April 29, 2011


This is just one of those ”this and that”, ”bits and bobs”, ”yada yada”, ”shorties”, whatever, etc. kind of posts.

The Boombox Hearts' downright excellent debut EP Monte Carlo is finally out and available through the usual suspects (bandcamp und so weiter).
+ Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Watch how Martin Aamot of The Electric Pop Group crushes his opponents in Swedish quiz program Vem Vet Mest ("Who Knows Best"). Ouagadougou anyone?
+ I Could See The Lights

Wires in the Walls shares two new tracks. Download the brilliant The Ringer below, but if you want the second track Soft Shirt as well, you have to join the band’s mailing list.
+ The Ringer

Just added the track Darwinisme by Danish band Stærosaurus to my current favorite list. The band’s debut EP Alt Er Vigtigt ("everything’s important") can be streamed via Soundcloud.
+ Darwinisme

Yesterday I posted the video for the Junica debut single Living In My House. Here's a (so-so) remix of said song.
 Living In My House' Kids Of 88 (Blue Lagoon Remix) by junica

A Month of Unrequited Love...

On Sunday May 1 Michael Møller of moi Caprice will launch the first part of his new solo project A Month of Unrequited Love; a collection of 31 songs that will be released one song per day during May. His first solo album Every Streetcar's Got a Name - An album about sex and desire was (and still is) one of my favorite albums so obviously it will be more than interesting to see how this ambitious project pans out! As I wrote about the debut a long time ago; the sincere lyrics were about “love, sex, desire, betrayal, infidelity, needs, painful memories and a little more sex”, and even though Mr. Møller (more or less) promises than the new songs won’t be as depressing as the project title could perhaps indicate, it’s rather difficult not to expect that the lyrics (to some extend at least) will once again circle around the aforementioned topics. Check the official and very informative webpage for songs (coming soon), concert dates, donation etc.
+ Tennessee (from Every Streetcar’s…)
+ All the Girls I Lost in the Fires (from Every Streetcar’s…)

April 28, 2011

Whatever you say I am...

Earlier this week Mariage Blanc premiered this nice little video for their wonderful single Whatever You Say I Am. If you haven't done so already, then you definitely "must" to add it to your summer soundtrack.

mariage blanc_whatever you say i am from eric anderson on Vimeo.

+ Whatever You Say I Am

Morning coffee...

Have a cup (or two) and please enjoy these two...

Gavin Russom has remixed Cut Copy's Need You Now. Of course I prefer the original mix (I always do), but this is not bad at all!
Need You Now (Gavin Russom Remix) by cutcopymusic

Video for the debut single Living In My House by Junica. Remain stunned by how brilliant this song is!

April 27, 2011

Labrador news...

Pallers has finished recording their debut album and according to the Labrador webpage it will be out on September 20. A certain band signed to Labrador is infamous for not being able to meet release dates, but hopefully this much anticipated album will be released on schedule!
+ The Kiss
+ Humdrum

Another interesting Labrador album release coming up is the self-titled debut from Det Vackra Livet, which will be out on May 3. First single Viljan sounded remarkably (though not surprisingly) like The Mary Onettes and so does second output Askan. This obviously isn't a bad thing at all!
+ Askan
+ Viljan

Late Night Venture...

Danish post-rockers Late Night Venture has a new track out called Birmingham, which sounds very (ahem) post-rockish. It’s taken from the band’s forthcoming, but yet untitled and without release date, album. Been quite some time since we last heard anything from the band, so nice having them back. On June 17 the band will be playing at the 2011 edition of Start Festival, which I haven’t mentioned at all this year, because (for the second year in a row) I won’t be able to attend it. Watch or stream Birmingham below.

Birmingham by Late Night Venture

April 26, 2011

Home again...

Back from an interesting but rather contrast-filled trip to Cairo. Will resume blogging as soon as possible (the mailbox is jammed once again), but right now I need to focus on getting some work done.

April 15, 2011

About brothers...

And here's the brand new video for the Delay Trees track About Brothers, which I posted earlier today. Wonderful (both video and song).

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

+ About Brothers

The flowers...part II...

And here's the official video for the new (and absolutely ace) Jonathan Johansson single Blommorna.


I’m still not feeling all that well, so words will be few today.

Knut of Eardrums is dealing with health problems. Please go wish him well.

Holiday is coming up and leaving for Cairo on Sunday.

Delay Trees has been signed to Friendly Fire Recordings. A self-titled debut album will be out on May 10.
+ Cassette 2012
+ About Brothers

4,695 mails are this very moment jamming my inbox.

The recent releases of these 5 artists are currently on my radar and I sincerely hope that I’ll be able to write more about them at some later point (if not – I’m really, really sorry!).
+ Starring Me1987
+ StærosaurusDarwinisme
+ Southern Gothic Tales - Fuck me up with words and wine
+ Code PieNorth Side City View
+ The Oxygen PoniesHope & Pray

The William Blakes will be warming up for Arcade Fire when they visit Ballerup Super Arena on August 27.
+ Music Wants To Be Free (Breathe)

New track by Cassettes Won't Listen and new album named KEVINSPACEY due in June.
+ Echoes


April 14, 2011

The flowers...

Watch this clip of Jonathan Johansson performing new single (out tomorrow) Blommorna on Swedish TV4 this morning. Excellent!


Loney Dear live...

Check this live recording of Loney Dear teaming up with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. According to the maestro himself "this IS the best live recording of Loney dear so far". And stunningly beautiful it is indeed!

April 13, 2011

On the radio this morning...

Feeling horrible today (flu, cold, whatever).

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

April 12, 2011

What I Mean To Say...

Play People plays the ukulele. As scary as this may sound, this is actually a really nice pop song!

What I Mean To Say by playpeople

April 11, 2011


NY band Soft shares a few new Chris Coady produced tracks in exchange for your email address. Nice noisy pop songs somewhat in the vein of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.
Bleary Eyes by Soft

April 10, 2011

Grey Wolves...

Stream or download new track Grey Wolves by Danish rock act Knoxville. According to the band the ending is "weird and somewhat schizophrenic".

Grey Wolves (Full version) by knoxville

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning...

Another quiet, tired and lazy Sunday morning. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy one of the best songs ever written!

April 8, 2011

India Mill - Morning Song...

Here’s a surprisingly brilliant one I stumbled upon tonight while I was working my way through a few of the far too many unread promo mails in the inbox. UK quartet India Mill will be releasing their debut single Morning Song through The Animal Farm on May 16 and this highly energetic and infectious rock track reminds me somewhat of the songs of Big Country (if anyone remembers them?).

+ Morning Song

Cover me in purple...

Pitchfork has discovered California Wives. The band’s sudden (and much deserved) growth in popularity has (fortunately) increased the traffic to this blog as well.
+ Purple
+ Tokyo

Try not to be confused; The Boombox Hearts’ cover of Cover Me (the Bruce Springsteen song) has been covered by Cover Me (the music blog).
+ Cover Me

New 7” single There’s Something About Mary by The Hit Parade will be out on JSH Records on May 2nd. It’s a really nice though rather typical indie pop song, but the B-side tribute to Brighter is (in my opinion as always) actually the superior track of the two. Stream both songs below and make up your own mind (works better that way).
There's Something About Mary by the-hit-parade


Not going all political on you; just think this promotion video for Danish Red Cross youth is worth sharing.

First of all the background music used in the video is A Lack of Concentration by sadly ignored, highly underrated, yet absolutely cool and fabulous Tetris = Therapy. A track included on the band's self-released debut album Acquaintances, which I humbly urge you to check out (it's ace).

Second and more importantly; the message of the video is a relevant as ever (yeah, yeah, I do realize that the intended audience for the video is probably 20-25 years younger than me, but in a few years' time my oldest daughter will be facing these kinds of issues). Read more, learn more, donate your weekly allowance, buy a t-shirt etc. at ungonline.dk.

+ A Lack of Concentration

April 7, 2011

Anyone remember...?

Oh well...wtf! This track by Danes moi caprice was my favorite song of 2006 (and luckily has stood the test of time) and remains absolutely fantastic!

+ Drama Queen

and a few bonus ones:

+ To The Lighthouse
+ The Art Of Kissing Properly
+ The Town and The City
+ Riding In Cars With Girls

Yada, yada, yada...

Was in Roskilde Monday and during the train ride in the morning from Helsingoer I listened to 37 of the 69 Love Songs from the Magnetic Fields triple album of the same name. Don’t think I’ve ever listened to the entire album, but the quality of the songs I HAVE listened to is sick.

Last.fm scrobbling is just one of many new features at Shuffler.fm. Talk about a vast improvement!

J.A. recommends this stunning newbie by The Arctic Flow. The track combines indie pop and shoegaze in an almost perfect way.

Check this excellent Lissvik remix of Det Vackra Livet's Viljan. Found via the PSL blog, which definitely is worth keeping an eye on; Even if you don’t understand Swedish.
+ Det Vackra Livet - Viljan (remix by Lissvik)

Julie Maria is this month's guest contributor at Mixtoverdener.dk.
+ De Dage

April 6, 2011

Anyone remember...?

This one was my favorite song of 2005 (seems like ages ago). Still a bloody fantastic track!

April 2, 2011

Blah, blah, blah...

The unquestionable highlight of the week was that Arcade Fire announced that they are coming to Denmark on August 27. Still hurts thinking about the cancellation 4 years ago! Tickets have (of course) been secured!

Trying to understand the hype surrounding Yuck. They are not bad by any means, but don’t they just sound like something we’ve heard so many times before?
+ Get Away

Checked a promo mail the other day and really liked the track attached. Two minutes after checking I received the exact same promo mail again, which normally would have meant that the artist would have been excluded indefinitely from this blog. I wrote the agent writing “no point sending it twice”, to which he replied ”I guess her song writing is way better than my database management”! Touché! After all I prefer this than the other way round (great management vs. bad song writing). The track in question, I Was Surrounded, is by Swedish singer Frida Sundemo and is a quiet and pretty little gem.
+ I Was Surrounded

April 1, 2011

Cover me...

From the department of good news comes word that the brilliant The Boombox Hearts has been signed to new Danish label Our Little Sisters Records. About time and much deserved. A 4-track EP named Monte Carlo will be the band’s first official release (digitally only) and is expected to hit the streets (the digital ones that is) on April 25. To sort of celebrate the release the band shares a track from the EP; their alternative yet rather beautiful cover of Springsteen’s Cover Me.

Cover Me by The Boombox Hearts

On the radio this morning...

Note to self: need to give their new album a few more tries...

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!