May 30, 2008


Now that I’ve started it, I might as well continue this thread. Unless some meteorological phenomenon occurs, May will indeed end up as the sunniest month in Denmark since 1920.

So far today I’ve done something quite unusual! I’ve been working, as I have some stuff I need to prepare for a meeting next week. I will however do my utmost to secure that this doesn’t turn into a nasty habit!

However I did found some time to love tag a few tracks over at Hype Machine and I think it’s the coolest feature that the tracks you stream over there ends up on your Last.Fm profile.

Chris is all animated in this week’s Flashback Friday post. Know what? Take On Me was a monster hit way back when I dated my first girlfriend! Old geezer.

If you happen to be in Copenhagen on the evening of June 10 (it's a Tuesday) and of course happen to like the music of ENTAKT, the band will be playing a free live concert at Trinitatis Kirke (that's Church in Danish in case you were wondering).
+ [Vinterbrud]

Rarely has a band name fitted the music so well as the name of Japanese duo Love Psychedelico.
+ Standing Bird

On the radio this morning...

They do actually play this kind of stuff on the radio in Denmark.

Every morning when eating breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are an attempt to make your start a good one as well!

May 29, 2008

Mixed bag...

And the sun continues to shine.

Letters Have No Arms
has been added to the blogroll. Found this fine blog last night when I was searching for a Fleet Foxes track.

Speaking of Fleet Foxes. There are a lot of bands not worth the hype, but in this case I have no problems understanding why the expectations are so high. So I've just ordered the debut album, which will be out next week on Sub Pop (where else?).
+ White Winter Hymnal

Thobay of The Floor Is Made Of Lava was injured in a freak accident last week.

Not much info can be found on L.A. new wave/electronic band Antique Toys, but instead I guess they have decided to let the music do the talking. 6 tracks from Demo C (I assume this means that this is their third demo session?) are free downloads at Myspace, and so far I've had a great time listening my way to this appealing and catchy bunch of 80's/early 90's/somewhat gothic inspired songs. And now it would be really great, if I could find out where to get Demo A & B (once again assuming those recordings actually exist). Standout tracks are the lovely and dreamy Am I Alone? and the haunting cover of the Concrete Blonde track Joey (check the column to the right for that one).
+ Capture
+ Am I Alone?

May 28, 2008

Another Sunny Day...

No. No. Today's headline is not a reference to that legendary 80's band of the same name, but instead to the fact that the month of May is very close to beating the record as the sunniest month in Denmark since 1920.

Like everyone else, I've just tried to download the new Sigur Rós track Gobbledigook. But since everyone else still seems to be trying to download it, I just receive some nice little error message. Will have to track it down via some blog instead I guess. Btw. Anyone remembers this dialogue from Blackadder goes forth?
Edmund: Yes you did. To tell me some gobbledygook about having a lion up your bottom.
Melchett: Umm...I thought it's the old communications problem again. Stand easy. Action on this is imperative; take that down, Darling.
Darling: Yes, Sir.
Melchett: Also, write down "gobbledygook". I like that word; I want to use it more often in conversation.

And to make the sun shine even brighter, I've received some info on the new Ed Harcourt album. To be called Beautiful Lie and will be out on Tuesday June 3 in the US. First single Revolution In The Heart sounds quite promising and I've just requested a copy of the album for further "investigations". Will get back to you on this one.
+ Revolution In The Heart

To celebrate their forthcoming UK tour, US duo The Ropes are giving away a free download of the old but excellent single Kill Her Off.
+ Kill Her Off

I'm currently streaming a few of the tracks posted by the Lost In The '80s blog. Another setimental sobbing trip down the bricks on memory lane!

Danish indie rock act Munich will release their debut album Those Who Dare on Bad Taste Records on June 16. Eagerly awaited.
+ The Young Ones

May 27, 2008

The sun is shining...

The weather is really lovely today, and a few minutes ago a couple of dogs were barking outside my open office window, which immediately made me think of this one - grrrr woof woof...

UK pop combo Play People (I seriously have no clue who’s hiding behind this alias) has uploaded a third freebie to Myspace. A bit slow paced compared to the previous ones, but still impressively catchy.
+ She Knew

This has already been reported several times (by other blogs), but still worth repeating that the new album by The Radio Dept. will be out September 10. To be called Clinging to a Scheme.
+ Freddie and the Trojan Horse (order the single)

May 26, 2008


Seems like a new album by Celestial will be released this summer/autumn. Stream an early demo version of new track The Summer's First Kiss at Myspace.

Yesterday's track by One Weekly Gun makes it 20 new songs this year. Amazing!
+ Ode to Old

Russia won the Eurovision Song Contest Saturday evening/night, but does anyone really care?

Via It's A Trap - download the new single Five Minute Dream by Like Honey for free. Almost as appealing as one of the band's previous efforts the outstanding Airport, which must be among the best track no one's ever heard of!
+ Five Minute Dream
+ Airport

Ruined By Martin is one of the feature artists in this week's edition of P3's Karrierekanonen (please go there and help the boys by voting for them).
+ Defy The Odds

French electro/club act Heyday is giving away their remix of the Lightspeed Champion track Everyone I Know is listening to crunk.
+ Everyone I Know is listening to crunk (Heyday remix)

May 23, 2008

Friday Evening...

Now what? The wife's in Germany, The Kids are sleeping, I've just spent half an hour doing pushups and sit ups as well as a few other exercises to help strengthening my ailing back, I've had a shower and have now poured myself a nice glass of beer. So what are my options tonight? I guess I could either:
a) Waste 90 minutes and watch the The Wedding Planner on TV
b) Listen to some music.

To be quite frank the first option is nothing I'd ever seriously consider doing, as I don't feel like I have 90 minutes to waste on some pointless Hollywood junk. So music it will be and since I have 1,000+ mails in my inbox, odds are (or should be) pretty decent that something will catch my attention.

Somehow I've completely missed that Danish melancholic rock quartet Skywriter uploaded a new track called Rewind earlier this year. Well - I assume it's a new track as it wasn't included on the debut Where Both Worlds Never Meet. Nick Cave meets Interpol? Craving Utopia, the first track from the forthcoming album (release date?), is still worth a listen!
+ Rewind
+ Craving Utopia

J.A. recommends Every Minute Is OK by Russian electro pop act Punk TV. No innovation of any kind here, but still it's absolutely irresistible with its pounding rhythms and catchy melody.
+ Every Minute Is OK

Copenhagen duo Feet Don't Fail Me is currently looking for a guitarist and a bassist, so if you want to be a rock star, this could be your chance! Interesting indie rock is on the menu, so why not give it a shot?
+ Out of Control

The last one tonight is this slow-paced and atmospheric beauty by Swedish one man project Sinking Slow. Another lovely gem brought to us by J.A.
+ Dark Song

This and that…

Silence Is A Rhythm Too posted the 12” version of Love Like Blood by Killing Joke a couple of days ago. …Blood was one of the anthems of my teenage years and to me it still ranks as one of the best and most haunting tracks ever.

I know that American Idiot is nearly 4 years old, but it’s been my most listened to album the past week. And it still blows me away.
+ American Idiot (found via)

Yesterday I received a promo copy of the forthcoming album by Navaro. Not sure what the title of the album will be and not sure it the band has made up their mind about this! But hopefully it will see a release date very soon, so the rest of the world can enjoy the lovely sounds of the trio. Stream songs, watch videos etc. at Myspace.

Crushing Digits drops to no. 5 in the Danish album chart.

Invisible Limb has (once again) been added to the blogroll.

Chris goes "Domino Dancing".

On the radio this morning...

Another classic and watching my 5 year old daughter dance around the kitchen while this was on, nearly brought tears to my eyes. One of those "proud father" moments I guess!

Every morning when eating breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are an attempt to make your start a good one as well!

May 21, 2008

The hopefuls...

Lovely UK indie pop band The Steadies are no more. Sad news really!
+ The Hopefuls

This is already a month old; Pennyblackmusic interviews Northern Portrait.

25 years since the release of You and Me Both and I still have a soft spot for Yazoo. But not soft enough to make me post any of the remixes mailed to me the other day to promote the forthcoming release of the 4-disc box set In Your Room. The remixes are completely useless and are tagged as “spare remixes” by the label. No wonder!

Yesterday when checking out the Vesterbro Festival line-up, I came across Danish quartet Ginger Ninja. This is pop music with a capital P, but very catchy and not without a certain charm.
+ You Can Have It All

Will The Holiday Show ever release an album? I'm probably not the only one awaiting some news on this?
+ Snookerstar

On the radio this morning...


Every morning when eating breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are an attempt to make your start a good one as well!

May 20, 2008


Took a trip down memory lane yesterday thanks to Danish blog Alt i livet.

May 19, 2008

Monday mix...

One Weekly Gun has broken one of his own rules and has written a song about himself. Happy to learn that this excellent project is reaching an ever-growing audience!
+ Weekend Man

Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies are giving away a new demo track over at Myspace.
+ Things I Used To Know

Has The Stone Roses reformed? Unfortunately no, but you certainly could get that impression when you listen to the Tour de Force EP by The Ruling Class. Rarely has an inspiration been more obvious than in this case. Another fine release by Shelflife Records!
+ Umbrella Folds

Zen Sucker by Larsen & Furious Jane is out today and the reviewers love it (1, 2, 3).
+ Widowers


Is it ok as a blogger to accept money to make you post/feature a song/video? Last week I received a mail offering me money if I posted a video, but so far I’ve been very hesitant and haven’t replied. I honestly believe that accepting this kind of offer must be the quickest way to loose any credibility I might have, though there’s obviously nothing wrong about money. Perhaps it could be turned into a somewhat more acceptable situation if I wrote that it’s a “sponsored” post and that the song/video doesn’t reflect my taste? And perhaps it could not? And how difference is this really from all the free CD's you receive and expected to review/feature? But quite interesting if this will be the future of MP3 blogging?
So what I’ve decided to do is NOT replying to the mail, and instead I'm simply posting the song and video without getting one cent for my efforts. Check it out if you like – it’s a rather repetitive techno/electronic track by UK DJ duo (?) OrtzRoka called Planets. Not really my cup of tea, but then again; I’ve certainly listened to stuff a whole lot worse than this!

+ Planets

May 16, 2008

Still here...

The past two days I’ve been listening several times to the new Still Here EP by Swedish duo Kuryakin. The 5 track CDEP and 2 track 7” combines for 7 lovely indie/electronic pop tunes that are as refreshing as the coolest summer breeze. As mentioned yesterday it’s a new release by Shelflife Records, which now are responsible for two of the finest EP releases so far this year (including Downhill by DAYS).
+ Peace of Mind

Crushing Digits by VETO debuts at no. 2 in the Danish album chart this week. For several reasons that’s good news to me. Obviously because I like the album, but primarily because I hope that other smaller bands will be encouraged that success (even commercially) can be achieved through hard work.

I've just received a Myspace friend request from at metal should I approve or deny that one?

Oliver North Boy Choir - Weekender...

Somehow I've managed to completely ignore that a video is available for the excellent Weekender by Oliver North Boy Choir.

On the radio this morning...

...and it sure helped make the start of today a good one!

Every morning when eating breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are an attempt to make your start a good one as well!

May 15, 2008

This and that...

The more I check the unknown bands playing at this year's Vesterbro Festival, the better the program looks.

The new fine tracks by Danish post rockers Mimas have already been posted by Frekvens and In a cyclone of stones, but good stuff deserves multiple postings.
+ Cats on Fire
+ Mac, Get Your Gear

I mentioned NY duo This Is Ivy League in a post last week and the more I listen to the self-titled album the more I'm convinced that this will be this year's summer album. Catchy melodies, jangling guitars and lovely harmonies - yummy!

The second single (and another freebie) Poets Dying from the forthcoming Björn Kleinhenz album Quietly Happy and Deep Inside is almost as good as the first single The Quest For Your Heart. Could very well have been the soundtrack of the summer along with This Is Ivy League, but it won't be released until September (on Tomt Recordings)!
+ Poets Dying

Still Here by Kuryakin and Tour De Force by The Ruling Class are the two recent releases by the rejuvenated Shelflife Records. More on those, when I've "chewed" my way through both of them a few more times, but first listen left me impressed.
+ Kuryakin - Take My Hand
+ The Ruling Class - Flowers

Finally. FINALLY! I have a new computer at work. The speakers are crap, but at least I'm able to stream some music now!

Danish label Speed Of Sound has launched their new webpage.

May 14, 2008

Back in the Highlife Again...

Three days have already gone since I returned from Italy, but mentally I’m still some hundred miles south enjoying the beauty and warmth of Tuscany. Should you ever get the chance to visit Siena, I cannot recommend this lovely city enough. The Piazza del Campo must be one of the most beautiful squares in the world, especially at night! I also met two guys playing in different bands, but I'll get back to that story some other time.

The topic of this post obviously is a reference to the Steve Winwood track of the same name, from the 1986 album Back in the High Life. In the early 90’s I was quite a fan of the former wunderkind, but to be fair I haven’t paid much attention to his work the past 10 years. However last week I received a promo copy of his 9th solo album called Nine Lives, which has given him a small renaissance in my small world, as I’ve been listening to it several times today (and yesterday as well). But as much as I’m trying to like the album, it has so far failed to impress me. It’s a well known fact (to me it is) that my music taste has underwent quite a change in recent years, so I probably would have enjoyed this album tremendously had it been released in 1991. But in 2008 it sounds very nice and well produced – and that’s it!
+ Dirty City (featuring Eric Clapton on guitar)

Received my brand new Matinée Recordings t-shirt yesterday (the green logo)!

One Weekly Gun informs Mrs. Clinton that it's over, but probably to no avail.
+ Addicted to Holes

On July 1 Interpol will be playing at Train in Aarhus. I'm one ticket richer and 450 DKK poorer.

May 8, 2008


One hour to go before I am heading for Bella Italia - so why not spend it on something useful like posting a few songs?

A lovely new track by UK indie pop band Play People is available over at Myspace. In their own words; "They were formed in a dark German factory. They are committed to playing the finest pop." Finest pop indeed!
+ Meet Me Saturday
+ Oh What A Life (in case you missed it the first time round)

More pop magic - this time it's from NY duo This Is Ivy League. Their cover of Crown of Love (Arcade Fire) will most likely secure them some attention, but the band's other songs (taken from the self-titled debut) easily hold their own, as they are gorgeous pop gems. Especially the irresistible The Richest Kids has summer written all over it and the album has been added to the wishlist!
+ The Richest Kids
+ London Bridges
+ Crown of Love

Just like this one by US indie rock act Everest and would really love to hear the rest of the debut album Ghost Notes.
+ Rebels In The Roses

Finally two tracks by The Atomica Project (formerly Atomica) from the sophomore album Grayscale. Beautiful and dreamy sounds that "isn't simple trip hop, isn't sterile downtempo, it isn't even orchestral or lo-fi", but probably somewhere in between. The third album in this post I need to get my hands on!
+ Gravity
+ Forecast

May 7, 2008

Off to Italy…

For the third (and last) time this spring, I’m going abroad for a few days. Tomorrow me and a bunch of friends are heading for Siena in Italy, where we’ll be staying until Sunday morning. The weather forecast promises fairly decent weather and the city is very picturesque (at least so I’m told, and the picture certainly indicates that it could very well be the case), so the stage is hopefully set for a nice trip.

Have spent even more hard earned cash on a few CD’s and among the recent purchases is the new album The Hungry Saw by Tindersticks. Despite the band’s popularity through the years and fairly extensive back catalogue, this is my first encounter with the band. And a pleasant one so far, I should add, as this is album is crammed with lovely melancholic chamber pop.
+ The Flicker of a Little Girl

Electronically Yours is the perfect webpage for all of you (us) who spent our teenage years listening to bands likes Yazoo, Depeche Mode and OMD, and stubbornly refuse to understand that those days ended almost 20 years ago. Lots of news, tour dates etc. can be found there, but the true gem is the fine download section on the left (scroll down).
+ Yazoo - Nobody's Diary (The Tenth Stage Remix)

Decorate.Decorate. lead singer Asbjørn has launched his side project named Well, where he records lo-fi folk songs "that does not fit into the band".
+ If Now's The Time Tomorrows

May 6, 2008

VETO power…

So far I've been listening to the new VETO album Crushing Digits 5 times today, and to be honest, I’m really surprised how much I’m enjoying it. Cannot say that I was all that impressed by the debut and on their sophomore effort the band remains devoted to the indie rock/electronica sound of There’s A Beat In All Machines. However I still thought it was worth the gamble spending some hard earned cash on their new baby, and I’m happy I did, as (I’ll keep this simple) the individual songs on Digits are so much better than those on Machines, where the only song making a lasting impact (on me), was You Are A Knife. No sample MP3’s or video are available, but it’s possible to stream the first single Built To Fail at Myspace.

In a cyclone of stones has posted songs by Klaus & Kinski and Bakers At Dawn.

This week's song by One Weekly Gun comments the "The Amstetten Horror".
+ When The Lights Are Coming Back

Seems like Venice is Sinking by Passtime Poets is quite a hit on The Faroe Islands!
+ Venice Is Sinking

May 2, 2008

This and that...

Yesterday's newsletter from Matinée Recordings promises another EP as well as a debut album from Northern Portrait. In the near term they say, whatever that means?

I'm not overly impressed by that new track by Coldplay. Are you? Grab it.

But I do like the new song by The Radio Dept. at lot. The new album will be out in September and hopefully I'll finally be able to catch them live some time later this year.
+ Freddie and the Trojan horse

If the Danish album chart is to be trusted The Storm has now sold (at least) 15,000 copies of the debut, which was thrashed by the press. However it seems glaringly obvious that no one really cares about those reviews, as the two highly appraised debut albums by BREUMM and The William Blakes never managed to crack the top 40.

May 1, 2008

Death Valley Sleepers – New Song…

Danish one man project Death Valley Sleepers has published a new track called Heartbreaking Sound of Joy and once again the music has been made free to download from Myspace. It has almost become a bit tedious constantly comparing the band to The Raveonettes, but listen to it and you'll understand that it’s quite difficult not to. And as long as the Tobias (the man behind) is capable of writing songs like this (Sune Wagner would or should at least be proud if he had written this tune), I see absolutely no point in him changing anything.
+ Heartbreaking Sound of Joy