December 30, 2011

Nothing but music - the endless post?

This is an ever changing and (hopefully) expanding list of some of the songs I have mentioned before in this blog or simply stuff I have found somewhere on the web that I find interesting, but have no time to write about. All files have been found somewhere in cyberspace (and NONE of them have uploaded by me, so I cannot help you with any requests you might have - just keep returning and something new might pop up), so they will be available until the artists, record labels, fans, whatever decide to remove them. Thanks to a few readers, I've just finished yet another round of cleaning up (actually I'm doing this more or less all the time). But please leave a comment if some of the links are no longer working, and I will do my best to remove them as quickly as possible...

If you are interested in finding even more songs than the ones I have listed below, these links will provide you with lots and lots of free AND legal mp3's - I really hope you'll enjoy the list!!

* Badman Recording
* Bad Taste Records
* Barsuk Records
* Beggars Group USA
* Better Looking Records
* betterPropaganda
* Cityslang
* Cloudberry Records
* Eenie Meenie Records
* Force Field PR
* Friendly Fire Recordings
* Go, Jukebox!
* Hush Records
* Indiecater
* Indiepages
* Jade Tree
* Jagjaguwar
* Joyful Noise Recordings
* killbeat music
* Killrockstars
* Labrador
* Lefse Records
* Lujo Records
* Magic Marker
* Matador Records
* Matinée Sounds
* Merge Records
* Misra
* Music From Denmark
* Music Is My Girlfriend
* Parasol
* Plastilina Records!
* Pox World Empire
* Radarmaker
* Secretly Canadian
* Series Two Records
* Shelflife
* Sick Room Records
* Slumberland Records
* Songs I Wish I Had Written
* Subpop
* Supertroels
* We Are Free
* What Are Records?
* White Whale Records
* Wonderland Records
* Yellow Mica Recordings
* To be continued......

Have decided to remove all links and instead start rebuilding the list...this is just the beginning...

+ The Antique Toys - Joey
+ Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
+ Asobi Seksu - Walk on the Moon
+ The Ballet - In My Head
+ Beach House - Norway
+ Belle & Sebastian - Come Monday Night
+ The Big Pink - Dominos
+ Blonde Redhead - 23
+ Blue Foundation - Enemy
+ Bon Iver - Blood Bank
+ The Bridal Shop - For Seas
+ Brideshead - If The World Stopped Turning
+ Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
+ Celestial - Lake Como (Remix)
+ Champagne Riot - Scandinavian Warfare
+ Choir of Young Believers - Action Reaction
+ A Classic Education - I Lost Time
+ Club 8 - Western Hospitality
+ Dearling Physique - Discipline Your Hands
+ Death Kit - Devadasi
+ Easter Island - Proud
+ Elk City - Nine O'clock In France
+ Every Move A Picture - Signs of Life
+ Fanfarlo - Finish Line
+ Faunts - It Hurts Me All The Time
+ Gentle Touch - Smedby
+ Get Well Soon - 5 Steps / 7 Swords
+ Handsome Furs - What About Us
+ Houses - Soak It Up
+ [ingenting] - Halleluja!
+ Interpol - NYC
+ JJ - Let Go
+ Kisses - Bermuda
+ Mads Langer - You're Not Alone (Olive cover)
+ Jens Lekman - The Opposite of Hallelujah
+ Loch Lomond - Wax and Wire
+ Mariage Blanc - Whatever You Say I Am
+ Mikrofisch - The Kids Are All Shite
+ Mixtapes & Cellmates - Soon
+ moi Caprice - The Art of Kissing Properly
+ The Monday Photo - Alies (No Tomorrow)
+ Moto Boy - Blue Motorbike
+ My Favorite - Burning Hearts
+ The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
+ OMD - If You Want It (Marsheaux Remix)
+ Otter Petter - Winter Days
+ The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than The Stars
+ The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than The Stars (other in conversation remix)
+ Phantograms - When I'm Small
+ Play People - Goes Out
+ The Poems - Ballad Of A Bitter End
+ The Radio Dept. - Never Follow Suit
+ The Raveonettes - Last Dance
+ Sad Day For Puppets - Again
+ Secret Shine - No More Inside
+ The Shape Of The Earth - Alone In This
+ The Sky Drops - Swimming With Fishes
+ Spoon - I Turn My Camera On
+ Stars - Fixed
+ TempEau - Mädchen aus Greifswald
+ Tetris = Therapy - Seasick
+ The Thermals - Now We Can See
+ Those Danicing Days - Toxic (Britney Spears cover)
+ Tower of Foil - Shaping The Sky
+ Twig - Helen of Troy
+ Ultrachorus - Words Kept Talking
+ John Vanderslice - They Won't Let Me Run
+ Chad VanGaalen - Willow Tree
+ Viola - Neon Lightning
+ Chad VanGaalen - Willow Tree
+ Voxtrot - The Start Of Something
+ Warm Morning - Disconnected
+ Windermere - Trailer Park
+ The xx - Basic Space
+ Yeasayer - 2080

December 23, 2011

Anywhere with you...

So typically me...have completely ignored Hymns From Nineveh's Christmas album Endurance In Christmas Time. Anywhere With You especially is stunningly beautiful...a modern classic...

  Hymns From Nineveh - Anywhere With You 

December 22, 2011


Been working on a new Danish. Not really sure why, but I probably just need some fresh air or something. Check it out if you like.

Vote in the annual Matinée fan club poll. Not that many releases to choose from, but the few ones put out this year were good ones!
+ Champagne Riot - Moonstruck

Here’s a brand new (and darn good) demo track from The Sexual Outlaws.
+ Night Of The Living Bachelors

Death Valley Sleepers announced yesterday that the debut album will be out in April next year on Playground Music.
+ White Noise

Check this track by Under Electric Light that somehow didn’t make it onto the debut album.

Somewhere only Santa knows...

Lost interest in Keane a long time ago, but this Xmas greeting from the band is pretty cool!

December 21, 2011

Lilly at the doctor's...

I swear on whatever I can possibly swear on that I’d normally never listen to a band called something as amazingly awful as Lilly Wolf and Dr. Nu. My first and only reaction would probably be “they can’t be serious” and then move on, as my expectation would be that with a name like that the band has to be playing dreadful monotonously pounding electronic dance pop music that will only appeal to a seriously drunken crowd on holiday in Ibiza (and the photo certainly doesn't leave with any other impression!). But Alex (who’s the male half of the duo) wrote me a real nice mail and commented on various things I had written (you all know I’m a sucker for that), so in return I thought I’d give their music a quick listen…and know what? They do in fact play electronic dance pop music with heavy beats, but rather amazingly the songs aren’t dreadful at all! Not even close. All 5 tracks available are melodious and catchy as glue, and thus show a far more talented band than I ever expected. Which is quite refreshing for a change! Just with they’d come up with a better name!

Love Too Serious by Lilly Wolf and Dr. Nu

The Devil You Know by Lilly Wolf and Dr. Nu

3 more tracks are free to download via SoundCloud.

UPDATE: At SoundCloud the duo has deleted the "and Dr. Nu" part and is now called Lilly Wolf. I like that much better!

December 20, 2011

ho ho ho...

Ingenuity has never really been one my strengths, so I’m borrowing last year’s title as well as last year’s illustration. I cannot help thinking that this post is somewhat of a contradiction, as I normally don’t shy away from expressing my dislike of Christmas in general. Not that I dislike everything about it, as I’m obviously enjoying the food, the beers (especially) and the days off. But the buying Christmas gifts madness, people “having” to see friends and families (whom we normally don’t care shit about the rest of year), kids acting like little angels etc. make me sick. As if behaving nicely (and spending loads of money on presents) in December gives you the stamp of approval to behave like a dickhead the rest of the year? So yes – I’m no fan and haven’t been since my late teens. That said; I do (of course) enjoy the many great tunes that always pop up this time of year and December offers the annual opportunity (posting them in June probably wouldn't make much sense) to post the best of the new ones as well as some old favorites…

+ I Am NoxiousThe Snowman
Apparently published last year, but somehow I missed out on it. About “a snowman and his melting heart” and has a lovely Christmas feel to it!

+ Sleep Party People - Silent Night
Special but really beautiful cover of this ageless classic!

+ I Like Trains - Last Christmas
As I wrote last year: "Finally this classic sounds miserable; exactly as it should!"

+ Liam and Me - Winter Paradise (I Miss You This Christmas)
One of my favorite Christmas tracks...

+ Jmo - Santa, If You Do Exist
Murder Mystery frontman Jeremy has recorded this absolutely gorgeous indie pop Christmas song with jingle bells and jangling guitars...

+ Strawberry Whiplash - Santa Needs A Holiday
...and listening to some great guitarpop while on holiday probably won't hurt...

+ Fireflies - X-mas song
More great guitarpop for Santa!

+ One Weekly Gun - One Xmas Song
Check what I wrote about it three years ago. Should have been a classic by now!

Check back for updates tomorrow, the day after tomorrow...etc...

As previous years the post will be bumped to the top of the page when new songs are added…

My sense of pride...

Exactly what one wants to find in the inbox on a cold December morning...check out this brand new track from Finland's Cats on fire. Gorgeously catchy guitar pop with Morrissey-inspired vocals...yummy! New album is expected out in the spring of 2012 through Soliti.
+ My Sense of Pride (via SoundCloud)

Cats On Fire : My Sense Of Pride by Soliti

December 19, 2011

Your face in the skies...

Busy or not...have to post this one. New video from Death Valley Sleepers and a promise that an album is coming soon...

Born in good shape...

Don't like the trend here...another working day and once again there's plenty of work that needs to be done...hopefully there will time for some catching up later this week...meanwhile; check out this new track by tung_nem...

Born In Good Shape by tung_nem

December 16, 2011

Keep floating...

This track will be the first (by that I suppose they mean lead) single from the forthcoming The Kids Got Lost In Formalities EP by The Golden Ratio, which will be out on January 30. This is absolutely brilliant…so go check them out damn it!

Keep Floating on the Surface by The Golden Ratio (DK/SE)

Making It Right...

I'm busy as hell, so while I'm working my tail off (at work, at home, everywhere), I suggest you check out this new track by Plastic Operator...see you soon...I hope...

Making It Right (Radio Edit) by Plastic Operator

December 9, 2011

Last Christmas...

Fonda's cover (originally released 10 years ago) of Last Christmas is so gorgeous, so lovely, so beautiful, so.....(insert whatever you feel like) that it deserves a post of its own...

 Fonda - Last Christmas

December 8, 2011

Blame the weatherman...

This is the time for year-end lists and even though I’m not going to compile any myself, it doesn’t prevent me from glancing through others. Especially to see if there are artists I’ve completely ignored, but “need” to check out before the year is over…and of course there are. One of those artists is James Blake, whom I’ve obviously heard on the radio etc., but never bothered checking out. Now that I’ve given his self-titled debut a listen, I fully understand why I never bothered. Dull is the first word that comes to mind…hopefully the rest of the “cannot miss and oh so fabulous albums of 2011” are less of a disappointment?

Ever heard of back-ups? Not funny when your computer breaks down halfway through the process of recording new songs; which was exactly what Cassolette just experienced. This track was the only one that survived, though I doubt the weatherman was to blame for the computer problems!
Blame the Weatherman (demo) by Cassolette

Chorus Grant has a new track up for streaming.
Golden Head By Golden Head by Chorus Grant

Check out the Matinée Recordings advent calendar. A nice freebie track is posted every day leading up to Christmas and gives you the perfect opportunity to be introduced to the label’s many fine artists.
+ Harper Lee - Fine Bones

Speaking of Matinée Recordings; The terrific Azure Blue debut album Rule Of Thirds is now available in the Matinée shop.
+ Little Confusions

This new track by School of Seven Bells has finally brought Chris back from his hiatus (although he doesn't seem sure if it will last for long).
School of Seven Bells - The Night

It's a Trap has posted some nice words on the new Loud as Light track Lights Are Out. Name your price and download it via bandcamp.
Lights are Out by Loud as Light

December 6, 2011

The quiet zone...

If you are one of the persons left who has been following this blog for years you might (or might not) remember Breumm? A Danish duo (consisting of brothers Jonas and Steffen Breum) playing catchy electronic pop music with clever almost quirky lyrics, and who put out an album called Det Perfekte Spild af Tid (co-produced with Henrik Balling) in mid-2008? As the few of you might (or might not) remember as well, is that I did my utmost to hype them and featured the band a number of times. Not that I was very successful though, as I believe the album sold in the neighborhood of 5 copies in spite of being much better than your average yet big selling pop albums. Whether it was the lack of success or fatigue following the recording and release of the debut I don’t know, but following a few months of promoting and supporting the album they more or less ceased to exist as a duo. From time to time I’ve seen their names (Steffen especially) pop up here and there, but as a duo they’ve been awfully quiet. Well they still are, but this weekend Jonas wrote telling that he’s been working on a solo album for the past year and that he’s finally managed to finish a track. The track is called Stillezonen (the quiet zone) and the lyrics aside (still quirky and still in Danish) his solo musical universe is rather different when comparing it to that of the duo. Or as he describes it himself: “a stripped down dogma-folk universe, where I record the whole shebang myself”. An interesting concept and probably a much needed approach to recording music following the hype of the previous album (I wasn't the only one expecting big thing). Have to admit that it took me a few listens to “make friends” with Stillezonen, but now I’ve definitely been won over, so please Mr. Breum; keep the new tracks coming!
+ Stillezonen

December 5, 2011

Sea of regrets...

Watch the new video from I Like Trains...this band is certainly capable of much more than recording miserable and heartbroken cover versions of Christmas classics...both song and video are unbelievably beautiful (as well as miserable and heartbroken)!

Sea Of Regrets by I LIKE TRAINS

December 2, 2011

Today you could perhaps...

Stream this rough mix of new track Different City by Architecture. Cannot wait to hear the final mix.
different city (rough mix) by architecture!

Stream/download new track Modern Mess by Digits.
Modern Mess by digits

Watch a few videos of Northern Portrait performing a couple of songs unplugged on their recent excursion to Italy.

Order the perfect new Strawberry Whiplash 7" single Stop, Look and Listen.
+ Stop, Look and Listen

Stream the Ever The Optimist EP by The Kick Inside if you (like me) cannot get enough of jangling guitar pop.
A Matter of Convenience by The Kick Inside

Do a little Christmas shopping at Labrador, who are selling all CD releases for €9 each (including freight).
+ The Radio Dept. - The Worst Taste In Music

...or just do something completely different!

December 1, 2011

Paint the town...

Check out this track by David Newton (he used to be in The Mighty Lemon Drops in case you didn't know - shame on me, but I didn't!) & The Mighty's absolutely fantastic and that is all I am going to!!!
+ Paint The Town

November 30, 2011


Someone has uploaded this radio rip of Spock; the first track released by the Vince Clarke/Martin Gore collaboration VCMG...teaching my kids these days that they must keep quiet, when they have nothing nice to say, so I'm not going to comment on it...

and a SoundCloud stream...

VCMG - Spock by Mute UK

November 29, 2011

Dating demons...

Since this track by Alaska In Winter was uploaded to SoundCloud just yesterday I thought it was a new one. However I’ve just found out that it was included on an EP that was released as far back as in June (I received thousands of emails, but why didn’t any inform me about this release?). Also learned that Brandon Bethancourt has been battling all kinds of personal problems, probably explaining the EP title? Demons sounds pretty good mixing electronic sounds with Balkan vocals (or at least so I hear it)…
Demons by alaskainwinter

Check out this new track by the great (but horribly named) The Sexual Outlaws.
+ Adventures In Dating

Seems like Danes On No Ono have decided to split up. Whether or not this decision was ignited by the studio run by two band members was robbed last month, I obviously cannot tell, but still sad no matter the reason(s)…
+ Helplessly Young

Anyone heard any track(s) from the forthcoming Vince Clarke/Martin Gore (VCMG) release EP1/Spock? I’m expecting the worst and fearing (if possible) even worse. Hopefully I’m going to be proven wrong here!

December is coming and the Xmas tracks have started to arrive in the mail. Guess I’ll make a kind of Xmas compilation again this year including the best of previous years plus a few of this year’s new arrivals.

Chorus Grant (which I mentioned in a brief post on Friday) has posted a new track for streaming at SoundCloud.
Big Guns by Chorus Grant

November 25, 2011

Chorus Grant...

Check out brand new Danish artist/band/project Chorus Grant...described as "from computer-grunge pop, to 50's do-do run run and Dylan’esqe folk", though I'm not quite sure what that is supposed to mean exactly...but it sure is interesting...more songs can be streamed at Reverbnation...


November 24, 2011

Kitchen on fire...

This is sweet, nice, cool etc....Hannah Schneider performs a stripped down live version of recent single In The Line Of Fire in a (don't think it's hers) kitchen...

In The Line Of Fire by Hannah Schneider

November 23, 2011

Darn, dang, dammit...

I know I’ve written this so many times that it’s beyond tedious. But nonetheless I’m happily going to repeat myself and utter to the world “I receive far too many emails”! Reading, listening, deleting and every once in while replying and posting eats up far too much of what precious little time I can dedicate to this blog. Consequently it has happens more and more often that I take a quick look at the mailbox, shake my head and sigh “not tonight baby…” So the mails from those days probably never will get a closer look meaning that there’s an outside chance of something interesting eluding me. Obviously I cannot tell how often it happens, as I normally just delete the unread mails after some time, but when I, as I just did today, finally find some time to check out older mails and discover a message from one of my recent favourite bands, I feel rather pissed off…and all my rage is turned toward the many, many promoters, bands etc. jamming my inbox with their useless garbage and thus drowning the very few interesting mails that happen to come my way! The email causing this outburst was mailed on September 28 informing that Psychic Powers had put out a free to download virtual 7” single on EverythingIsChemical. And though the track isn’t among their better ones (too long, too electronic and not quite catchy enough) and never would have fitted in on the band’s smashing debut album, I still feel devastated to have missed out on this release by nearly two months…watch out for an updated spam filter…
+ It’s All Around You

This and that...

The Azure Blue debut album Rule of Thirds is out the whole thing on SoundCloud...incredibly catchy stuff...
+ The Catcher In The Rye

Socio Peruvian pop musician Francois Peglau shares new track Lonesome Café. Good one!
+ Lonesome Café

Been a while, but seems like my filehost is (sort of) working again (crossing fingers)!

Danish favorites tung_nem has posted a new track called Evident...not one of their best tracks I'm afraid!
Evident by tung_nem

New band on my radar is UK duo The Approval...normally something I'd shy away from as it perhaps looks a little too "boy bandish" and the lads definitely have "poster boy" potential...but the duo's (free to download) EP Time Will Tell contains some really charming pop tunes, so I'll be a fan for now before they are discovered by the teenage hordes...
+ Hide & Seek

Datsyuk hasn't had the best start to the new (NHL) season, but luckily his namesake (obviously called) Datsyuk continues to record nice dreamy electronic pop tunes.
+ Turquoise (Ft. Derek Coburn)

November 22, 2011

Flowers bloom...

Watch the new video from High Highs for their track Flowers Bloom...both video and song are dreamy and beautiful...or as I wrote some (10!) months ago: "Imagine lying comfortably on your back on a carpet of soft green grass gazing at the clouds drifting by while listening to this"...

High Highs - Flowers Bloom from Video Marsh on Vimeo.

High Highs - Flowers Bloom by rocketmusic

Days of thunder...

Check out the new Spleen United single Days Of Thunder...I used to love this band, but not a fan of the direction the band has taken since the debut album...

November 21, 2011

Lights are out...

Check out this new track by Sweden's Loud as's grand, it's epic and it's simply beautiful!!!

Lights are Out by Loud as Light

November 18, 2011


Check out this new video from Morning Tapes (heck - yet another band I had never heard of before opening the mailbox this morning)...not sure if it's supposed to make any sense, but quite funny (and a tiny bit scary) to watch. And the song is rather pretty good as well (uptempo, guitar driven pop/rock thing) the self-titled (debut?) EP for free via SoundCloud...

Stranded by Modern Tapes

November 16, 2011

Space March...

Straight from the inbox...until this morning Australian one-man project Space March was completely new to me...but having just finished streaming the new (and the band's/project's third) album over at SoundCloud, I'm glad I finally got introduced to it, as Monumental is a pretty nice collection of 80's inspired (and I'm a sucker for that) synth-pop songs. Definitely recommend you check it out...

Space Cowboy by Space March

November 14, 2011

Future gold...

J.A. recommends this energetic and catchy new track called Future Gold by Victories At Sea...swap your email address for an mp3 (apparently I misread something, as the song is free to download with no strings attached)...

FUTURE GOLD by victories at sea

And it hurts...

Brand new video from Junica...great video and fantastic song (pop music doesn't get much better than this)!

And It Hurts by junica

Two rings...

Check out the pretty cool new video for the equally cool single Two Rings by The Ice Choir (out now on Shelflife and yesboyicecream). Wonderful 80's inspiration...

+ Two Rings

Crank it up...

Check out the video for new track Crank It Up by The Boombox Hearts. A sort of "in-between" release as it wasn't included on the debut EP and won't be included on the album, which the band (this comes straight from the horse's mouth) has begun recording. Crank It Up is sad, beautiful and lo-fi, sounding quite Iron & Wine(ish).

November 11, 2011


Just need to get this off my chest. Please, please, please (multiply by hundreds if you like) stop sending me promo mails where I have to go to Pitchfork or some other ridiculously huge music site to download the track you want me to post/share/mention/feature/(or more likely) give a listen and then delete. I know this is a pretty shitty and lame excuse of a music blog, and no one really gives a rat’s ass anyway about anything I think of anything. And you’re probably right that the blog should have breathed its last breath ages ago. But stubbornly I continue to believe that it has a right to exist, because unlike the bigger mainstream copycat blogs, I do try to focus less on my statcounter and from time to time try to give little known (yet brilliant - mind you) artists some of the attention I think they are deserving but rarely are getting (use yesterday’s post as an exhibit if you like). So no – I don’t care about Pitchfork and seriously have no interest in learning that Coldplay has hit no. 1 in 517 (or is it 518 – sorry if I haven’t been paying attention) different countries. I’d much rather receive a mail introducing me to a band no one’s ever heard of and then find one of the best songs ever written as an attachment. Doesn’t happen very often (if ever) I know, but that dream is the fuel that keeps this blog going…fuck mainstream!

November 10, 2011

Never enough...

From the department of obscure and unnoticed bands comes this....Check out new track Never Enough by Swedish pop noir (not entirely sure what the definition of this is, but it's the term used by the band itself) act Mono Noir. A somewhat dreamy and sweet little pop song...I like it...hope you do as well...

Mono Noir - Never enough

+ Never Enough 

November 8, 2011


Via It's A Trap…check out the new Choir of Young Believers single Patricia’s Thirst. Interesting though rather different (quite 80’ish inspired isn't it?) when compared to the songs on the debut...

Never been...

In a perfect world Play People would be everyone's favorite pop band. Sadly this isn't a perfect world...check out the band's new track Never Been and help make the world a little less imperfect...

Never Been by Play People

November 5, 2011

Hold my hand...

Pete White continues to give away some of his older recordings over at SoundCloud. Yesterday he upload these two tracks that (can you believe it) were the first of his songs I ever long ago as back in January 2006! Great music stands the test of time and they still sound fantastic...

  Hand signals by Pete White

  Go by Pete White

November 2, 2011

Happy go lucky...

Many a long time ago Pete White used to be my favorite singer-songwriter. But then he wandered on to become a member of country folk trio Navaro and his solo stuff was sort of put on hold. Yesterday he shared a couple of tracks at SoundCloud and though neither are new recordings one could always hope that this is a sign of him reviving the solo project (at least he promises that lots more will follow).

 happy go lucky demo by Pete White

Time by Pete White

Why don't we...

Check out this new video from Mint Julep. According to Peter (though he has yet to publicly state it on his blog) this is the best song of 2011! And it is indeed pretty bloody fantastic

October 28, 2011


Check out new track Hænder by Danish sensation Ulige Numre...the big question...will they match the hype?

 Hænder by Ulige Numre

The beautiful life...

Check out the new single by Sweden's Det Vackra Livet...
+ Juni Berättar

A boiling kettle...

Not sure what to make of the new Korallreven single Sa Sa Samoa. It will probably works fine as part of the band's soon to be released debut album, but as a standalone track it just doesn’t. Or what does anyone think?
+ Sa Sa Samoa

Thank you Mr. Villumsen for introducing me to Blind Pilot. How on earth did I miss out on this band?
We Are The Tide by Blind Pilot Music

Have listened to the forthcoming Balloon Magic debut EP a couple of times this morning. Do I need to say that it sounds absolutely fantastic?
+ I’d like to build a house

New interesting Danish band on my radar is Den Fjerde Væg. Singing in Danish and describing their music as mix of Animal Collective and XTC. The three track debut EP Glittertårer is available for free via bandcamp.
 Selvportraet by Den Fjerde Væg

Ordered this cool t-shirt the other day. My old Cause & Effect t-shirt has been in the washing machine a few too many times, so it was definitely time to buy a new one!
Happiness Is Alien by CauseAndEffectMusic

October 27, 2011

In the line of fire...

Check out the new single by Danish (of course) artist Hannah Schneider...

In The Line Of Fire- Single by Hannahschneider

Spil Dansk Dagen...

Today is the annual Spil Dansk Dagen (translates to "play Danish (music) day"). Meaning that radio stations are only playing music by Danish artists and there'll be concerts in schools, churches, hospitals, on public transportation etc. (check the complete list). My small contribution is to post what I (for the past 24 years at least) have believed is the best song ever by a Danish artist singing in Danish.

October 26, 2011

Checking II...

Kind of depressing. Deleted numerous (which I believe is a nicer term than "shitload of") mails yesterday only to find 52 new ones when logging in this morning...a vicious circle if there ever was one...but here we go again...
+ Sea Weeds - Fall Boi
+ Dempsey - Late Night

not quite from the mailbox, but Matinée Recordings shares the title track from the forthcoming Strawberry Whiplash 7" Stop, Look and Listen.
+ Stop, Look and Listen

The label also shares the thrilling news that a new Northern Portrait release seems to be in the works as well as they are going to release the Azure Blue debut album in December...
+ Azure Blue - The Catcher In The Rye
+ Northern Portrait - Criminal Art Lovers

Back on track, so here's one more from the mailbox...
+ Silver Swans - He Doesn't Know Why (Fleet Fox cover)

...time to take a break...more later (perhaps)...

October 25, 2011


Check out the new video for the track Caroline by The Blessed Isles. Just brilliant!

Checking mails...

Been a while since the last post of this kind, but really have to reduce the number of mails in the inbox (9,024) no words today...just music...will add stuff if/when something interesting (and listenable) pops up...

+ The Migrant - 2811 California Street
+ B U I L_D I N G S - Eyes On Sunrise (via SoundCloud)
+ The Finger - Die! Die Superhero! (via SoundCloud)

...real life work is demanding my attention...but will (hopefully) be back later...

...back again...

+ Black Light White Light - The Militia (via SoundCloud)
+ Wowser Bowser - Water Story (via SoundCloud)

...the number of mails is down to 8,902...btw...isn't Wowser Bowser a horrible band name?

+ Fuck Art, Let's Dance - The Conqueror (via SoundCloud)
+ Kramies - Coal Miners Executive Club

...that'll be it for today...planning to do a similar post tomorrow...

October 24, 2011

Friday night...

Went to Copenhagen Friday evening and left wife and kids (plus car) at my mother-in-law's (this piece of info gets sort of relevant later). First stop (after the required shawarma) was meeting Tempomatador underneath Copenhagen soil in the band’s rehearsal room (an old either cold war or Second World War bunker). The band was rehearsing for an upcoming semi-acoustic concert and I believe I caught the second half of the set; and it sounded pretty good (though I was later told that he sound in the bunker is far from perfect; fuck that – what do I know and no matter what you say, I enjoyed it…). Following a short break the band had apparently had enough of the acoustic softness and tuned things up (the only time that night I needed my earplugs). But before kicking off the band tried to encourage me to grab an instrument (any instrument) and join the party, so for the first time in 30 years I honestly cursed that in my youthful ignorance I decided to skip piano lessons and bet on a soccer career instead (which needless to say led absolutely nowhere). Sadly meaning no special guest star appearance by yours truly on bongo drums or triangle, though I did relentless tap my feet during the whole thing. Sitting there I realized it was the first time ever I witnessed a band rehearsing, so quite funny hearing their comments, though a few internal jokes probably went over my head (what’s the problem with them Rolling Stones drums?).

Next stop Stengade and during the walk with Mr. Boombox to the venue, my wife suddenly called telling me that she had forgotten her own car keys, so they had to spend the night at her mom’s…and it would be much appreciated if I could come and pick them up in the morning at around 8.30 (am and sadly not pm). So with the prospect of only a few hours’ sleep, it unfortunately meant that I had to reduce the beer consumption as hangovers and little sleep is probably the worst combination imaginable.

First band on stage at Stengade was recently founded duo The Golden Ratio (one half being Jonas of old blog favorites, but now sadly split-up Entakt). The band’s laid back folk pop sounded absolutely wonderful, as one would expect after watching the two live videos I’ve previously posted; though perhaps not the perfect choice to get a party started (assuming that my assumption is correct that people going out on a Friday night wants to party)? Talked briefly to Jonas afterwards and he agreed that the band needs a few more “rock tracks”, which they are in fact working on. But people (myself included) seemed to be enjoying themselves, so everything was just swell.

Second band on stage was the much hyped From Sarah. When posting the video for Demons I wrote that it reminded me quite a lot of Kashmir. Now that I’ve seen the band live I’m going to say exactly the same again. No that it should matter, because the trio is a brilliant live band (at least I thought so) and the quality of the songs was surprisingly high. But in some ways it was just frustrating that I couldn’t listen to the music on its own premises without constantly thinking of another band! The hype is understandable though!

Here ends the story…unless you should be interested in hearing about a tired train ride home, far too few hours of sleep and getting up early Saturday morning to catch another train…and I guess you’re not!

Vender mig og glemmer dig by tempomatador (several songs are free to download from the band's blog)

Cover Me by The Boombox Hearts

This is No Season for Swimming by The Golden Ratio (DK/SE)

Demons by From Sarah