January 28, 2005

The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead

Busy at work - hopefully I will have time to add a few comments later.
Best songs:
1) The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
2) The Queen Is Dead (Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty) [Medley]
3) There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Seventeen months later I read this post again. There Is A Light....is definitely no. 2, if not no. 1!

January 27, 2005

John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

Considered a jazz masterpiece. Not bad, but I guess I need to "practice" a whole lot more, before I will get into this stuff.

January 26, 2005

OMD: Architecture & Morality (Remastered)

Though I've been a fan of OMD for more than 20 years, I've never owned a copy of this album. But last week I finally put an end to this ridiculous "hole" in my CD collection and got my fingers on the remastered version.
Among true OMD fans Architecture & Morality has always been considered their best effort, and after numerous listens it's clear to me, why it is so.
Strong, catchy melodies, combined with some of the playfulness, which later turned into the not so successful Dazzle Ships.
The CD contains 7 bonus tracks, including an extended version of Souvenir and the two best songs from Dazzle Ships; The Romance Of The Telescope and Of All The Things We've Made.
Best songs (not including bonus tracks):
1) Souvenir
2) Joan Of Arc
3) She's Leaving

January 25, 2005

Still enjoying the "compilation" I created this weekend. Listening to songs by quite a few unfamiliar names like:
Marjorie Fair: Waves
Faint: Birth
The Silent League: Breathe
Pinback: Fortress
Mat Kearney: Undeniable

I play my recent purchases a lot these days. Especially enjoy the more than 7 minute long version of Pictures Of You by The Cure. Can be found on Disintegration.

January 24, 2005

Wilco: Kamera
The Radio Dept.:
Where Damage Isn't Already Done
Dresden Dolls: Coin Operated Boy
Thirteen Senses: Do No Wrong

Made a "compilation" yesterday, so a mixed bag of songs this morning!

New albums added to my CD-collection:
OMD: Architecture & Morality (Remastered)
Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen
The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead
The Cure: Disintegration
Rufus Wainwright: Want One

January 21, 2005

Yesterday my daughter and I went to the library (again) and I found a copy of Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Listened to part of it this morning. First impression is very, very good. More to follow.

In the office I listened to "After The Gold Rush" by Neil Young 3 times yesterday. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" is probably the best song on the album, but I'm looking forward to getting more familiar with the album. Obvious why it's so popular.

Also listened to "Kind Of Blue" by Miles Davis and "Blue Train" by John Coltrane. I borrowed my boss "Highway 61 Revisited" last week, so he returned the favour yesterday and thought I should listen to these two classic jazz albums. Always nice to broaden your music knowledge, but I believe it will take quite some time and a lot of work before I become a jazz fanatic.

January 20, 2005

Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory?

Wanted to write some comments, but just couldn't get it right!
Best songs:
1) Don't Look Back In Anger
Morning Glory
3) Champagne Supernova

January 19, 2005

OMD: Dazzle Ships

I have always been thinking of Dazzle Ships as a strange almost bizarre album, and I have done my best to avoid it. But recently I have started to listen to it more and more often, and I admit that parts of the album indeed does take a lot of time to get used to. But closer scrutiny reveals that the album also contains some of the bands finest songs ever, which is quite an accolade.
Best songs:
1) Of All The Things We've Made
2) The Romance Of The Telescope
3) Telegraph

New albums added to my CD-collection:
Counting Crows: Films About Ghosts - The Best Of
Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited
Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights
Interpol: Antics
Neil Young: After The Gold Rush
Moby: Play

January 18, 2005

The White Stripes: Jolene

This is probably the unlikeliest of cover versions. But The White Stripes still delivers an amazing version of this country classic. Probably more than anything this shows the riches of music. Country played by a rock band or vice versa, it doesn't matter. The good song will always prevail.

"please don't take him even though you can"

January 14, 2005

Counting Crows: August And Everything After

This is a fantastic album that has been one of my favourites ever since its release in 1994. A pleasure ride from track 1 to 11.
Best songs:
1) Sullivan Street
2) A Murder Of One
3) Round Here

January 13, 2005

REM: Automatic For The People

Recently I've been using http://www.rateyourmusic.com/ as inspiration, when searching for new (or old) music. But when I've been registrating and rating my music collection I have realized that I own so many albums that I have never listened to properly, making them impossible to rate. Thus I've (again) been inspired, but this time to investigate some of the albums that I've been the owner of for a long, long time.
One of those albums is Automatic For The People by REM, which (surprise, surprise) turns out to be a brilliant album. Among the favourite tracks are Ignoreland and Find The River.

January 12, 2005

The River Detectives: Saturday Night Sunday Morning

One of the nominees for the category "band that should have been big, but never was" is The River Detectives. This wonderful album from 1989 deserves every good appraisal it can get, but for some odd reason the breakthrough never came.

The Danish magazine Gaffa predicts that the Danish band January Jaunt has a good chance of getting "big" in 2005. Check out for yourself at MyMusic.dk. It's in Danish and you have to register. But there is plenty of free music by Danish Artists to download there.

January 11, 2005

The Cure: Just Like Heaven / Lovesong / Pictures Of You

January 7, 2005

TV-2: En Dejlig Torsdag

Not much time to search the web for new music, so again I dusted off an old CD. This time it was En Dejlig Torsdag by the Danish band TV-2. They released their first album in 1981 and amazingly they are still going strong.
This album was released in 1987 and stands as one of their biggest commercial successes. And no wonder, because it's full of great songs with pen sharp lyrics on politics, relationships and life in general.

"Lad os slippe for Uffe og Poul og Bertel og Britta"

Utterly brilliant!

January 6, 2005

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited

At http://www.rateyourmusic.com/ this album ranks as the third best of all time. Therefore the album was a rather obvious choice for closer scrutiny, so I went to our local library and found a copy of the CD. Ripped it onto my computer, listened and was literally swept of my feeds.
It is 40 (forty!!!) years old, which means it is 4 years older than I am. But it sounds like a spring chicken, which it is not exactly the way you will describe me.

A Masterpiece!!!!!

Needless to say I immediately ordered the album! Ripping, copying, file sharing etc. is fine when learning about old or new music. But remember to say "thank you" to the artists and go buy their stuff if you like it!

January 5, 2005

The Police: Wrapped Around Your Finger / Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Luckily this was the only "Police" I met on the road this morning :-)

Grandaddy: Now It's On

This fantastic song is rapidly turning into one of my all time favorites.

January 4, 2005

Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah

This marvellous song was the "office hit" yesterday. I probably listened to it 10 times. Someday I'm sure I will grow up to like the entire album.

The Stills: Logic Will Break Your Heart (The Album)

A brilliant album by a band which sometimes reminds me of New Order.

January 3, 2005

I started the New Year with a nostalgic road trip and this morning I listened to Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92) by Tears For Fears.
It's hard to understand that 20 years have gone since the release of Songs From The Big Chair and more than 15 years since The Seeds Of Love.
I guess it's always a superb depressing way to start the New Year by wondering how fast time flies? Isn't it?