May 31, 2011

Balloon Magic...

Balloon Magic has posted updated (final) versions of two tracks that will be included on the band's forthcoming debut EP (to be released by Shelflife).

Waking Up by Balloon Magic

I'd Like To Build A House by Balloon Magic

May 30, 2011

The hour of lead...

Absolutely wonderful...tomorrow's the last day of the A Month Of Unrequited Love project! Now (more than ever) is the time to make a donation!

May 28, 2011

High Highs...

This is such a fantastic song...via PSL and thank you Ivan for pointing me in that direction! Hope you had a good night's sleep btw?

May 27, 2011

Mails, mails, mails...

Have plenty of mails in my inbox. 5,886 mails to be exact. Going to spend the next couple of hours trying to reduce that number. I could of course take the easy road and to delete them in bunches, but tonight I will try to see/hear/listen if any of them have anything interesting to offer. So hang around, come back later, press F5 etc. Perhaps something will pop up along the way...?

Kids On A Crime Spree has an album out on Slumberland Records. Sweet Tooth is a short and really cool 60/70's influenced sounding thing!
  Kids On A Crime Spree - Sweet Tooth by Slumberland Records

As always - far too many mails promoting remixes, tours, videos, mixtapes etc. Haven't bumped into any mails promoting hip-hop and rap...yet! Need a better spam filter...

Here's a really nice track by New York trio Field Theory. Hate bandcamp embedding! Instead you'll have to go to SoundCloud (embedding of this track isn't possible) to check out Head and the Open Rhyme. UPDATE: The band just saw this post and immediately mailed the song as well as okaying that I make it available for download. Terrific service guys!!!
+ Head and the Open Rhyme

"Hook-driven and powerful indie rock" is what the promo mail promises and that's certainly what you get from The Trophy Fire!
+ The Last American Phone Booth

Finding some quality stuff tonight (surprise, surprise), so deleting is slow...

Lion's Mouth by Young Rebel Set is quite a drama. Great video; even better song. Can't help thinking of Johnny Cash...
Lion's Mouth by youngrebelsetscloud

Taking a short break...have to put the kids to bed...and need more beer!

Started out fantastic, but the last 8-10 songs haven't been any good at all...some songs are jokes, though probably not intended as such...

Yay! New stuff from Letting Up Despite Great Faults!
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Teenage Tide by lettingup

Some bands are still using Myspace?

This will the last song today...a very poppish tune by Saskatchewan.
Dreamboat by Saskatchewan

Still 5,785 mails left...

Go For Gold...

The recently recorded and yet untitled debut EP by new Danish 5-piece Go For Gold is now streaming at Soundcloud. In their own words they've tried to create their own sound while being " love with noisy guitars, tambourines, distant pianos and no-bullshit drums surrounding catchy tunes" and influenced by just about everything and everyone from Kent to My Bloody Valentine. Obviously that's a very bold statement, but at the same time it's a rather intriguing one as well. So far I've liked everything I've heard from the band, but why not stream the EP below and decide for yourself whether or not Go For Gold manages to live up to their own ambitions? The band promises that the EP will be available as a free download very soon, so you definitely should keep your eyes out for that! Band photo by Nicolai Kofod Larsen.

EP by Go for Gold

The wrong house...

Junica (the solo project of Psychic Powers bandmember Nik Brinkman) has a new track called The Wrong House streaming at Soundcloud. Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP (yet untitled, but a wild guess is that it will have "house" in the title), which should be out some time mid-June. The new track is not as uptempo dancelike as first song Living In My House, but instead closer related to the sound of Psychic Powers. One direction or the other is fine with me, as long as the music continues being this good!

May 26, 2011

Crystal ball...

Crytstal Ball is the first single from the forthcoming Tiger Baby album Open Windows Open Hills. It's been a while, but the band pretty sounds like it "used to".

Crystal Ball by Tiger Baby

Dead end...

Think I streamed the video for new Loud As Light single Dead End 10 times or more last night. Yup! The song is really that great!

Dead End by Loud as Light

May 25, 2011

These days...

Apparently this is an old TV commercial, but I saw/heard it for the first time yesterday. Normally I loathe TV commercials, but I did notice this one, as I immediately recognized the song featured in it (the wonderful These Days by People Press Play). Not going to discuss whether or not it’s okay/a good idea that artists sell their music to TV commercials (instead one could perhaps start discussing whether or not the commercial is a rip off?), but undoubtedly the band has earned multiple times more money this way than through concerts, downloads etc. And since the song is getting some much deserved TV exposure as well, I guess you could say that this a classic win-win situation?

Panda gigante...

So after all I’ve ended up coming to terms with not going to NYC Popfest. Next in line is accepting that I won’t be going to Indietracks either. Although the Indietracks line-up doesn’t make me drool the way it's done previous years, there will still be plenty of interesting artists performing; and probably a few gems to unearth as well. Among the unknown acts to me (prior to checking the line-up) is Papa Topo, which is described asnothing less than a phenomenon”. Apparently I'm the only one who had never heard of them, as I was surprised to learn that they have built up quite a fanbase (6,244 fans at Facebook is a rather decent number). And the one track I’ve heard so far, Oso Panda, is actually a nice little pop song. Make that 6,245 fans!
+ Papa Topo - Oso Panda

I’ve never jumped the Bon Iver bandwagon, but new track Calgary is bloody marvelous!
+ Calgary

Another track on heavy rotation when sitting behind the screen wasting my time at work is the perfect new single Skyll på mig by De Montevert.
+ Skyll på mig

In a Facebook update yesterday Blue Foundation revealed that the band has just finished recording and mixing a new song with Jonas Bjerre of Mew. I'll be hard pressed to think of a more perfect match, as the voice of Jonas should fit superbly in the musical universe of Blue Foundation.
+ Stuck In A Hard Place (Reworked)
+ Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)


Here’s one more video of Days performing a song at NYC Popfest. Since it’s an unreleased track, perhaps there is an outside chance of the band returning to writing and recording new material? Who knows? But wouldn't it be sweet?

NYC Popfest 2011: Days performs All Weekend at Santos, NYC from

May 24, 2011


Watch Days' live performance of their glorious pop song Downhill at NYC popfest. Now that you're back together playing live again, isn't it about time that you guys start recording new material as well? Believe it would be much appreciated by quite a few people!

+ Downhill
+ Simple Thing
+ Never Came To Last

More poetry from Helsinki...

Here's the video for the Helsinki Poetry track Manchester, which is also included on the EP I mentioned earlier today...


Helsinki Poetry...

Feels like they've been recording forever, but the self-titled Helsinki Poetry debut EP is finally available; free to download for the sweet price of a Facebook post. All 4 tracks are named after cities, which somehow seems quite appropriate, when taking the band name into consideration. The songs are dreamy, somewhat noisy, somewhat shoegazey, somewhat…I really don’t know what they are. But I know I’m really enjoying all of them!

The band consists of Rune and Ebbe; the later used to be in old favorites EPO-555.

Helsinki Poetry - Phoenix

May 23, 2011

Size 43...

Download a free remix of Entakt's Størrelse 43. More news on/from the band real soon...

  Entakt - Størrelse 43 (SFF VMS remix) by jonasvillumsen

Rainbow girl...

Glasvegas has remixed Giana Factory's Rainbow Girl and gives away the remix (or "remake" as they call it) for free. Aside from being an interesting constellation the excitement fades quickly once you listen to it. Being my usual grumpy self, I recommend you check out the original version instead.

Giana Factory - Rainbow Girl (Glasvegas remake) by charmfactory

Rainbow Girl - Radio Edit by Giana Factory

Or perhaps even better; this fine version recorded at/for X Sessions.

+ Rainbow Girl (X Sessions)

May 22, 2011


Without any doubts the greatest song ever with Sunday in the title...

May 19, 2011

Anyone remember this band...?

Just had a shower and for some unknown reason I started singing this one. No idea why, because it's probably been 20 years since the last time I heard it...still a pretty good song though!

Love and Money - Halleluiah man

No blood...

Apparently former Green Concorde frontman Morten Espersen Dam is no longer a part of No Blood In Bones. Always sad/frustrating to see a talented band split up/fall apart, though there obviously is an explanation behind this "artistic/creative disagreements". Will be missed, but already looking forward to the next project...whatever that might turn out to be.

 Safeway Out by No Blood In Bones

May 18, 2011

As you walk away...

Sincerely hoping that you’re still following Michael Møller’s A Month of Unrequited Love project? If not, then you missed this wonderful little gem yesterday! Probably the closest we've been so far to anything sounding remotely like moi Caprice?

Michael Møller - As You Walk Away

Oh! check this alternative (and stunningly beautiful) version of the same song.

May 17, 2011

I'd like to build a house...

To help promoting the release of new album Konkylie, When Saints Go Machine shares first single Kelly as a free download.
Kelly by When Saints Go Machine

Danish rock act Knoxville has decided to part ways.
+ The King Is Dead

Next release on Shelflife Records will be/should be the debut EP from Balloon Magic. A perfect match if you ask me (you didn’t…I know), as this band has Sarah Records written all over it. 2 brilliant new recordings are available via SoundCloud and 3 older demo tracks can still be found at BandBase.
+ I'd like to build a house (new track)
+ Fell (oldie)

Don’t know who was responsible, but someone at Facebook posted a link to yesterday’s Amanda Mair post, thus directing loads of traffic this way. Thank you…however you are! To those of you, who still haven’t been introduced to the young lady, I strongly urge you check out the live performance I posted yesterday. If that’s too much of an effort for you, hopefully right clicking the link below and downloading her first single isn’t?
+ House

May 16, 2011

Amanda Mair on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon...

Watch and hear 16 year old Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Mair perform the song Skinnarviksberget live on Swedish TV4. Goosebumps and impossible not to be amazed...


The Radio Dept. – The Video Dept....

J.A. posted this video at Facebook yesterday and at first I thought “hey cool! It’s a new video by The Radio Dept.!” (And you can easily add a few more “cools” to that). However now that I’ve visited the YouTube page (seeing that the number of people who’s been watching is atypically low) and scanned various webpages for information, I doubt that this is actually an official video. But the more I watch it the more I keep thinking that the blurry video suits the distorted sound really well, and thus would be a perfect pick as an official one. So let’s hope it (somehow) catches that band’s attention and gets their approval!

May 15, 2011

May 11, 2011

Keep It From The Baby...

New video from Brooklyn band Overlord. Sorry for the lack of words, but today's chaos...

May 10, 2011

This is the Season...

As promised Saturday...this is the new video from The New Investors. When the song was playlisted by P3 way back in March, the music was described as "Gorillaz, Empire Of The Sun and MGMT mixed with Beatles, Stones and Fleetwood Mac". Perhaps a good idea adding The Beach Boys to that mix?

+ This is the Season

May 9, 2011


Here's a quick one from the mailbox. Nice video (and equally nice song) from US pop/rock act manwomanchild. From the band's self-titled debut album.

May 8, 2011

Michael Møller at Kaffebaren...

Thanks to Thomas for uploading these videos of Michael Møller performing stripped down (and really beautiful) live versions of two of his new songs. Now I'm looking even more forward to the concert on June 1.

May 7, 2011

Saturday night...

The wife’s out and the kids are watching some cartoon. So tonight the computer’s mine. Aaaall mine!

Been really tired today. Two reasons why. Had a few beers in the sun around noon; perhaps one too many. Add to this that I got up at 3 AM this morning to watch the 3rd period of the Red WingsSharks playoff game. I really wanted to watch the game, as there was a huge risk that it could be the Wings’ last of the season. But they won, so there’s at least one more left. Of course it took an hour to fall asleep again once the game was over.

Hope you have made a donation to Michael Møller's A Month Of Unrequited Love project by now? The quality of the songs so far is incredible and today's track is no exception. Looking forward to the concert at Charlottenborg on June 1, where he'll perform all 31 songs (will be lengthy one I guess). Check out a few live videos on Facebook from his performance the other day at Kaffebaren in Copenhagen. Or check back tomorrow and I’ll post them here.

Look out for a new (believe it’s their first) video by Danish band The New Investors on Monday. It’s for the track This Is The Season, which indeed has some of the catchiness that was the trademark sound of Glenn Müller’s previous band Velour.
+ This Is The Season

The Eumig & Chinon remix of Ginger Ninja’s Sunshine suddenly became very popular at Hypem last weekend thanks to this post at It’s one of the (unfortunately) very rare remixes that is not painful listening to.
+ Sunshine (Eumig & Chinon Remix)

Play People will release a new single in June on This Almighty Pop! records called Never Let Me Down. Stream or download the so-called "ukulele version" below.
Never let me down (ukulele version) by playpeople

May 6, 2011

Day off mixtape...

Having the day off, so not sure if I'll be anywhere near a computer today. But I did spent some time yesterday plowing through an insane number of emails to dig up some interesting tunes to keep you entertained today. As always it was quite a rollercoaster ride though the number of “ups” was surprisingly high!

+ Burning Hearts - Into The Wilderness
New EP out June 21 on Shelflife Records. The promo track is really catchy, so "must" check out the entire EP.

+ New Pyjamas - Fishing
No clue how to label this, but I do think it's quite interesting. Hiding behind the alias is a 20 new old dude who "gets inspired by the greats who have become before me".

+ Hello Vegas - No One Knows
According the band they make "music you can swim to". Never thought much about what that kind music sounds like, but pretty good apparently?

+ Amanda Mair - House
This 16 year old (and obviously very talented) Kate Bush "clone" has just been signed by Labrador Records.

+ Hey Champ - Anything At All
Catchy electro-pop. No more words needed. Really!

+ Sam Roberts Band - Longitude
Yet another catchy one; this one features Elizabeth Powell (who?) of Land of Talk (who? they are from Canada apparently) on vocal!

May 5, 2011

A Month of Unrequited Love - part II...

If you (like I am) are impressed by the quality of the A Month Of Unrequited Love project and hoping for a physical release, the time has now come to help the project make the next level by making a donation. There are a few different options (I picked the “everything” one), but no matter which one you choose I’m confident it will be worth your time, effort and (!) money…
Michael Møller - The Birth of a Song

Michael Møller - Where the Wind Blows 

May 4, 2011

Good vs. bad...

The Big Pink - Dominos (+ MP3)

Bad...really, seriously awful! I really hate hip-hop, rap or whatever they call this genre. And I see absolutely no point in sampling a pretty all right song and then abuse it like this!
 Nicki Minaj - Girls Fall Like Dominoes

May 3, 2011

On the radio this morning

Know I've posted it before, but the song is immensely cool, so great learning that it has been playlisted.

Jonathan Johansson - Blommorna

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

May 2, 2011

Into the pavement...

Posting this makes me feel quite like an ignorant, but shame on me for completely having ignored the free to download Bound EP by Turboweekend, which the band put out last year. The other day my wife heard the track Into The Pavement (featuring Casper Clausen of Efterklang) on the radio and told me I should give it a listen. I (almost) always follow orders, so now I have; which doesn’t make me feel less like an ignorant! D'oh!

May 1, 2011

The Birth of a Song...

This is the opening track from Michael Møller's A Month of Unrequited Love project. I promise that I won't post every single of the 31 tracks, but if the remaining 30 tracks are as wonderful as this one, I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep my promise! What a start!
Michael Møller - The Birth of a Song