August 31, 2010

Kites With Lights - Brand New...

I've never embedded a Soundcloud player before, so think of this as a test. And the song is well worth a listen...


August 30, 2010

Aching and tired...

Today is not a good day. Despite visiting (and getting treatment) the chiropractor 4 times the past 8 days, my back is still in a lot of pain. It is of course getting better, but at a frustratingly slow pace and I’m seriously afraid that it will take quite a while before I’m back to “normal”. And being out with the boys Saturday night and having far too much to drink and far too little sleep, hasn’t done me any good either.

Oh well. After all this blog is supposed to be about music, so I suggest we switch our focus to that topic instead. Doubt that anyone will mind?

Sweden’s Bedroom Eyes released their debut album The Long Wait Champion last week. As expected the album is full of nice pop songs, but since 7 of the tracks were included on the first two EP’s, there’s not all that much new to discover here.
+ Motorcycle Daydream

Speaking of lovely pop music; The Comeback EP by Germans Brideshead will be out on Shelflife Records on September 14.
+ The World Stopped Turning

The 13 minute and 22 seconds long The First of Many Dreams about Monsters is a new and free to download track by Oxford band Spring Offensive. The concept is definitely interesting, but not really sure if it will ever win me over.

I was both pleased and surprised to hear this one on national radio yesterday afternoon.

August 27, 2010

The Raveonettes cover The Stone Roses...

I've never really been a fan of cover versions, but this is a match made in heaven. Thanks to J.A. for the heads up!

On the radio this morning...

This is not an official video, but nonetheless it's pretty cool, so I thought it would be OK to post it? And the song (Pursuit Of Misery) is Kashmir at their very best.

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

August 26, 2010

Paper Planes Festival (part deux)...

As promised a few words to follow-up the video I posted yesterday. Catching Paper Planes is a (fairly) new Danish booking and management agency (committed to promote, counsel and manage the talented musicians of Denmark and the world), and tomorrow night a small festival named Paper Planes Festival 2010 will take place at Huset in Copenhagen. Unfortunately I won’t be able to show my support by attending, though I so much wish I could, as the line-up (consisting of 6 bands) looks really interesting. Obviously I’d love to see old favorites Entakt (again), as this will be the first time in quite a while that the band is back on stage (as a band) performing live. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they include a few new tracks in the set. So yes; for that reason alone I’d love to be there. But even more intriguing (if possible) would be the opportunity to witness the debut concert of new act Tempomatador. Who, you might ask? If I say that they (not so long ago) was called Mikkel Max og Drømmenes Bodega, you’ll probably still ask who? But if I add that frontman Mikkel Max used to be in EPO-555 and Oliver North Boy Choir (along with bassist Ivan) as well playing the bass in The Boombox Hearts, those names might ring a familiar bell? Anyway; they play lovely, catchy, yet somewhat melancholic and Danish languaged pop music, with a self-declared ambition to be the best band in the world…some day. The Festival kicks off tomorrow at around 7 p.m. and the tickets cost a reasonable DKK 100.
+ TempomatadorGlas og Støj (so highly recommended)
+ EntaktKunsten at Slippe Taget

August 23, 2010

From the mailbox...

My bag is still killing me. 4 days on painkillers and spending most of the weekend lying on the floor is not exactly my preferred way of living. Have an appointment with a chiropractor this afternoon and I’m seriously looking forward to hearing the loudest “CRACK” ever, when my back is put back in place. So for now the words will remain few, but hopefully everything will be back to normal (whatever normal is) very (very) soon! Meanwhile enjoy a few songs found in that much talked about mailbox...
+ She SirLemongrass
+ Air Conditioning SchoolUp On
+ The October CountryOld Record Love
+ Husky RescueWe Shall Burn Bright
+ HjaltalínSuitcase Man

On the radio this morning...

They have yet to win me over, but this one is not without charm!

+ Helplessly Young

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

August 20, 2010


The mailbox is still a mess, so my plan today was to bring out the broom and start sweeping. But my back is killing me and I've spent the first 30 minutes at work lying on the floor (far less painful than walking, standing or even sitting in a chair). So I guess the only right thing to do is to get some work done and then head home. Or simply wait for the damn painkillers to start working!

August 19, 2010

On the radio this morning...

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

August 18, 2010


One of my colleagues is on holiday, so I’ve been real busy the past couple of days. Do I have to say that work is overrated? It does help paying the bills I know, but still it’s overrated!

Happy birthday to long-time reader and contributor J.A., who turns thirty-something (I guess) today!

Busy or not I always try to squeeze in some time to listen to some music and this situation was no exception. So here’s some of the stuff that’s been keeping me company while I was toiling away.

The energetic and irresistible Past Lives by Australians Parades has been on constant repeat (more or less) since digging it out of the mailbox the other day. The music has been labeled “art-rock”, though I believe a good old mash-up of genres like “electronic indie alternative pop/rock etc.” will be just as accurate.
+ Past Lives

The new song by One Weekly Gun is called “…perhaps the dumbest song yet …” by the artist himself and who am I to argue with a statement like that? Judge for yourself!
+ Two Guys Named Humphrey

I’ve been giving the soon to be released Distance album by Tears Run Rings a few listens and I’m quite impressed so far. But then again. Since I’m such an incredible sucker for shoegaze/dream-pop bands, this can hardly be a surprise to anyone!
+ Reunion

It’s been quite a while since the last time I listened to the brilliant A Classic Education, so the mail I found promoting the band’s forthcoming US release of the Hey There Stranger EP was most welcomed. Opening track Gone To Sea is as excellent as everything else we’ve ever heard from the band so far, and personally I’m quite thrilled to see their beautiful cover of Toi being included as the last (and sixth) track on the EP.
+ Gone To Sea
+ Toi (Gilbert Bécaud cover)

August 13, 2010

From the mailbox...

It’s cluttered. Words will be few. Really, really few (I’ve never been any good at multitasking, so listening and writing at the same is not a working combination). But I promise to only post the good stuff!!

+ Aberdeen - The Boy Has Gone Away (Radio Edit)
Title track from the re-released EP (one of three).

+ Two Hours TrafficHappiness Burns
From the forthcoming album Territory.

+ Lovers - Figure 8
From the forthcoming album Dark Light.

+ Ed Vallance - Famous Last Word
From The Summer Fire EP.

+ Bearstronaut - Shannon (single version)
From a forthcoming EP.

+ Tiny Cables Ink - Beyond The Horizon
Recommended by J.A.

August 12, 2010

Catching up...

Like it or not. A post like this was inevitable...

Been giving the new Arcade Fire album a few spins today. Because everyone else seem to enjoy it (and because I’m such a dickhead), I really want not to like it. If nothing else, then just to be able to say that I’m not buying into the hype. Got to admit that this mission has failed completely, as my first impression is beyond positive.
+ Wake Up (not from the album, but you knew that already)

Danish blog Regnsky talks to new band Treefight For Sunlight (in Danish) and offers the band’s excellent single Facing The Sun as a free download.

Loney Dear is currently compiling songs for his album #6, and gives away this recording that (probably) won’t make the cut.
+ dreamer22mars (I guess this means that the working title was Dreamer and the recording took place on March 22?)

Yes is a new (and the second of the year so far) track recorded and published by One Weekly Gun.
+ Yes

It’s not an official one, but a video for Northern Portrait’s I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me has surfaced. The band seems to like it enough to post it on their blog and it does contain a few rather funny sequences (number 8 in yellow anyone?)!
+ I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me

On the radio this morning...

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

August 11, 2010

Counting stars...

As always the world has been really busy, while I was away on holiday. Would be much appreciated if the world took a timely break every now and then as well, as it would make catching up so much easier. Instead of leaving me when the unpleasant feeling that there are lots and lots of things I’m going to miss, because I cannot read every mail, tweet, blog update etc. of the past two weeks. I know I post exactly the same story of whining every year, but I just can’t help myself. However I will from this moment on try my best to be positive and giddily happy about the many interesting things that have happen, during my holiday. No matter how numerous they may seem. Let’s check some of them out!

Florida based shoegaze/electronica quartet/quintet (someone please enlighten me) Purplespace has been so kind to mail me a copy of their new 5-track EP Eventually, Juliet…. According to the band the songs are “a bit slower and more organic (real drums, less synth & keys)”, when compared to previous recordings, but it probably requires more trained ears than mine to spot the difference. To me there’s not much new under the sun here (John – please don’t rip me to pieces), but as long as the songs continue to be this dreamy and beautiful, I see no reason for anything to change. I’ve been given permission to post a track off the EP, but I strongly recommend that you pick of the whole thing at iTunes or wherever you buy your digital downloads these days!
+ Counting Stars

So I ended up not going on to the Jens Lekman concert at Vega on Monday evening after all. Passed my ticket on to this young fellow, whom I believe had a great time? Why I didn’t go? Monday was the first day at work following the holiday and no way would my (aging) body have accepted staying out late Monday night. Why buy a ticket in the first place then? I do strange things all the time, so you tell me! Oh! If you haven’t done so really, don’t forget to swap your email address for the gloriously wonderful new track by Mr. Lekman called The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love.

Endless is the number of Danish bands I’ve been trying to hype ever since the birth of this blog. And equally endless is the number of bands unable to (even remotely) match the hype. But the fast rising quartet Ginger Ninja is one of the rare exceptions and this new, very competent and free to download Eumig & Chinon remix of the band’s first single Sunshine (video) should only add to their growing popularity.
+ Sunshine (Eumig & Chinon Remix)

Though Danish trio Chadore is only a few songs old, I’m not afraid of touting them as yet another band to look out for (since I’m usually wrong anyway, why be afraid?). I featured the brilliant Den Dag a month and a half ago, and earlier today the band published this dance remix of (what I believe must be) new track Når Du Ser På Mig. Both tracks are catchy beyond belief (well almost), so please don’t let the Danish lyrics scare you away!
+ Den Dag
+ Når Du Ser På Mig (Dance Remix)

Here’s one from the good news department. VETO is back in the studio. The debut album was good, the second album was even better, so now please record a third one that is going to blow us all away!
+ You Are A Knife

August 10, 2010

Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again...

Back from Austria and since I know you’re all dying to know; we had a great time thank you! But why is it that you always need a holiday when returning from one? I’m so tired. Far more tired than I should be given the sleep and rest I’ve had the past two weeks. But I will try to pull my act together and return to posting tomorrow!