September 30, 2009


Can't help myself, so here's one last reminder. Do remember the Camera Obscura concert tonight! Check (and listen to) the setlist of the concert at The Musician, Leicester on September 25. If the band repeats this setlist, we're in for a treat!

This Must Be It is probably my favorite track on the Junior album by Röyksopp, so obviously I was pretty excited to see that the LehtMoJoe Remix of said track is a free download at But why do I continue being this blue-eyed optimistic, 'cause (once again) it's business as usual, as a remix of an otherwise brilliant song leaves no lasting impression whatsoever.
+ This Must Be It (LehtMoJoe Remix)

I’ve probably been sleeping or something 'cause I didn't see this one coming, but Tap Tap has just put out a brand new album named On My Way on Stolen Recordings. There seems to be no promo track to share, but a few song clips are streaming at Myspace. I loved the previous album Lanzafame to death, so I probably "have" no other option than ordering the new album as well.

Grand new single Sea of Regrets by I Like Trains is now streaming at Myspace.

Shame on me, but I still haven't found the time to listen to my promo copy of the new T. H. White album Company Book, which was released yesterday.
+ Earth is on Fire
+ The Darkest Horse

The brilliant A Classic Education has recorded a lovely cover of Spanish Harlem and shares it via the MBV blog.

September 29, 2009

Ready to be heartbroken...

Only one day to go and tickets are still available for the Camera Obscura concert tomorrow night at Loppen in Copenhagen. Rather surprised by this, as the capacity of the venue is 400 and tickets cost a mere DKK 120. Hopefully it has more to do with it being Wednesday night (just read that the music won't start until10pm), rather than one of the world’s finest indie pop bands having this few fans in Copenhagen (and pretty much the rest of Zealand as well). For anyone still needing to be convinced that it might be a brilliant idea going, please download the songs below and then read Thomas Ladegaard’s nice little write-up (in Danish) about the band.
+ Suspended From Class
+ Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
+ French Navy
+ My Maudlin Career

September 28, 2009

Mixed bag...

Why is it that I always find it so incredibly difficult to get anything going on Mondays? Be it work, be it blogging or be it even life in general. Probably caused by the waking up early, getting kids to school plus kindergarten, rushing to get to work on time and the general lack of excitement about work; somewhat amazing how it only takes two days to get used to not going to work, but at least three or four to get used to be back “in action” again. And by then it’s almost weekend. A vicious cycle if there ever was one!

So time to do something about the bad habit of taking Mondays off from blogging, so here we go with something (as always) old, something (very little) new, something (definitely) borrowed, something (doubt it) blue.

Danish industrial/goth inspired rock band Demons Are Real has a new band name and is now called We Are Real. The change of name was included in the unwelcomed announcement that the band has decided to part ways and leaving singer/songwriter Kenni Møller as the only continuing band member under the new alias. The split happened primarily due to musical differences, as Mr. Møller wants to focus on a more “softy melodic sound”. Since the split up seems inevitable, one can at least hope that it will lead to a return to the sound of the brilliant 2006 EP Hum Speed On/Off.
+ Burning Oil

German label Tapete Records shares the track Nothing But Clues from the brand new album Take It by Danes The Elephants. Lovely indie pop to cheer you up, if your Monday resembles mine!
+ Nothing But Clues

Finding myself humming along to this nice pop piece by Sweden's Friska Viljor. A tribute to a street (and the people living there) in Hamburg named Wohlwill Strasse. Check out the really lovely horns! On the track of course and not on the street! Whatever that would have meant anyway?
+ Wohlwill Strasse

Next Danish band in line to part ways is Decorate Decorate. Never fun to learn about those breaking ups, but my relationship with the band was somewhat strained, as I had been impatiently waiting (the past three years) for them to just once again reach the level of the grand and ever so promising Surname of Copenhagen.

September 25, 2009

Soldier on...

Spent yesterday on the couch at home, as I wasn’t feeling well at all. Countless times did I start writing a blog post, but my heart and head (especially) wasn’t in it at all. Instead I spent parts of the day listening to the new Richard Hawley album, lying on said coach with my eyes closed and the music streaming from the headphones. And what a truly luxurious thing to be able to do, and definitely something I wish I could do more often (family does take its toll you know), as the experience of listening to music this way is vastly superior to the way I normally get my daily dose of music; streaming from the computer at work. So needless to say I embraced this opportunity with gratitude and as Truelove’s Gutter had just arrived in the mailbox, the timing could hardly be any better. Can't say I'm feeling 100% today, but at least good enough to "soldier on" (!).

As always words seem to fail me completely, when needing to express how wonderful an album is. And Truelove’s Gutter really is nothing but just that. So I suggest you turn to Chromewaves’ excellent write up instead, and I seriously doubt I could come up with a more accurate conclusion than “It’s a thing of beauty”.

The William Blakes, one of the most talented and interesting new Danish bands to emerge in recent years, has signed a distribution deal with Canadian indie label Last Gang Records. Unable to find the news on the label’s webpage (check the Danish press release instead), but the band’s excellent debut album Wayne Coyne will (accordingly) see a North American release in November.
+ Violent God

Nomethod Records are offering the new single from Mixtapes & Cellmates as a free download. The press release claims that the band is heading in a new musical direction, and Soon somewhat verifies this. Still plenty of noisy guitars, but the programmed drums are gone and so is the shoegaze inspired sound. Taken from the forthcoming album Rox, which will be out October 28.
+ Soon

A couple of new demo tracks by Yoav are now streaming at Myspace. Or sign up for the mailing list and get an mp3 of newbie Yellow Brite Smile for free.

September 23, 2009


Despite massive complaints blogger still hasn’t reinstated Music of the Moment. Instead Chris has reloaded the blog himself now using Wordpress.

A trio of news from glorious indie label Shelflife Records:

The CDEP+7" The Imperial School by Horse Shoes has now hit the stores. It's a limited edition release, so hurry up ordering your copy!
+ The Imperial School
+ Changing Winds

On October 27 the label will release the debut album It Hertz! by UK electro pop duo Katsen. The tracks on the album constantly switches back and forth between being catchy then playful, which immediately made me think of the OMD album Dazzle Ships.
+ Where Nobody Can Find Us

The last piece of news from Shelflife made my heart beat just a little bit faster of sheer excitement; “We're planning new releases for Days...”. Days! Hopefully you do recall this incomparable and totally ingenious indie pop quartet from Gothenburg? Anyway this is absolutely phenomenal news and something I’ve been eagerly awaiting for a long, long time! Rather unfathomably the band’s debut CDEP+7” Downhill hasn't been sold out(?).
+ Simple Thing
+ Downhill

UK newgazers Sennen has recorded a cover of the New Order track Bizarre Love Triangle. Obviously it’s not better than the original (I seriously doubt I’ll ever hear a New Order cover better than the original), but nonetheless the band’s rendition of the song is excellent and the noisy guitars add an extra dimension that suits the track just fine! Taken from the band's forthcoming EP Destroy Us.
+ Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)

Elise And The Guardian Angel by sadly overlooked Danish indie/americana/multi-inspired singer Mushi is track of the day at
+ Elise And The Guardian Angel

September 22, 2009

More bullshit...

I just received a message from fellow blogger Chris that his blog Music Of The Moment has – without notice and explanation – been deleted by blogger. Now that’s a drastic move and one I simply cannot understand!

First of all I've met Chris in person a couple of times, and know he’s a true music fan and everything he’s done with and written in the blog has been for the love of music. Furthermore he’s one of the few remaining loyalists, who spend a rather large sum every year on music and CD’s especially. So pissing him off like this (as blogger and whoever else is responsible for this just have) is probably the stupidest thing the “business” could possibly do. And the whole concept of deleting before warning (or asking) the blogger is so plain stupid and inappropriate that I refuse to waste any energy on that!

But second and most importantly. Gaze randomly at Hype Machine and you’ll see countless of blogs posting tracks they have not received any permission to share. As an example you can easily find and download (without paying a single cent) the entire debut album by The xx just by visiting a handful of blogs. That despite The xx (and the label etc.) being so generous to actually make one of their tracks a free download. But at least most of these bloggers are passionate, write about the music, go to concerts and probably buy the music in some shape (there are in fact quite a few vinyls freaks around). Still it puzzles me that they can go on posting those tracks, without IFPI etc. at some point aiming their cannons at them. But the true bad guys (and Hype Machine doesn’t and never will list them) are those ”full album blogs”, who have no other content (and purpose) than the entire albums being shared. Delete those blogs. Torture the bad guys for hours and hang them up in a tree. Just kill the mother fuckers. At least they deserve it, as they are of NO use whatsoever.

So going after guys like Chris (and me for that matter, should they be contemplating that) seems to me like a country in war foolishly believing that a strategy of fighting children, women and the elderly of the opposing nation, rather than the heavily armed artillery, will be the certain path to a glorious victory. So guys please pull your act together, say you're ever so sorry and reinstate Music Of The Moment...NOW!

Finally; Chris has set up a temporary blog, where you can read his take on the incident.

September 19, 2009

Checking mails (day II)...

Actually there won’t be much checking (and even less writing) tonight, as I’m far too tired to do anything, except having a beer and watching yet another episode of Midsomer Murders. But I really should do the mail checking more often on Friday evenings, because the 50 (or more) mails I worked my way through last night had only been replaced by 5 this morning. I know this is (essentially) explained by the promotion agents being off for the weekend, but still it makes me feel that I really accomplished something!

But not to leave everyone empty handed, here's a remix I just found in the mailbox. The pounding and highly energetic Drum of Glass by Norwegians Monomen must be among the 10-20 best songs I’ve ever posted in the blog, and although the remix by Barretso fails to impress, it does serve as the perfect opportunity (or excuse if you like) to post the original.
+ Drum of Glass (Barretso remix)
+ Drum of Glass (via Insound)

September 18, 2009

Checking mails...

Reading, downloading, listening, deleting and (of course) hoping that some of it will be worth sharing. So it's pretty much business as usual.

+ Goldcure - I Wanna Hear It
Nothing new under the sun here, but sometimes rock music doesn't have to be all that complicated.

+ Jump Clubb - A Frozen Hug
New band from Beverly Hills. It's Friday evening, so I hope it's OK posting a track for the dancefloor?

+ Last Tide - Shapeshifter
From the band's debut EP The Broken Places. A noisy and dreamy tune with a female vocalist sound like a combination that has worked numerous times before; and does so once again! UPDATE! Mailed and told them that I liked the song and received a reply (including a download link for the EP) 12 minutes later! Wish more bands were like this!

+ Dark Captain Light Captain - Questions (Hatchback's Easy Explanations Mix)
Goes on and on for 9 and a half minute, but I cannot say I mind, as it's so dreamingly beautiful. From a recently released Remix EP.

+ Awesome New Republic - Alleycat
From the band's forthcoming and (if the promo mail can be trusted) much anticipated second album Hearts. A lovely and catchy pop song that took two listens to win me over!

No more tonight - will hopefully be back checking more mails tomorrow night...

New layout...!

Remove the question mark. Unlike Chris (check this comment) I do like the new one better, though I’m not totally satisfied. But this is what the blog will look like...for now!

I was seriously considering writing a “reverse” On The Radio This Morning post earlier today. Normally I write the “On The Radio...” posts, when something great has been aired, but within minutes this morning, Danish P3 played Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears! So from a musical point of view the start of my Friday was nothing but horrendous and I’m still somewhat puzzled why the very same radio station that plays artists like Mew, Band of Horses, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even Grizzly Bear, pulls a stunt like this and risks its own credibility? Hannah Montana? You gotta be joking!

I’ve been listening to the new Muse album a number of times, and it’s been a rather frustrating experience. Like no other band I can think of, Muse has the “habit” of reaching the highest high and the lowest low on the same album, and unfortunately this is exactly what the band does (once again) on The Resistance.

A friendly soul has mailed me the forthcoming album by The Raveonettes, and although it’s much less pretentious and ambitious than the aforementioned album, In and Out of Control is a far more enjoyable experience. The vast majority of the 10 tracks (I know the album lists 11 tracks, but Oh, I Buried You Today hardly counts as one) are irresistibly catchy pop pieces, and do the songs, as I expect they will, survive the test of time, this album will arguably be remembered as one of the band’s finest efforts.
+ Last Dance

September 16, 2009

New layout...?

I spent a little time today working on a new layout for the blog and if you're interested in seeing how things are progressing, you can check it right here. All inputs are welcome; positive or negative (especially).

Probably old news, but learned today that Magic Arm will be supporting Camera Obscura at Loppen (Copenhagen) on September 30 (and the rest of the band's European tour as well). Obviously I was hoping that Northern Portrait would get that job, but since everything I’ve heard by Magic Arm so far is really interesting, I’m seriously looking forward to become a lot more familiar with the experimental electronic pop universe of this one-man project.
+ Daft Punk is Playing at My House (LCD Soundsystem cover)
+ Bootsy Bootsy (Real Doll remix)

Speaking of Northern Portrait. I checked the Matinée Recordings news page today, but still no news to be found on the band's debut album Criminal Art Lovers. Instead there’s plenty of info on the new Strawberry Whiplash EP Picture Perfect including the mighty fine title track as a free download. Ordering the EP will cost you a measly fiver (USD), so what exactly is stopping you?
+ Picture Perfect

September 15, 2009

Evening update...

Thought it smarter to create a new post rather than continue writing on today's previous post. This will be a kind of "shorties" edition.

As much as I'd love to, there'll be no listening to Muse tonight. I'm simply too tired, and doubt that Id be able to stay focused for an entire album.

Not exactly music related, but UEFA Champions League kicks off tonight. Won't watch any game(s), but will definitely be monitoring the scores.

Gave the debut by The Big Pink a quick listen earlier today. Obviously it's too early to say anything, but I did quite enjoy what I managed to hear of A Brief History of Love. Will bring it with me to work tomorrow, so colleagues beware. When some idiot start shouting about "girls fall like dominos"; it's just me.
+ Dominos

Just saw that Ruined by Martin will be playing at Rust in Copenhagen on November 14 as part of “Ekstra Bladet live” (whatever that is exactly). If your short term memory is remotely better than mine, you’ll probably recall that this is the very same night at the first of The Banana Hold-Up club nights. No problem, as I thought I could do both. But I just checked the calendar, and my wife is going out that night, so I’m the one in charge of the kids (insert “unhappy smiley”). Hmmmm - anyone interested in babysitting?
+ Defy the Odds

This offer has to be the bargain of the century. Buy the 2005 album Working from Home by The Consultants for 1 (one!) USD from the Shelflife shop (on CD). Maybe my taste isn't always the best, but I did rank the album as the seventh best album of 2005.
+ Snow Fell (It's Night)
+ Hollow - Bodied Evening

Should I...?

Here I am, once again trying to figure out whether or not I should bother listen to an album getting a lot of (and maybe even a little too much) attention. The just released The Resistance album by Muse is “everywhere” and at one point it felt like every second Facebook update or tweet was a comment on the album, which has made me think that I have to be the only person left on the planet, who has yet to give it a try. So I’ll probably give it a listen tonight, just to get an idea of what the whole hoopla is about. Meanwhile I’m going to read, what the Frekvens staff thinks of it.

Chris has posted it. And so has Peter. Now it’s my turn to post the amazingly catchy track A Purpose To My Sins by Swedish one-man band Danish Daycare; the solo project of Emerald Park keyboardist Daniel Jönsson. My first impression when I heard the song was that it sounded like The Cure (think In Between Days) with New Order vocals, and lo and behold, who do you guess are topping the list of influences? Taken from the album A Story of Hurt, which will be out October 9 on afmusic. What really sucks about this is that I now recall receiving a message ages ago from Danish Daycare suggesting I should check out the music, but being woefully ignorant, I opted not to (bummer!)!
+ A Purpose To My Sins

The very first of The Banana Hold-Up club nights will take place on November 14 at Jolene Bar in Copenhagen. Expect indie pop music galore.

I’ve written this so many times that it’s almost tedious. I simply don’t know how to write reviews, and as much I love getting copies of albums for reviewing, I’m not capable of producing anything worth reading or quoting. When I actually try, my so-called review basically sums up to whether or not I like what I’m hearing, and that can hardly be called a review. So regarding the Cody debut album Songs I’ll stick to what I normally do in these kind of situations; recommend that you download the sample track below and if you like it, give the rest of the album a listen, as (in this case) it’s absolutely wonderful.
+ Another Year

Hope to add more later today/tonight...

September 11, 2009


It’s been a rather busy day at work, as I’ve spent a fairly large chunk of it in various meetings. Luckily none of them were a waste of time, which unfortunately isn’t always the case. One negative consequence though; I’ve had very little time to check out any new stuff, so today I’ll have to scan the “back catalogue” and stick to that good-ole “shorties” formula.

Oh No Ono are giving away two recently published remixes. You do however have to register first to get access to the downloads. Don’t I just hate that!

Trying to keep the remix thread alive for a few more seconds. Remixes of two Entakt tracks are free to download (no registration needed) right here.

The Banana Hold-Up is a newly founded club night at Jolene Bar, desperately trying to resuscitate the indiepop scene in Copenhagen”. Yay! Fucking YAY!

Swedish indie collective Napoleon will release their new single Cleopatra on Ruffa Lane Records on October 5. To me it somehow seems like an odd decision to release a single oozing this much of summer deep into autumn.
+ Cleopatra

Why Write? is a new project fronted by Danish singer/songwriter Jacob Faurholt. The self-titled debut EP will be out on Canadian label What a Mess ! Records in November.
+ Jesus on a Stamp

Danish alternative rockers Green Concorde have decided to call it quits. Not exactly a surprise, but still very sad, as I can't help feeling that they never really reached their full potential.
+ This Time (remix by tWAMi)
+ The Anthem To Which We Fall
+ Catch and Turn
+ Flowers of Romance

September 10, 2009

Mails, mails, mails...

If you took a look inside my head you’d probably see things spinning faster than ever before. Unfortunately this state doesn’t imply faster (or better) brain activity, but rather that I’m in some kind of state of confusion. Not exactly sure why, but today I find it incredibly difficult to think straight for more than just a few seconds. So today’s blogpost has been in the making, written and deleted a number of times!

Wish I could blame my mailbox for my current state, as it’s once again jammed. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if the mails somehow filtered themselves, so only the great (good would probably do as well) stuff would pass through? Experience does help and some promo mails end up in the trash folder without ever being read. Mails promoting Snoop Dogg, Tina Turner and other useless artists are of course easy to “file”, and some promoters have “never” promoted anything worth listening to, so they get the same treatment. But there are still plenty of mails left and I try to at least read parts of the press material, before deciding my next “move”. Still, checking them all out is impossible. Not almost impossible, but absolutely, totally and completely impossible. So more often than not several mails are deleted based on nothing but a gut feeling (bad band name, stupid song titles, no permission to share songs etc.), which obviously increases the risk of some of the good stuff being trashed.

But the past two days I’ve done my very best and have spend quite some time listening to a few artists from the ever growing promotion pile and the more listenable stuff (actually the three songs are better than just “listenable”) has been posted below. Not much I know, taking the time “invested” in this into consideration!

+ T.H. WhiteThe Darkest Horse
The artist name is bad and the promotion material made me think of Calvin Harris, whom I absolutely loath, so no way I was going to listen to this. But the CD arrived in my mailbox (the one in the door, back home) the other day, so I surrendered, and this track is not even half as bad as I expected (feared).

+ My Little PonyCapital of Norway
This Norwegian band mailed to inform that they will be touring Europe for the next month. Since no Danish dates are included, how could I possibly care? But the band name has a nice indie pop ring to it, so of course I had to give it a listen. And the song certainly confirms that this is the genre we’re dealing with!

+ Goldhawks1996
This one found in a mail saying about the band supporting The Temper Trap on a string of UK dates. More news of very little relevance, but the song is a nice uptempo and fairly catchy rock piece.

Finally; the much anticipated Cody debut album Songs arrived in the mail yesterday, and I’ve been listening to it numerous times already. But I’ll get back to that one in a later post.

September 9, 2009

First aid...

Not trying to indicate that the blog is ailing or anything, though some might think differently. But just my simple (and perhaps somewhat awkward) way of saying that I’ve been absent from the blog the past few days, thanks to my participation in a first aid course. Getting much needed new knowledge, though obviously I’m crossing fingers and toes (and just about everything else) hoping that my recently acquired skills will never be tested!

When I wrote IFPI and asked for an explanation for why my post had been taken down, I hardly expected I'd be getting one. But I did! Last week the friendly people send the following reply; “We will contact and ask them to reinstate the file, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.” Wow. Shoot and kill and THEN say you’re sorry? I’ve promised (myself) not to use any foul language, so no further words wasted on this topic...not today, at least!

Two brand new recordings by Danish alternative/electro pop quartet Ruined by Martin are free downloads from the band’s webpage. Been following the band closely ever since I heard the first demos (a long, long time ago) and I’m absolutely thrilled that songs are now being produced at a much faster pace than (probably) ever before. Especially since I’m and optimist and sees this is a sign of the band having decided that Ruined by Martin is a project they badly want to succeed, and therefore is willing to give it their full attention. The two tracks are surprisingly different, as Scissor Paper Rock is an immediate catchy pop tune in the “usual” RbM fashion, compared to the darker, moodier and more industrial sounding Sub Intelligence. But as always the band's music is of the highly recommendable kind.
+ Sub Intelligence
+ Scissor Paper Rock

September 4, 2009


Patting (not padding - should have paid more attention in English class 25 years ago; dammit) my own shoulders! Remembered today what I forgot yesterday, so xx has been getting a few good listens today. Hype has to be one of my least favorite words and The xx has certainly been getting their fair share of attention the past few months. Normally this means that I wouldn’t even bother listen to them, just to be able to wave that banner saying “I’m no bandwagoner”. Nothing but stubbornness I know and more than a few times it has caused me to miss out on something pretty good. But luckily this time it hasn’t, and of course this amazing debut deserves all the hype, all the positive press and the zillion (now zillion + one) blog posts it has been getting so far.
+ Basic Space

Spreading faster than something that spreads really, really fast is news about the forthcoming album Bonfires on the Heath by The Clientele. Chromewaves shares his excitement and has more info as well as a few promo tracks.

Lots of people seem thrilled about the Saint Etienne remix of the TPOBPAH track Higher Than The Stars. Quite frankly I’m bored stiff, so I’m really not sure whether people actually enjoy the remix itself, or simply has fallen in love with the thought of Saint Etienne doing the remix? However the original version of the track is simply fantastic and probably better than any song found on the debut album, which is a remarkable achievement as the debut was (and remains) nothing but marvelous. Download both versions at Polaroid (or the remix below).
+ Higher Than The Stars (Saint Etienne Visits Lord Spank Remix)

US electro pop combo Null Device is generously giving away an album worth of music for free via bandcamp. The collection has been named Recursions and features a total of 12 tracks; “six remixes, 2 remakes, one cover, 2 demos and a live recording”. I've quite enjoyed previous releases by Null Device, but I seriously doubt that I'll ever learn to truly appreciate remixes and remakes. Especially I see no point in the remaking of Footfalls, as the original is vastly superior to the new version.
+ Footfalls
+ Footfalls (2009 version)

On the radio this morning...

Just a coincidence I know, because this track has been getting plenty of airplay. Still think it's quite funny (to me at least) or nice maybe that I mentioned Lars and The Hands of Light in the blog yesterday and then heard them on the radio this morning.

+ Me Me Me

Every morning when eating breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

September 3, 2009


I’m sharper than ever! Brought The xx debut album with me to work this morning, so I could give it a few listens. Just forgot to check whether the CD was in the sleeve or still in the CD player. You’ve probably guessed it. The sleeve is here, the CD is at home, which means that there will be no The xx listening for me today.

Still a little bit depressed that I’m going to miss the Crunchy Frog 15 year anniversary party on Saturday. Missing the EPO-555 farewell concert obviously hurts (and probably will for some time), but missing the debut concert of Lars and The Hands of Light feels pretty bad as well.
+ EPO-555 - Hyperschlieb
+ Lars and The Hands of Light - Me Me Me

I’ve had the great fortune today to listen to the forthcoming single Sea of Regrets by I Like Trains and it’s an absolute monster of beauty running for nearly 6 minutes. The single will be released October 12 and is the first single from the band’s second album, which should be out some time early next year. Daily Motion has a (rather poorly sounding) live video of the song.

The Ski Bunny Remix of the forthcoming them:youth single Halo is on constant rotation this afternoon. Just like the previous track F.R.A.N.C.E., which I posted some months ago, the remix of Halo is simply infectious and a much welcomed infusion of energy. The single will be out September 28 on Dirty Boots Records.
+ Halo (Ski Bunny Remix)
+ Halo (video)
+ F.R.A.N.C.E.

September 2, 2009

Last Dance...

Yesterday I labeled Explosions by The Mary Onettes the perfect pop song. Not smart I guess, as it means that I need to come up with something completely different, when finding a way to describe the new single Last Dance by The Raveonettes. Every little piece of this song is just right (oh what the f*ck – let’s use that perfect phrase again) and during the 3 minutes and 47 seconds I’m constantly go back and forth between smiles and wobbling lips. To me tears are the highest stamp of quality, as they always seem to come knocking, when I hear or see something of sheer beauty. Not that the band has abandoned their appealing (and trademark) 60’s inspired sound or anything, as the band still sounds very much like The Raveonettes, with those Phil Spector and JAMC comparisons being as valid as ever. So it’s not like they haven’t always been great ballplayers, but suddenly it just feels like they hit that one homerun, you’ll always remember them for.

Last Dance is taken from the band’s fourth full-length album In and out of Control (produced by Danish wunderkind Thomas Troelsen in his Deltalab studios) which will be out October 6 (and one day earlier in Denmark).
+ Last Dance

September 1, 2009


I’m still trying to recover from the weekend. Too much to drink combined with various physical activities (go-carting, playing basketball etc.) is a lethal cocktail. So the boys and I have come to the only obvious conclusion that although we are pretending to be, we are no longer 17 years old...or 35 for that matter! What’s my age again?

Did you read the comment posted by Adam Svanell the other day? Would be rather fantastic if a couple of “forgotten” Memoplay tracks suddenly popped up! Crossing my fingers...
+ Songs for no Ears

News found via It’s A Trap. At least another 5 months to go before the third album by The Radio Dept. will be out. My impatience and expectations have if possible reached new heights!
+ David
+ Freddie and the trojan horse

Speaking of expectations, I have to admit that I’m a bit underwhelmed by the new single Puzzles by The Mary Onettes. It’s really nice and all that, but I know it’s all my fault as I’m expecting each new song by the band to (at least) match Explosions. And of course I know it's a longshot, as it’s more than difficult to imagine how the band could possibly write a more perfect pop song than said Explosions (watch the video below and agree!).
+ Puzzles