp3). I mentioned the band last week and after listening to a few songs, I hoped that the band's acoustic folk inspired music would be perfect on a small stage. We weren't disappointed and the band gave the audience a great concert. A couple of hours later I talked briefly to the lead singer, but I seriously doubt that he can remember our small conversation at all, because he was, ahem, quite drunk :-)

New Lost World played on the outdoor stage and was prior to the festival described as a "must-see", but we only heard a couple of songs, before deciding to hear Song To The Siren (Hail Mary - mp3) playing on the rock stage instead. The lead singer gave one of the most energetic performances I've ever (!) seen, but the band failed to convince me of their musical qualities. However the audience seemed to be loving every second of the show, so I should probably give these guys another close look.

It was time to get something to eat, but unfortunately this was (probably) the only thing not well organized at the festival, so we had to leave the area to pick up a kebab.

Still chewing we were back in time to hear Sidste Ambulance being announced on the outdoor stage. More people had arrived at the area now and this fast rising band didn't disappoint the fairly large audience. The band gave a great and surprisingly humble performance, and I really wish that these guys will make it big. The debut album Vandrer Hjem will be released in August and is definitely a "must-buy".

Next on the big outdoor stage was The Alpine; another fast rising band, which already has gained some popularity abroad. The band is quite popular in Denmark as well, so this was probably the concert at the festival with the largest audience. The band is self-confident (some might say arrogant), but I have to admit that I have some difficulties getting into the music. So when the band began talking about brotherly love etc., we decide to head for the indie stage instead.

At this point everything was delayed over there, so we were lucky enough to catch the last song of The Ondt and The Gracehopper. The band sounded brilliant, so we probably should have decided to watch this band instead?

Our last band of the day was The Holiday Show (snookerstar - mp3) and judging by the number of people trying to get a spot close to the stage, the band has already a rather huge fan base. My friend was a bit disappointed by the performance (I think he hoped they would sound a bit more like Depeche Mode), but I thought the concert was really fine, even though there were a few problems with the microphone. This is another bunch of humble guys (a least it looked like that) and I actually think that the band would gain a lot, if the lead singer acted a bit more self-confident on the stage.

Summed up this was quite an amazing experience and hopefully the program for next years festival will be equally interesting! If so - see you there!

June 16, 2006

Do you remember?

I'm cruising around Myspace tonight, checking out older artists. Most of them haven't been in the spotlight for years and if they are still around, they are only minor shadows of their former self. But nonetheless I've decided to put them back in the spotlight and post a few of their songs. If for nothing else; then for the novelty and/or the memory (good or bad)!

+ Chesney Hawkes - The One And Only
No. 1 in The UK 15 years ago. I actually think I bought the single :-/

+ D:ream - Things Can Only Get Better
Hmm - this was probably as good as things got. Wasn't it?

+ Simple Minds - Promised You A Miracle
Cannot believe that this one is 24 years old! Oh my! These guys were big back then!

+ Icehouse - Crazy + Electric Blue
Man Of Colours is still a fantastic album!

+ Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams
No doubt that this was my favorite song of 1987!

+ Alison Moyet - Windmills Of Your Mind
+ Acker Bilck - Windmills Of Your Mind
One of the most beautiful melodies ever......

Another beautiful day!

The weather is fine again today. It's a bit windier than yesterday, but still very fine (unfortunately the weather forecast promises rain tomorrow, when I'm going to Vesterbro Festival). However it's not good enough to prevent me from watching a little World Cup Football/Soccer on the telly :-) Isn't it funny? I whine about having to stay indoors working, but don't mind staying indoors watching TV! Simply love it when I'm so wonderfully inconsequent!
+ Three Lions

Another band playing tomorrow at Vesterbro Festival is fine Danish acoustic folk quartet Hazey Jane. Obvious influences include Nick Drake and Bob Dylan. Another band has been added to the "must see" list!
+ Bad Wine
+ Hazey Life
+ Solitude

To "anonymous". No - before you mentioned them, I didn't know Skittish, so thanks a lot for recommending Million Gray. Very good indeed!
+ Million Gray

Color Wall

Peter originally mentioned Color Wall in his blog more than 3 months ago, and yesterday I received a "friend" request from the band at Myspace, which made me think that it was time for me to check them out once again. In his post back then Peter wrote that My Eyes "ist ein absoluter Hammer-sang" (no reason to translate that I guess!?) and now that I've listened to it (several times) again I fully agree. This certainly is an astonishingly wonderful and atmospheric shoegaze/dream-pop song. That's all there is to say really!

It looked as if the song was available for free at Myspace (the download link is active), but as it turns out it's not :-( But since I've written the post I'll post it anyway, even though I don't have any MP3 to support it.

June 15, 2006

It's a beautiful day!

The sun is shining again (it took yesterday off) and I know for sure that before long it will be damn hot in here. So there is just about every reason to be depressed again. But I have plenty of new music to listen to (albums from Camera Obscura, Phoenix, Skywriter and I'm From Barcelona arrived yesterday as well as a couple of EP's by Bahnhof) and the first thing I see when I look out of the window is the Danish flag. A beautiful day indeed.

Danish band Neon Machine is in the studio recording their debut album and a couple of the new tracks indicate that they are getting inspiration from more or less every genre (indie, shoegaze etc.). The end result could easily be very interesting, so I'm really looking forward to hearing the album.
+ Bittersweet Kisses
+ On What Deserted Island With No Hope Of Rescue Is This?

Chris - enjoy the beer! :-D And it IS the Danish flag - no doubt!

German musicblog Schallgrenzen writes a few very nice words (in German) about this blog. Thank you Peter! Currently topping his personal chart is this very catchy one by Missent to Denmark (!).
+ You're In My Mind

June 14, 2006

Du Pacque

Absolut Noise mentioned the band a few days ago and yesterday an anonymous reader (I have a suspicion who that might be) recommended Du Pacque. How many hints do I need? Not that many, so obviously I had to give this rather new Swedish band a listen. As it turns out this is one more band that flirts with lots of different genres and has an impressive list of influences. But (luckily) it also turns out that this is a highly talented band capable of writing very (I mean VERY) good songs. Four songs are available and each one of them should be given plenty of listens. Chaperon sounds like an interesting mix of Oasis and The Velvet Underground. Sing Us A Lovesong makes me think of The Cure 20 years ago. Wall Of Sound and We Are Combined should put smiles on the faces of shoegaze/dream-pop fans.
Not much info on the band can be found, but apparently Du Pacque has no record-contract and limited live experience. If justice prevails this will change very soon, because this band is far to great too be overlooked!!
+ Sing Us A Lovesong
+ We Are Combined
+ Chaperon
+ Wall Of Sound

June 13, 2006

Still depressed :-(

The weather is even better today, and it's very difficult finding any motivation for working, when you know that it will be damn hot in here all day. In an attempt to ease the pain, I've forgotten all about any dresscodes and am wearing a pair of knickers. Anyone daring commenting on this will most certainly be in for a verbal abuse.

Oh well. Enough whining about the weather. Time to listen to some music and I'll get back later with a few songs.

I'm trying to cheer myself up a bit by listening to Danish (Copenhagen) rock band The New Brand. The band is currently "the talk of the town" (and band of the week at Mymusic.dk), because they have won a couple of music competitions the past two years. The band plays straightforward rock music, which has been described as "...an adequate mix of nicotine alcohol and wire...". Really interesting and the band definitely makes it less painful staying indoors.
+ Highly Addictive
+ Into The Daylight
+ With You (very good)
+ More songs

Two new songs are available from very productive German one-man project Oscillating Brushhead. Good stuff!
+ Intromental
+ Big Blue

June 12, 2006

Depressed :-(

The sun is shining and I'm indoors! Guess where I'd rather be? Days like these make me wonder why you have to work, but I guess that it's quite difficult making a living out of sunbathing and drinking beer? Oh well. I could be listening to music as well if I had to; thus multitasking big time!
By the way. This is the view from my office. Inspiring; don't you think??
+ Ruined By Martin - Burn The Sun
+ Belle And Sebastian - Another Sunny Day

Ampel - Danish Twee-pop

Unfortunately it doesn't happen very often that I come across a Danish band playing Twee-pop. But luckily those bands do exist and Ampel is a Danish 5-piece, which has been flirting heavily with the genre since 1999. The songs are (typically) short and naive, but irresistible charming, with their mix of jangling guitars, flute, accordion and violin. Very refreshing on a warm day like this!!
+ Blue Is Cool
+ The Beauty Of Mistakes
+ I Get The Thrills
+ Killing The Treemill Guy

June 11, 2006

Haahr - Another Danish band

Haahr from Copenhagen is a classic rock inspired band, and Star (the only track I've heard by the band so far) is a really cool (and very catchy) rock song! So I definitely recommend that you check them out!!
+ Star

June 10, 2006

The Lukewarm

So it happened Again! All it took was a 5 minute search and another very interesting Danish band pops up. I'm having all kinds of problems thinking of how to describe the music of The Lukewarm, because it really sounds like a mix of many bands (e.g. Interpol, Grandaddy, Veto). But it probably would be most accurate to define it as some kind of alternative pop/rock. The melodies aren't immediately catchy (doubt I'll hum any of them, once I've turned off the music), but the band creates a very cool sound/atmosphere, which makes you want to listen to the songs over and over and....
+ BlackRoom
+ SlowfastFastslow
+ We Are Still Here

New song by Kind Of Girl

This has already been mentioned by my two pals Peter and Chris, but I believe that I should talk about it as well. A new song by the band that (hopefully) very soon will be everyone's new favorite band is available for download. Al though I still think that Poetry Boy is their best effort (it's one of the 5 best songs of the year so far); the new song by Kind Of Girl called You Can't Save Me is pretty damn good. Chris is right. Give those guys a record contract....NOW!
+ You Can't Save Me
+ Poetry Boy

Saturday post...

I was out golfing and enjoying the great weather yesterday, so there was absolutely no time for posting anything.

But hopefully I'll find some time later today to post a few things.

If not - check out this very fine new one by US shoegaze/dream-pop band Elika.
+ Building Around It

June 8, 2006


A new day has arrived and once again there is lots of new stuff in the mailbox and on Myspace. The creativity of bands and musicians out there just never cease to amaze me!!

Alcian Blue has made a mastered version of See You Shine available for download from the band's Myspace page. A few tracks from the forthcoming album can be streamed there as well.
+ See You Shine

Bordeaux (the new band of Andy of Autumn Thieves) has recorded a new song called Nameless and Misunderstood. Interesting and beautiful dream-pop, but streaming only.

US band The Demos sounds like a charming mix of The Strokes, The Libertines etc. and your (gran-) daddy's 50's and 60's records.
+ When I Look In The Mirror
+ I've Been Right Before

Another band playing at Vesterbro Festival is London based Danes New Lost World. Cannot really define their music, but this is another very interesting band that I'm definitely is going to see at the festival.
+ Rain

June 7, 2006

Whatever comes to my mind!

Damn I'm getting old. Very old. I played soccer/football last night and my entire body is hurting (legs, back, you name it). But the devastating fact that I'm getting old hurts even more....Old or not; I still plan to play again Monday evening.

Check the weather forecast. Summer is here :-)

Swedish/Danish constellation Lampshade is band of the week at Mymusic.dk and the band is frequently mentioned in the media these days. I've been aware of the band's existence for quite some time now, but as usual I've done my best to demonstrate that I'm one big ignorant, so I haven't bothered listening to them. But yesterday I finally did and the two available songs show that this is a very nice sounding indie pop band. So maybe there is a reason for all the hype!?
+ New Legs
+ Disse Fugle (lyrics in Danish)

I mentioned Seattle band Shake Some Action two weeks ago and yesterday two new songs were uploaded to the band's Myspace profile. Once again the band delivers a couple of very catchy guitar pop/rock tracks, which does indeed bring back memories of The Stone Roses, The La's etc. I'm starting to look forward to the debut album (to be released later this year).
+ Couldn't Help Yourself
+ Someone Else's Friend

Welsh band SixOneSeven reminds me a lot of (another Welsh band) Stereophonics. Nice rock songs with a lead singer sounding like he spent last night at the pub smoking and drinking.
+ Maps
+ Time
+ Fall My Way

Rodolfo (thanks once again) recommends UK band NEiLS CHiLDREN. Not quite sure how to label this kind of music (post-punk maybe?), but it's pretty cool.
+ Another Day
+ Something You Said

June 6, 2006

Coldplay/The Hardest Part + A bit of this and that

I normally don't mention music videos in this blog, but I'm making an exception with the new one by Coldplay. My wife told me I should watch it and as the loyal husband I am, I did as I was told. And I'm glad I did, because it IS indeed quite remarkable. Watch it here.

A brand new (and pretty good) track by Danes Windermere called There's A Sun is available at Myspace. A new album will be out in September.
+ There's A Sun

She also told me a while ago that I should check out a band called The Feeling. Never did, but the other day Chris posted a few tracks. Check them out.
+ Sewn
+ Fill My Little World

Danish one-man electro pop project Kaptajn Smart has uploaded a new and rather catchy song.
+ Napoleon

Breaking The Ice by Mojave 3 is single of the year according to Torr. Not totally convinced, though it is pretty good!
+ Breaking The Ice

I’ve had the privilege to contribute one track and a few words to this awesome post on Shoegaze.

Visit Nothing But Green Lights - a new blog from the creator of Take Your Medicine.

Swedes Gentle Touch plays a FREE concert at Culture box in Copenhagen this Friday.

June 3, 2006

Vesterbro Festival

Two other Danish bands that I'm seriously thinking of checking out at Vesterbro Festival as well, are alternative rock band Song To The Siren and experimental post-rockers The Seven Mile Journey. Both bands are new to me, but I'm pretty impressed after listening to the songs below!! Could easily end up being a very interesting afternoon/evening.

Song To The Siren
+ Hail Mary
+ Meet In Space
+ As Thick As Thieves

The Seven Mile Journey
+ Through the Alter Ego Justifications
+ In an Eight Track Universe (runs for 13 minutes and 42 seconds)

June 2, 2006

Busy Friday?

My favorite singer/songwriter Pete White is currently busy in the studio recording and yesterday two tracks were uploaded to his Myspace profile. If my ears don't fool me, both songs have been available in these versions before (please correct me if I'm wrong!). But if you didn't check out the songs the first time, it's definitely about time now!!!!! A single will be released later in the year on the C2i label. Very much looking forward to that one!
+ Just In Time
+ Hand Signals Demo (previously called Hold Your Hand)

Until reading this article yesterday I had never heard of Vesterbro Festival. But I've marked the calendar and will visit the festival on Saturday 17 June, where I plan to see Sidste Ambulance, The Alpine and The Holiday Show. Anyone else going?
+ Sidste Ambulance - Delt I To
+ The Alpine - Trigger (A.T.O.C. remix)
+ The Holiday Show - Snookerstar

Thanks (once again) to Spanish read José Antonio for recommending a truckload of bands. I'd probably be busy for hours if I should check out all of them. And I will check them out, but it might take a little while, before I've worked my way through all of them! One of the songs I did listen to yesterday was The Great Alternative Band by UK band Teen Anthems, which is a nice uptempo and catchy tune.
+ The Great Alternative Band
He also recommends Confusion by Spanish electronica band Cycle. Surprisingly it's not bad at all!
+ Confusion

The person running the Terry Hall myspace profile has received a lot of positive feedback thanks to the posting of Thinking Of You, so an extended version of Castles In The Air by The Colourfield has been uploaded as well.
+ Castles In The Air

June 1, 2006


Today's post will be dedicated entirely to this wonderful musical genre.

I know I've posted all of these songs before, but since they are among my favorites, I guess it's OK to mention them one more time? So I guess this should be considered my small contribution to the constantly growing number of Shoegaze mixtapes that are being posted in various music blogs these days.

+ Elika - Acting For You
+ Airiel - Kiss Me Slowly
+ Palo Alto - Catalan
+ Francis 7 - Splitting In Two
+ My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
+ Malory - Take Me Down (Remix)
+ Oscillating Brushhead - My Favourite Dream
+ Starring Me - Carousel
+ Panda Riot - She Dares All Things
+ Experimental Aircraft - Symphony
+ Soundpool - On High
+ Lush - Kiss Chase + 500
+ Fathom 5 - Nothing Lasts

And a couple of very fine ones by Danes Windermere;
+ Trailer Park (just beautiful!)
+ You Have It All