March 31, 2011

RAC vs. Peter Bjorn & John...

Impossible to tell how many times (∞) I’ve whined about how much I hate remixes. But why this hatred you ask? Two reasons really. First of all; it’s pure torture listening to 99.99% of them as they are just plain bad. Second; I’ve never been and never will be a fan of mediocre stuff cluttering my inbox. However (and thankfully) one exemption exists. Should you happen to be the lone music interested soul on the planet, who has yet to be introduced to the miracles of Mr. Anjos and his RAC remixes; this is your chance. Unlike most other remixers, who usually end up with something bearing no or very little resemblance to the original version, he instead (as I hear it) tries to make the songs sound like they would have, had he been in charge of the production. Thus trying to create something that is not complete torture and a waste of time, which more often than not has led to rather amazing versions sounding friendlier, happier, more danceable and even better than the original. Stream (or download) his brilliant new remix of Peter Bjorn & John’s Second Chance below as well as the (almost as) brilliant original. And of course there's a truckload of other remixes to grab from Soundcloud and the RAC webpage.

Peter Bjorn & John - Second Chance (RAC Mix) by RAC

Peter, Bjorn & John - Second Chance by Posh Magazine


Beautiful new video by Stars for the equally beautiful single Changes (taken from the album The Five Ghosts). Be warned! If you don't like nudity then skip this one!

Changes (Uncensored) from Stars on Vimeo.

March 30, 2011

Bob the doggie...

New single Popsång (Mot Min Vilja) by Sweden’s Bob Hund has yet to win me over, but the video for it is absolutely hilarious and sure worth watching. The band will be at Vega tomorrow night.


Brand new video by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart for the single Heart In Your Heartbreak. Certainly looks as if they had great fun shooting it!

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Heart In Your Heartbreak

Psst…I’ve said this before, but it’s sure worth repeating. Belong is a bloody brilliant album!

March 29, 2011

Acid House Kings on TV...part deux...

Watch Acid House Kings perform Under Water (in case you're wondering that's the name of the song, not the band actually performing the song under water) live on Swedish TV4 Nyhetsmorgon. Not sure what's been holding me back, but it's time to order the!


This and that...

Spent the entire Friday afternoon (where I was supposed to be working) checking promo mails. Regulars should recall the number of times (and they are quite a few) I’ve whined about this, but nonetheless the quality was worse than ever. These were the only slightly decent songs I came across (just to be fair - they are actually a lot better than "slightly decent").
+ CommunipawTwinkle
+ Fan ModineJulu Road

I’m probably not the only one who’s been waiting for this? Arcade Fire will be a Ballerup Super Arena (just outside Copenhagen) on August 27. Tickets go on sale on Friday.
+ Wake Up
+ Keep The Car Running
+ No Cars Go

Also listened to The Good, the Bad & the Queen (positively surprised how brilliant it was) plus (one of my all-time favorites) Architecture & Morality yesterday. Crossing two more albums off the list!

More to come…I hope…

March 25, 2011


Stream Architecture in Helsinki's cover of Cut Copy’s Need You Now. Prefer the uptempo 80’s pop inspired sound of the original (stream that one below as well), but still think this rendition is pretty amazing (especially the vocals are erringly similar to the original, unless of course they’ve just sampled them– don’t know shit about these things!). Check it out!

Need You Now (Architecture in Helsinki Version) by cutcopymusic

Need You Now by cutcopymusic

March 24, 2011


Tried to listen to the new Glasvegas album Euphoric Heartbreak yesterday, but got so bored that I gave up half way through!

Unlike the abovementioned album the new album Raven in the Grave by The Raveonettes sounds very promising after just one listen.
+ Forget That You're Young

Frank (my favorite music blogger) wasn’t exactly impressed by Oh Land’s showcase at SXSW.
+ Sun of a Gun

The Entakt concert tonight in Aarhus is cancelled due to illness.

Once again sorry to all of you mailing and never getting a reply, a blog mention, anything!

Scottish indie poppers The Felt Tips will be at Huset on May 5.
Treat Me Gently

Really want to post how badly Myspace sucks, but I guess everyone knows that already?

Not sure what to make of this super short video by Junica, but the little music featured in it sure sounds great!

The moonlit sea...

Danish duo No Blood In Bones has been pretty quiet since they released their debut EP exactly one year ago. But now they are back sharing a new track (and video) called The Moonlit Sea. It’s gorgeous, grand, haunting etc. and really, really cool!

"The video is made with no rights reserved footage from Hans Richter's: Filmstudie from 1925 & Ghost Before Breakfast (Vormittagsspuk) from 1928".

The Moonlit Sea from No Blood In Bones on Vimeo.

+ The Moonlit Sea

March 23, 2011

She Wants Revenge - Must Be the One...

Brand new video...really looking forward to Valleyheart!


P3 has picked new single Kelly by When Saints Go Machine as this week's "unavoidable track" (ugens uundgåelige). Like it though it needed a few listens to grow on me...


Here’s another really interesting band to check out. Architecture origins from Chicago and band member Rebecca is also a member of Panda Riot. According to their twitter profile they play "organic electronic folk-pop" as well as they "like to make sad and pretty thing". Whatever they opt to call it, this is good stuff! An EP named When We Are Young will be out on April 9.

tomorrow by architecture!


This has to be the ultimate way to begin a new day! Open the computer and totally unexpected; there’s a brand new track by a brand new act completely blowing you away. Living in my House is the first single by Junica; the new project of Nik Brinkman of Psychic Powers. More dance, more umptempo pop than Psychic Powers, but equally impressive!

March 22, 2011


My back is killing me (again), so having all kind of difficulties staying focused today. Be it work; be it blogging; be it life in general. So here are two quick ones to keep you entertained…

Italian post-rockers/shoegazers Murnau offers their debut album L' Angelo Memore as a free download, while we’re awaiting the bands sophomore release.
 + Il sentimento di eva
+ L' Angelo Memore (album)

The “king” of promo mails strikes again. Swedish one-man project Mono Noir has mailed this nice new track.
+ We All Need

Crossing my fingers that things will get better...soon...

March 21, 2011

Sad song...

Anyone remember The Cars? Apparently they're back and sounding a whole lot better than I expected (feared)!

Entakt + Altmodisch + Friday night...

A very blurry mobile shot from Friday night’s Entakt/Altmodisch concert. As always I forgot to bring my camera, but the band in the pic is Entakt in case you’re not familiar with either. I enjoyed both acts immensely and I’m pretty sure that the 10-15 other people showing up did the same. This was my first ever visit to Forbrændingen (and hopefully not my last) and despite being a really cool venue its location in the outer suburbs of Copenhagen seems to make it rather difficult to attract visitors. Although the fact that it was two rather unestablished names performing probably had more to do with Friday night’s poor attendance rather than the location itself? But both bands coped with it and delivered real fine performances. Once again I was reminded that I even though I tend to think otherwise, Entakt is a rock band and enjoys playing their music loud (luckily I didn’t forget my earplugs). My only complaint should be that the setlist lacked more than a handful of my personal favorites, but since the band has more than four albums worth of music to choose from, I guess this will always be the case? The indietronica universe, to which Altmodisch belongs, has never really appealed to me (I happily admit that), but I stayed open-minded and (as stated previously) really enjoyed what I heard (and saw). So summed up it was an evening well-spent! The bands are on a small tour together and next stop will be at Huset on April 7.
+ Entakt - [Vinterbrud]
+ Entakt - Kunsten At Slippe Taget

 The night i cant recall by Altmodisch

La bella vita...

Swedish duo Det Vackra Livet has premiered a video for their debut single Viljan. Read my thoughts on the track here.

+ Viljan

On the radio this morning...

Note to self; Make Acthung Baby the next album you clear from the 1,001 albums you must hear before you die list...

 Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

March 18, 2011

Would you stop a penguin...?

Time to leave the bad stuff behind, so here's the wonderful new video by Acid House Kings for their absolutely wonderful single Would You Say Stop? Pop music just doesn't get much better than this!

+ Would You Say Stop?

memories fade but the scars still linger...

Yesterday was bad; in far too many ways. Wanted to write about it, but who really wants to read depressive shit? Personally I’m all right, but hate so much being a witness to things falling apart. I probably ought to be old enough to understand this by now, but I've always thought that life was all about being happy together; not hurting each other! Mad world? Fucked up world if you ask me!
+ bakers at dawnmad world (Tears For Fears cover)

March 16, 2011

I Am Noxious...

As always I’m a few steps behind here. Danish one-man project I Am Noxious created a small buzz last year with a cover of Black Eyed PeasI Gotta Feeling, yet it slipped completely under my radar. But recently Danish radio has given new single, the real catchy electronic pop piece Flashback Tears, some airplay thus finally bringing the project to my attention. Calling it a “project”, as the only thing revealed about I Am Noxious is that it’s run by someone calling himself Mr. T. There are some rumors of course, about who’s hiding behind the alias, but cannot say I’m paying much attention to those; as I prefer making up my own! Not this time though…noone's gonna believe it's Thom Yorke anyway!

Watch it:

Flashback Tears from I Am Noxious on Vimeo.

Stream it:
Flashback Tears (Single Edit) by I Am Noxious

Stream or download the Black Eyed Peas cover:
I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas Cover) by I Am Noxious


Psychic Powers has announced that the band’s stunning debut Infinity will see a physical release on CD via Dryden St. (yay!). No information available on when it's out and how to order it…yet!
+ Brighter
+ Glide

The drooling continues. Check this excellent (and rather classic indie pop) track by Persian Rugs; another band performing at NYC Popfest in May. In May as well the band's debut (?) single Always All will be out on 7" vinyl via Cloudberry Records.
+ Always All

Posted new track 1987 by Starring Me the other day, but what I didn’t know back then was that an album seems to be in the making. I recommend that you follow the band on Facebook and stay informed, instead of relying on my most unreliable updates.
+ 1987

Warpaint shares this remix of Undertow. Pretty weak, isn’t it? But at least it provides me with the opportunity to post the epic original version.
+ Undertow (Javelin Remix)
+ Undertow

March 15, 2011


The number of SXSW related mails in my mailbox has now reached 495. The whole world is in Austin; I’m not (insert pouting smiley).

My small quest to actually listen to the 1,001 albums you must hear before you die continues, and the train ride yesterday (to Roskilde; back and forth) was sweetened by Low-Life, Marquee Moon, Everything Must Go and The Queen Is Dead. Have lost count already, but at least another 970 albums left to explore!

Stream new track Must Be The One by She Wants Revenge. Not sure what to think of it as I prefer the darker sound on previous track Take The World rather than this U2 inspired stadium-rock sound. Taken from forthcoming album Valleyheart which hits the streets on May 24.
Must Be The One by She Wants Revenge

Feel free to insert another pouting smiley if you like. As happy I am to learn that Days are still around, I'm equally frustrated to learn that the band's next (only?) performance will be at NYC Popfest in May. Check the line-up and start drooling. How I wish I was going!
+ Simple Thing
+ Downhill

March 14, 2011

On the iPod this morning...

I listened to Low-Life; one of my all-time favorite albums. In Roskilde (again) today, so no more updates...

March 12, 2011

Saturday shorts...

Starring Me shares great new track 1987.
+ 1987

Mailbox trivia: Have 4,507 mails in my inbox. 3,722 are unread. A search for “SXSW” creates 447 hits.

MP3hugger posted the glorious Facing the Sun by Treefight for Sunlight yesterday. Grab it!

Mono Noir mailed what has to be labeled “the best promo mail ever”! No! Won't share the contents, but it certainly caught my attention (no money was involved)!
+ Lost Souls

Socio Peruvian pop musician Francois Peglau shares new track Dubai.
+ Dubai

Downloaded my advanced copy of The BlueflowersIn Line With The Broken-Hearted yesterday. Soooooooo nice!

March 10, 2011

Darkness Falls...

Thanks to Peter for the heads up on this new and highly interesting Danish band called Darkness Falls. I’m a bit puzzled why I haven’t heard about the band (or the song), as the track was the 7th most played track on P3 last week? Taken from the band's just about to be released debut EP (hate namedropping, but it probably deserves to be mentioned that it was produced by Trentemøller).

Darkness Falls - Hey! by alarmmusic

March 9, 2011

Sister Mary says...take the world...

She Wants Revenge shares this bunch of dubious remixes of recent (and absolutely fabulous) single Take The World (which is still available for the price of an email).
She Wants Revenge - Take The World - Remixes by She Wants Revenge

Now that OMD is about to play SXSW it’s finally possible to get a legal promo track from the band’s History of Modern comeback album. Would have been great had it been available at the time of the album's release! But all good things come to those who wait, I suppose! On a side note, I’m still surprised how much I’ve enjoyed (and still am enjoying) the album.
+ Sister Mary Says

March 8, 2011

Recharge & revolt...

It’s always thrilling to hear news from The Raveonettes. But after a few listens opening track Recharge & Revolt from forthcoming album Raven in the Grave is a slight disappointment. Oh yes; in every way it does sound like The Raveonettes, but the track is extremely monotonous (though I do like those distorted guitars) and for 6 minutes you’re waiting (in vain as it turns out) for the chorus to kick in. But as always; need to listen to it more times and of course hear it as part of the album.

And here's another new track... War In Heaven by theraveonettes

and of course; don't forget to download this one:
+ Forget That You're Young

March 5, 2011

California wives in Tokyo...?

I still think California Wives is a stupid band name, but who honestly gives a toss when the band’s music is downright brilliant? I posted the super catchy Purple (which I described as an indie-pop-post-punk-new-wave (somewhere in-between) song) some months ago and the band’s recent track Tokyo is an equally infectious synth-indie-new-wave-pop-whatever kind of thing. Yet another added to the list of great new bands to keep an eye on!
+ Tokyo
+ Purple

March 4, 2011


Tempomatador (if you have no clue who they are; check this post) shares a couple of new demos. Indeed they have a quite demoish sound (and the lyrics are said to be pure nonsense), but nonetheless they are really nice.

Ny puls demo by tempomatador
  Vender mig og glemmer dig by tempomatador


Boston quartet (or is it a sextet now? - let's stick to calling them "band" instead) Breakfast of Champions shares fine new single Reservoir via bandcamp. Being a more straightforward uptempo pop/rock tune (with a nice little brass), it bears no or very little resemblance to the melancholic beauty London Fashion, which I enjoyed immensely when stumbling upon it in November last year. But despite taking a different path, Reservoir has no problem whatsoever holding its own. Though I still don't think they sound like The National.
+ Reservoir

March 3, 2011


The incredibly talented (and very generous) High Highs offers brand new track Horses as free download. Great, beautiful, wonderful...go ahead and use whatever superlative you can possibly think of (and you still won't do the song justice). Despite being only a handful of songs old this band (in my opinion of course) has to be one of the most gifted and interesting newcomers in recent memory.
+ Horses

Change of seasons...

Just wish that this would happen a little more often. Picking a random mail, downloading the promo track and being swept off your feet. It has occurred before - I know. But not nearly as often as I’d like it to! To cut a long story short; Change of Seasons by Canada’s Sweet Thing is as happy, catchy and wonderful a pop song as you’ll ever hear and is bound to put a smile on your face. At first I thought the video was a bit bizarre (the first 30 seconds especially), but after paying (just a little) attention to the lyrics, it actually all makes sense.
+ Change of Seasons

SWEET THING "Change of Seasons" directed by Michael Maxxis from Vision Entertainment on Vimeo.

March 2, 2011

Sparks and flames...

Two quick thoughts on last night’s concert; it wasn’t a waste of time, but still plenty of work left before White Lies becomes a great live act. So don’t expect to see me queuing outside the ticket office to get tickets for their next tour. And despite my recent approval, the songs on Ritual are beyond doubt weaker than the ones on the debut, as the concert reached a completely different level (Bigger Than Us aside), when the band performed songs from To lose My Life.

Bumped into Tobias of Death Valley Sleepers at the concert and had a (real) quick chat. I obviously wanted news on the band’s debut album and it sounds like it’s imminent…
+ Black Pearl

Check this new track Every Spark Deserves A Flame by Danish synth-rock trio tung_nem. I’ve featured the band a number of times and it’s beyond me how they stay unnoticed.
Every Spark Deserves A Flame by tung_nem

Have to catch Sleep Party People live someday soon. Has to be an absolutely mind-blowing experience watching five “rabbits” performing music? Here's a live version of brand new (maybe even unfinished?) track We Were Drifting On A Sad Song.

March 1, 2011


…I’m going to see White Lies at KB-Hallen in Copenhagen (the blurry picture was taken by me when I saw the band at Lille Vega almost exactly two years ago). Me and some friends bought tickets for the concert before the release of Ritual (expecting the concert to sell out in an instant, which it surprisingly hasn't), but after hearing the album my expectations for the concert have been fairly modest, as my react was that the album paled compared to the debut (with every single track being significantly weaker than any of the debut). Or rather so I thought, as intensive listening the past few days has made me somewhat change my opinion. Not that I’m completely won over yet, but it sure has far more to offer than I original thought. So should be a good night, tonight...after all!
+ Death (Crystal Castles Remix)