June 24, 2011

Music and holiday...

Holiday is coming up and for the next week I won’t have any access to a computer. So this will be the last post for a while.

Plenty of music to post is piling up, so stick around for few words, but loads of music!

Pallers premiered ace new track Come Rain, Come Sunshine yesterday over at Spinner.
Pallers - Come Rain, Come Sunshine

+ Falling Andes - San Francisco
MGMT meets Bee Gees?

+ Expo - I Don't Mind
Super catchy electro pop track recommended by (no surprise?) J.A.

Quite frustrating, but have to do some real life work as well...will be back with more in a while!

+ The Fire Apes - Hey Kate!
This uptempo indie rock track will (or at least ought to) make your feet start tapping.

+ Psychic Babble - Five Fold Kiss (Don't Sleep)
Nice, dreamy electro pop tune.

+ Matt The Electrician - All I Know
Last one for today. Is it OK to call this folk pop?

June 23, 2011

The dream...

The sixth and last song from the forthcoming Junica EP is now up for streaming at SoundCloud. EP of the year?

The Dream by junica

Creatures in the sea...

Check the new video from Danish singer/songwriter Jacob Faurholt for the track Creatures in the Sea; the first single from his forthcoming album Dark Hours (out mid-August). Laid-back, beautiful, atmospheric etc., or basically everything you expect and hope for when "dealing" with this genre. The track features Sóley of Seabear on vocals and piano. The song is free to download via bandcamp in exchange for your email address.

Creatures in the Sea from Jacob Faurholt.

June 22, 2011

Just so...

In Roskilde today (and supposed to be working)...but somewhere in the house at radio is playing and at this very moment this one is on...

June 21, 2011


Was away from the computer Friday to Monday to time to do a little ”catching up”.

Sad to hear about the passing of Gustaf Kjellvander. R.I.P.
+ The Fine Arts Showcase - Brother In Black

On a more happy note. Enough money has been donated to finance the release of A Month Of Unrequited Love on double CD and triple vinyl.
Michael Møller - The Birth of a Song

Boxstr.net continues to refuse to cooperate so cannot upload anything. And downloading is pretty slow as well!

Entakt gives away the 5 tracks that originally were intended to be released as an EP entitled Stolpe Ud.
+ El Clásico

Just found this nice track by The Demos in the mailbox. Taken from the band’s Lovely album.
+ Meet At Night

Under Water...

Sweet new video from Acid House Kings sharing childhood memories.

June 16, 2011

Girls tell you secrets...

I never got around to posting anything about Michael Møller’s performance at Charlottenborg (lack superlatives to describe the whole thing I guess), so here’s a picture instead. Had a pretty good seat me thinks!

Finns Delay Trees shares a third track from their self-titled debut album. Tarantula/Holding On differs quite a lot from the guitar pop sound of the two previous promo tracks, but absolutely brilliant nonetheless.
+ Tarantula/Holding On
+ About Brothers
+ Cassette 2012

Speaking of guitar pop. Check this track by Very Truly Yours from the band's forthcoming 7" single (to be released by Cloudberry Records).
+ Girls Tell You Secrets

Junica has posted this new track for streaming at SoundCloudWith the added news that an EP will be out at the end of the month!
Behind My Back by junica

Silver splits the blue...

Play People shares their energetic, charming and wonderful cover version of Aztec Camera's equally wonderful Somewhere In My Heart.

Somewhere in my heart by play people

June 15, 2011

On the iPod and...

on the radio this morning. Inspired by listening to Graceland twice I "had" to give the entire The Good Life album a spin as well.

June 14, 2011

Alcohol Kisses...

Champagne Riot has uploaded a brand new (demo) track. It's quite catchy and has that "typical" Champagne Riot sound (if such a thing exists?)!
 Alcohol Kisses (demo) by CHAMPAGNE RIOT

Knowing Me, Knowing You...

The girls back home have (admittedly a bit late) been hit by the Mamma Mia craze and are watching the movie over and over as well as constantly spinning Abba on the stereo. So yesterday when driving down to visit the mother of the commander-in-chief, we (as always) listened to Arrival in the car. And when we reach track 5 my thoughts (as always) begin to wander back to the days of vinyl, staying up late in the weekends listening to the radio, because that was the only way you’d ever hear of new and upcoming bands. One of the bands I recall being introduced to this way was Danny Wilson, which sadly decided to break up in 1991 after releasing one smash hit single (that of course being Mary’s Prayer) and two fairly successful albums. Following the split the band released a double CD compilation called Sweet Danny Wilson, which included A- + B-sides, live recordings, cover versions etc. Now what has this got to do with Abba you may rightfully ask? Well; included on the compilation was a wonderful live recording of Knowing Me, Knowing You (which I always refer to as the best cover version recorded of any song...ever) and every time we’ve listened to Arrival, I have promised myself that it’s time to dust off sweet old Sweet Danny Wilson and give the cover a listen. Yesterday I finally did and 20 years on it’s still absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately no live clip seems to exist of the live performance, but this YouTube photo montage does, so that will have to do. Hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless!

June 10, 2011

Thank you...Entakt...and goodbye...

One of my favorite Danish bands Entakt has decided that time has come to throw in the towel. But as sad as it may be, it’s hardly surprising, as I know that the decision had been brewing for a while. Unfulfilled potential is probably what will come to mind when I someday decide to dissect my memories of the band, as I’ve always felt they were so close to writing the perfect song and only a sniff away from a major breakthrough. And in the end I guess this was exactly what drove the band to the sad but inevitable decision; A lot of hard work and very little to show for it. As well as constantly having to live with the pressure of trying to keep the ship afloat. So time came for the band members to shake things up, start over and move on into a world without Entakt. And I doubt it's going to be a problem. Front man (guitarist, songwriter, producer etc.) Jonas Villumsen has previously published a number of solo tracks and I’m told that more songs are on the way. Guitarist (and songwriter and producer and etc.) Kristian Martinsen is busy writing songs with (and producing for) other artists and I’m pretty confident that will hear something from the other band members in the future as well. So thanks for the ride guys; it was a pleasure!…
+ Kunsten at Slippe Taget
+ Vinterbrud
+ Orkestret med det blotlagte skelet
+ Jonas Villumsen - Piteraq (20 Blaa Celcius)
+ La Volumes Jinns - Barcelona Or Anywhere But Here


New Zeeland one-man project Junica, which rapidly is turning into one of my favorite new acts, continues to produce stunningly brilliant songs. And newly published track Oceans, being a wonderful dreamy and electronic beauty, is nothing but. Unfortunately information on the project remains sparse, so I really have no idea where this is supposed to lead to. Some kind of official release would obviously be great. Somewhere to download the songs, along the way as they are released, would be pretty great too! But for now the four tracks produced so far are only available for streaming (via SoundCloud)…

Oceans by junica

Stay by junica

The Wrong House by junica

 Living In My House by junica

June 7, 2011

Free downloads...

Just some songs found in the mailbox today...and of course I'm only posting the good ones. The bad ones (and unfortunately that's the majority) are in the trash can...

+ Vanessa Carlton - Caroussel
+ Spring Skier - Chelsea
+ Ringo Deathstarr - So High
+ Fonda - Better Days
+ The Wandas - Forever and Ever
+ Burning Codes -We Are Like Gold

The sun...

Summer and nice charming pop tunes are perfect fits. Unfortunately it's a bit greyish today, so probably should have posted it yesterday instead? Download the song in exchange of your email address...

June 6, 2011


J.A. calls Personal the Greek answer to White Lies. Musically there are indeed plenty of similarities, although the vocals on Prayer (what I believe is the only track available so far) are somewhat weak. But definitely something to keep an eye out for!

+ Prayer

June 3, 2011


Having the day off so just a short post to share my excitement over the new Junica song.

  Stay by junica

June 1, 2011

A Month of Unrequited Love...

Won’t blame you if you’re fed up hearing about Michael Møller by now, but I promise that this will be the second to last post on his A Month of Unrequited Love project. May is over and thus ended the project yesterday. Tonight Mr. Møller (with or without band - I don't know) will perform all 31 songs live at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen and unless the whole thing suddenly catches fire and the world demands an extended tour, this will be the only performance of its kind. Call it a once in a lifetime opportunity or call it whatever you like. I’ll be there and hopefully lots of others will as well. Starts at 6 pm and the admission is free.

Michael Møller - The Birth of a Song 

Michael Møller - Where the Wind Blows
Michael Møller - As You Walk Away

Cassette 2012...

New video from Delay Trees. Self-titled debut album was released last month on Friendly Fire Recordings!

+ Cassette 2012

On the radio this morning...

What a terrible, terrible band name Swedish House Mafia is. But Save The World is a really nice, catchy dance pop tune, so I guess I can live with the name...?As always I've been living under a rock or something, because the band has close to one billion fans on Facebook. So hardly new stuff this and probably something that most people are tired of already...