March 30, 2007

VNV Nation

I found these two tracks by German based (but Irish/English) electronic duo VNV Nation in the mailbox this morning. For whatever reason I expected the tracks to be far more "sterile", monotonous and industrial sounding than they turned out to be (if you check out the "extra track" Cold, you probably understand my expectations). Instead they are lively (despite the insisting beats), and surprisingly catchy and enjoyable, with lots of potential to become dancefloor fillers. Both tracks are from the duo's sixth album Judgement, which will be out April 10.
+ The Farthest Star
+ Nemesis (divine command edit)
+ Cold (older track available from the band's webpage)

March 29, 2007

Thursday Tunes...

+ The Name - On My Own
Really cool up tempo New Wave/Powerpop track by this Brazilian trio. Recommended by J.A.

+ The Picture - So Many Days
Idolator showed some love for this track yesterday!

+ Southside Stalkers - The Little And The Dead
Peter has more tracks by these Swedes. Short and rather catchy pop song.

+ Pueblo - Keep me away from what I know
Released on Truckland Records - just like Southside Stalkers. Dark and beautiful.

Yesterday Peter posted a new track (Idyllwild) by Trembling Blue Stars. Absolutely gorgeous.

Nothing but Green Lights has just posted a brilliant track by French singer/artist Kid Francois called Tour De France. Check it out!

March 28, 2007

Tetris = Therapy

This morning I've repeatedly been listening to these 3 tracks by Danish duo Tetris = Therapy. Honestly I think the band name is downright stupid, but luckily the two (17 years old) dudes have saved most of their creativity for the music instead. The music is an unpredictable blend of just about everything from noisy shoegaze guitars over grandiose post-rock to electronica and heavy electronic beats, and at times it's almost a bit too overwhelming. So listening can be quite a challenge, but I really like the charming playfulness of the music and if the ideas get a bit more structured (or perhaps less ambitious), this could easily end up being nothing but fantastic.
+ Big Tasty
+ Foofaraw
+ We made the seas incarnadine


March 27, 2007

Tonight I'm listening to...

Australian based trio The Lines. The music is described like "the softer melodic side of Indie music matched up with some vintage rock sounds". I have to admit that I really like the sound of this band and the description is absolutely spot on. On Feeling Perfect both organ and guitars sound like something you would have expected to hear 40 years ago and you're definitely left with some kind of psychedelic 60's revival feeling when you're listening to Runaway. Finally both Hendrix and Jim Morrison are mentioned in the lyrics of Die Young which sort of completes the circle. Superb, interesting and highly enjoyable!!
+ Runaway
+ Feeling Perfect
+ Die Young

and a bonus one
+ Growing Pains

Angel Pier...and stuff

Rodolfo has been a busy man the past few months, so his recommendations have been few and far between. But the other day he "returned" and sent a message recommending Irish indie/alternative quartet Angel Pier. At first when I looked at the list of the band's influences I somehow got the feeling that we've been there several times before, as the band lists Radiohead, Joy Division, The Stone Roses, The Cure etc. just like (almost) every other new band does these days. But unlike several of those other new bands, Angel Pier is capable of writing songs that you actually want to listen to more than once, which (needless to say) is very nice for a change. So this is highly recommendable stuff that especially should please/appeal to fans of The Stone Roses.
+ Pray
+ Sprites

And here's one from the mailbox. US trio Ruby Isle covers Sonic Youth's Teenage Riot. Not really sure what to think...
+ Teenage Riot

has recently posted a string of tracks by this trio of interesting Swedish artists; Swedish for Beginners, Elenette, Säkert!.

Opening track In Competition for the Worst Time of the Make Another World album by Idlewild is available for free at the band's Myspace profile. Damn great!
+ In Competition for the Worst Time

March 26, 2007

on a Monday...

Still a bit depressed about the cancellation of the Arcade Fire concert last night. But it's time to look forward and on Saturday I'm going to see moi Caprice. I've been told that the band isn't any good live, but hopefully that's nothing but "evil rumors".
+ For once in your life try to fight for something you believe in

Belgium band suburb songs describe their music as "a mix between traditional singer-songwriter music, shoegazer and indietronics". The free track Another Side of You taken from the band's webpage does indeed sound like a mixture of those genres.
+ Another Side of You

March 24, 2007

Tonight I'm listening to...

Italian band Trees that seems to be finding lots of inspiration in the shoegaze /alternative / post-rock genres. Once again this is a surprisingly amazing Italian band found thanks to Fadeaway (why have I never explored Italian music before?). This is wonderful atmospheric music with simply beautiful vocals. The band has released 3 albums including the debut in 1997 and below I've linked to one track of each album.
+ The Sea As Horizon
+ December
+ Devotional
+ The Fringe

Damn, Damn, Damn

The Arcade Fire concert in Copenhagen tomorrow has been cancelled :( And the rest of the European Tour has been cancelled as well!

March 21, 2007

Today I'm listening to...

Shimmer Kids Underpop Association. Despite having one of the weirdest band names I've ever heard, this US band (which obviously has to come from San Francisco) has until this day remained completely unknown to me. As always I'm a bit (more than) late, because the band split up in 2004 (only to return as The Society of Rockets) after 8 very productive years. Check the band's music page, where it's possible to download (almost) all of the band's recordings for free. Labelled by users as neo-psychedelia indie pop, which I think describes this playful and quite catchy music pretty well. I plan to listen my way through must of the stuff today, and the best tracks will be posted below.
+ Full Color Love Affair
+ Bury My Heart At Makeout Point
+ Model Kit

March 20, 2007


Fadeaway recommends two shoegaze inspired bands; The Ambience and The Evening Sounds. This is (as I expected) great stuff and as always it's weird (AND highly disappointing) that two bands like these aren't signed by even the smallest label! Merz mentioned The Ambience a few weeks ago, which pretty much guarantees the quality of this UK five-piece! Not much info can be found on the other band - The Evening Sounds - except that it's a trio from Oxford, UK, listing some really interesting bands among the influences.
The Ambience:
+ Sea of Mediocrity
+ Sorry State
The Evening Sounds:
+ A New Suggestion
+ Not About You

FALK recommends US electronic quartet Atomica. The sound (with elements of trip-hop, downtown etc.) and the female vocalist (Lauren Cheatham) constantly make me think of Portishead and Massive Attack (which certainly isn't a bad thing). No surprise as the label (Positron! Records) has listed these two bands among the similar artists.
+ Delorian
+ Larsen

March 19, 2007

Monday evening mix tape...

Some kind of (stupid) title, but it pretty much speaks for itself I guess? And as always it's quite a mixed bag of songs!
+ Alcian Blue - You Just Disappear
+ Spanky Darth Vaders - On The Radio
+ Tower of Foil - Strange Diversion
+ Friends - Every Summer

Murnau and friends...

Cool Italian shoegaze band Murnau has uploaded 4 new demo tracks to I'm not quite sure what to think of the new stuff as the tracks sound a lot more like experiments than actual songs. A track like Piano (which does indeed feature a piano) never really kicks off, so perhaps the most accurate way to describe the tracks is as sketches. And they are even trying to sing in English - so I guess this is quite experimental indeed! The two tracks below still "carry" some of the typical shoegaze trademarks, so I thought I'd post them if anyone should fell the temptation to give them a listen!
+ Distant
+ Static

By now most blog readers should be familiar with the wonderful pop tune Breakfast in NYC by Northern Irelanders Oppenheimer. Another track called Allen Died, April Five from the band's debut album has been uploaded to for free downloading. Not a killer like the "NYC breakfast", but the knack for writing catchy pop songs is still very much present in this track.
+ Allen Died, April Five
+ Breakfast in NYC

Under Electric Light has remixed White Room by Antidoton. Owe to add that it's really, really cool, though you'd probably guessed that already!
+ White Room (UEL Remix)

Light years ago (or at least it feels like a long, long time) J.A. recommended US duo Skittish, comparing their sound to Interpol. There are indeed some similarities, though the sound of Interpol is a bit "darker". But a nice and really catchy one!
+ Million Gray

The has been extended/improved. Currently I'm 16.82% mainstream. I'm wondering how it's possible to be 102.62% mainstream, but according to the meter this person is!?

Heartache with Hard Work
has been added to the blogroll.

March 16, 2007

Friday fasties...

Is fasties really a word in English (now I know it isn't!)? Oh well - I hope you understand what I mean by this!

First single Where Did We Go from the Phonovectra debut album Too Young To Die is available for free from the band's Myspace profile. It's a great rock track and highly recommendable! I ordered the album a while back and expect it to arrive any day soon!
+ Where Did We Go

The Holiday Show has posted a new track on their Myspace player. Sadly it's not a freebie. The track is called City Girlfriend and is surprisingly indie pop inspired. Accordingly an album is in the making!

The Lovekevins has a new single called Tamagotchi Freestyle. It's from the band's forthcoming album that will be called Vs the snow. The album will be released April 4 on Songs I Wish I Had Written and is described as "A perfect blend of dream like noise and steady wonderful pop melodies". The new single is one of those typical irresistible and catchy ones.
+ Tamagotchi Freestyle

...passantin has been added to the blogroll. If you skipped German classes you'll probably be completely lost!

Check this fantastic post by emodreng & indiepige. Especially the Dreams Ends remix of (Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart by The Honeydrips is excellent!
+ (Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart (Lack of Love Tore Us Apart - Dreams End Remix)

Losing Track by Swedish electro pop duo (?) The Morning Paper is quiet and simply beautiful (sounds like rain falling down). Perfect for a tired Friday evening.
+ Losing Track

Eheruncool is a quartet from Rosswein somewhere in Germany. The lyrics are in German (I'm getting more and more used to this) and the music is dark and depressive finding lots of inspiration in bands like Sonic Youth and Joy Division. Both tracks were found at the band's Myspace profile and are super cool!
+ Lebe Lieber Schwer
+ Wenn der Tag anbricht

March 15, 2007

tWAMi vs. Lampshade

Yesterday tWAMi published/posted his new remix of the Lampshade track New Legs (taken from the Danish/Swedish band's really fine 2006 album Let's Away). The remix version is more than twice the length of the album version, which certainly is not one second too long. As I'm no expert, I asked tWAMi himself to explain what he has changed/added to the track. In short he has almost re-recorded everything (guitars, drumbeats, bass, organs and synths) and only re-used vocals, glockenspiel and a few drum and guitar parts. So clearly a lot of work has been put into this remix, but it definitely pays off, as it sounds absolutely fabulous!
+ New Legs (album version)
+ New Legs (tWAMi remix)

March 14, 2007

Myspace trip...

I've just returned from a very short Myspace trip and here are a couple of "souvenirs" I picked up during my "stay" there.

+ Us With Millions - The Golden Coast
I mentioned this band last week and this nice one has just been uploaded by the band.

+ Powderdust - Wait For You [Federspiel Remix]
+ The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Do Your Sister (James Braun Does Ya Mama Too Remix)
Two tracks from the department of remixes. I really have no idea if they are old or new, but they are both good enough to enjoy (again?)!

+ Ronderlin - Way To Be
A new track from the forthcoming album (release date May 7) that will be called The Great Investigation. The 4 tracks I've heard so far from the album are simply brilliant, so expectations are rapidly growing!

+ Inhaler - Tranquilized
It's probably the zillionth, billionth time I post this track. But it's still a fantastic pop song and since it's now available in a decent quality, it's certainly well-worth a re-post.

March 13, 2007

Troels and The Family...

SuperTroels (of VETO) recommended Swedish electronic act Familjen in his blog a few weeks back and the music described by ST as "electro-kind-of-something" is really, really cool. Download the entire Hög Luft EP for free over at
+ Hög Luft
+ Hög Luft (Fujasaki Remix)

And remember that SuperTroels will release his (electronic inspired) solo debut album on March 26 under the alias I Know That You Know. Here are two samples "borrowed" from his weblog.
+ You Are Always
+ Cut Me Up

March 12, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday

Saturday I finally picked up my copy of Neon Bible, but I had no time during the weekend to give it a proper listen. Today is the day and hopefully the album is a great as everyone seems to think?
+ Black Mirror
Every time I listen to No Cars Go I almost start singing "Hot Dog, Jumping Frog, Albuquerque". It's a great track, but very inspired/influenced by Prefab Sprout.

It's now possible to download the entire (and absolutely brilliant) Organized Faults EP by Danish Electro Pop band Volvoe over at
+ These Moments

According to I'm 20% mainstream!

Speaking of Here's a nice freebie found "over there".
+ Jumprope - Forget That Girl

Today should (I hope) be the last busy day at work for some time. Crossing my fingers and hoping the best.

March 9, 2007


Today has been awful at work. And it didn't exactly get any better by having quite a few songs that I'd love to post. Here are the songs and hopefully I'll find a little time tonight to write a few comments....

+ Spencer Tricker - Hey Jessica
More songs like this and chances are pretty good that he never has to get a real job one day (check his webpage for explanation).

+ Professor Pez - Indiepopkids
+ Professor Pez - Imperial Airways
Was checking out a friend's profile over at and noticed that he had been listening to this Norwegian indie pop band. And how can you not love a song called Indiepopkids?

+ Fine China - Are You On Drugs?
+ Fine China - I Can't Fall Asleep
Previously recommended by Peter and Chris. Originally recommended to all of us by J.A. Good stuff and a shame they decided to split up!!

+ Us With Millions - The Tactician
+ Us With Millions - Sailor Song
+ Us With Millions - Shepherds Hour
Picked by Danish music magazine Gaffa as demo band of the month (March). Described as indie-rock with some country influence, and compared to Band Of Horses.

+ Les Mercredis - Sowas von egal
Pretty cool tune by this German electro pop trio.

March 8, 2007

Back in the Day...

This video was posted earlier today on DoCopenhagen, but it definitely deserves to be mentioned here as well. It's the video for the track Back in the Day by Danish band The Figurines. The video was created by Aaron Blecha and Brad Mossman, and I fully agree with Thomas that it is absolutely fantastic!

A Classic Education...

I asked for and have now received permission to post the excellent new track Victories At Night by Italian trio A Classic Education. As mentioned in my post yesterday I think the track is absolutely ace (which also happens to be the abbreviation of the band name), so obviously I'm nothing but thrilled to be able to share it with all of you. The track follows nicely in the footsteps of the previous track Stay, Son and you should especially pay attention around the 2:35 mark when the piano kicks in, making this sound like Keane meeting Arcade Fire. May this be the beginning of a glorious career!
+ Victories At Night
+ Stay, Son

March 7, 2007

Tonight I'm listening to...

Broke My Eyes by Norwegian electronic pop quartet DonkeyBoy over and over and over and over and...The band name is so stupid. The song is so simple, so naive and still it is absolutely irresistible. Recommended to all of us by the ever-present J.A.
+ Broke My Eyes

Another one of those I'm busy at work posts...

a PLAGUE of ANGELS has a brilliant post on Dew from Sweden.

Radio LXMBRG is another Swedish band (from Stockholm) playing indie pop. Need I say more? Apparently a new album has been recorded, but no further info is available. Meanwhile enjoy these two "oldies" found at Myspace.
+ It's Cruel Up North
+ Male Mystique

A Classic Education has mailed me another track called Victories At Night. It's ace and I've asked for (and hopefully will receive) permission to post it.

Italian blog polaroid > un blog alla radio > has been added to the blogroll.

Just came across French indie pop/rock band Exsonvaldes over at To good not to mention. Both of the tracks below are from the 2004 album Time We Spent Together. I don't speak a word French, but I believe the band is still very much alive.
+ Going Away
+ All I Have

Check the new single by The Mary Onettes. Avi labels the band JAMC-wannabees. Not quite sure if I agree. Not quite sure either if the band deserves the hype!
+ Void

March 5, 2007

Monday evening blogging...

Peter has a great post on Ether Aura. Lots of good stuff there!!

Enzo from polaroid > un blog alla radio > recommends Italian 3-piece A Classic Education. As always I'm completely lost when I try to describe what the music sounds like. Arcade Fire meeting Doves perhaps? Violins, pounding drums and a voice sounding like it could burst any second. It's grand, heartfelt and beautiful. After a few listen you'll love it and still hate it, because it constantly leaves you with a feeling that it's not even close to reaching its full potential. Potential is probably the keyword out for these guys!
+ Stay Son

Topping this week's free download chart over at is this one by German indie rock band Museum.
+ For The Very First Time

Finally I recommend that you give The Golden Revelry from NY a listen. The band plays this nice kind of indie folk rock with an acoustic feel that always seems to be just perfect for a quiet and lazy evening like lazy that I'm going to bed now!
+ Curtains
+ Wild Embers
+ Try As You Might

(that's) How It Is...

Today is the busiest day ever (or pretty damn close to being just that). That's how things are every now and then I guess, so while I'm focusing on "real" life, I hope lots and lots of you will spend a few of your precious seconds and download (and listen to) this new track by Hits In The Car favorite Pete White. How It Is takes PW in a somewhat different direction, as this one is more up-tempo and rocking than the acoustic and laid-back songs we're used to hearing from him. But evidently he can do it all, so once again he has recorded a track, which is nothing but excellent and instantly catchy!!
+ How It Is

March 2, 2007

Friday Evening Blogging...

In his Flashback Friday post today, Chris writes about German 80's band Propaganda. It's really difficult to understand that A Secret Wish was released 22 years ago.

emodreng & indiepige has posted two of the new tracks by Oliver North Boy Choir. The two dudes running the blog weren't even born when A Secret Wish was released! I'm an old fart - it's as simple as that!

Did anyone enjoy those The Alpine mixes yesterday? Here's one more for you!
+ Iceland (OffThaWallz/Bourne Riddim Ent. remix)

And here's one from the mailbox. Girls Make Me Sick by Butcher Boy from Glasgow, Scotland. It's an excellent guitar (indie) pop tune, which has already caught the attention of several other bloggers. Released February 12 by the small London label How Does It Feel To Be Loved, but still they urge bloggers share it for free. How's that for an attitude?
+ Girls Make Me Sick

J.A. recommends Danish indie rock band Sinai. Still find it rather absurd that a Danish band is recommended to me by someone from Spain! Like several other new bands these days, Sinai has been listening a lot to Interpol, The Cure etc. Nothing wrong with that, but it certainly makes it difficult to stand out.
+ The Brightest White

Song To The Siren has posted a new (free) track called The Way It Goes over at Myspace. Untill now this Danish alternative rock band has failed to impress me, but I have no problem admitting that I like this new one. It's a really catchy rock track that probably would have gained a lot had it been running for more than just 2 minutes and 28 seconds.
+ The Way It Goes

Tonight I'm blogging from my work computer. I seriously hate laptops!!!!

March 1, 2007

Shoegaze compilation...

This is a list of Shoegaze/Dreampop tracks found over at It's always quite a challenge searching for music by using the tags, as people seem to have quite different opinions on what Shoegaze/Dreampop actually is. I mean - I've never really thought of The Legends as shoegazers! But I hope these tracks meet this description. No matter what; this certainly is a mixed bag of songs. Some are good and some are - well - not so good. All bands have (some kind of) bios and several of them have more tracks available to download. So if you're a fan of this genre, there is lots and lots of stuff to check out!!!
+ Cosmicdust - Without You
+ The Telescopes - Another Sky
+ My Violent Ego - June La La's
+ Broken Robots - Broken Down Lonely
+ Molotov Elysian - Today a Mountain Has Been Moved
+ Delta Waves - Her Static Energy
+ Stellarscope - Spring
+ Kite Operations - A Wonder

The Alpine - Remix Album

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the debut album On Feel Trips, The Alpine has re-released it in a remixed version. It's a so-called virtual album, which will only be available from (where you have to be a registered member and able to understand Danish to navigate your way through the site). But the really good part is that all of the remixes are free to download, there are 13 of them (more will be added) and some of them are actually pretty damn good. So if you ever thought of learning Danish, this could perhaps be the perfect occasion to start practicing? Below I've posted my 3 favorites among the remixes.
+ No I In Team (Why The Misery remix)
+ Trigger (Lo_FI_FNK remix)
+ Two Steps (The Jepptunes Remix)