July 31, 2007

Should I wear pink or purple?...

As a small tribute US electronica/shoegaze band Purplespace has recorded two really nice versions of The Psychedelic Furs classic Pretty in Pink. At first the two versions sounded very much alike, but after a few listen it became pretty clear that the first one takes a shoegaze approach, while the second one is a bit more electronica inspired (especially in the opening seconds it's rather easy to spot the difference). The National has also recorded a really fine version of the song, which can be found here. Finally I think I should add that the soundtrack for the movie named after the song remains one of the best ever.
+ Pretty in Pink (The Psychedelic Furs cover) - Electronica
+ Pretty in Pink (The Psychedelic Furs cover) - Shoegaze

July 30, 2007


US synth pop duo Cause and Effect has been one of my favorite bands for the past 10 years (more and less) and the other day I sent them a message asking if it was OK to post a few of the band's songs in the blog. The first reason for asking was (the obvious) that I'd really like to introduce this brilliant but almost unknown band to a string of new people. The second reason was that I realized that it's no longer possible to buy any of the band's three albums (unless you want a 2nd hand copy). So by posting it wouldn't really be like I was violating any copy rights, but I still thought I should ask. So I did and I expected my chances of getting permission were pretty good, because posting a few songs wouldn't exactly be as if I was stealing the food from their mouths. The band quickly replied and this is the answer I received:

"If we had the option to sell the BMG/Zoo albums we would... Unfortunately, we don't own the rights or have permission to release those albums... Will they (BMG) ever re-release them? I wish I knew.. I've tried to contact them several times over the last few years and was told that our back catalog in the process of being re-released digitally through iTunes and other services, but we're still waiting.. Anyway, it's completely out of our hands..."

I guess you can say that the matter is undecided? So what do you think? Should I just post a few tracks, because it seems to me that those who own the rights to the albums don't really care?

It's possible to stream 4 tracks from the band's 1990 self-titled debut album (re-released as Another Minute in 1991/1992) here, but unfortunately the downloads aren't working.

Northern Portrait...

Northern Portrait from Copenhagen was (according to the info available) founded earlier this month (July 2007), but despite the recent birth, the band has still managed to record a song and post it at Myspace. And what a song it is. The band lists a few 80's bands among the influences (The Smiths, Echo And The Bunnymen and The Housemartins) and on the first track recorded/published Northern Portrait simply blends all the best from those artists (as well as from a few lesser known artists - think Sarah Records) to create one fantastic guitar pop song.
+ Crazy

A black cat crossed the street...

How was the Grand Avenue concert Friday evening? Oh well - thanks for asking. You see - the thing is that Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park with rides and stuff. And since boys will forever be boys we simply couldn't resist trying this, this, this, this (for the second time) and finally this (which just seemed to be going on and on and...). So when we finally had had enough of twist and turns and started heading for the open air stage, Grand Avenue had already been playing for 45 minutes. But despite hearing less than 30 minutes of the concert it only added to the impression I got two years ago (the first time I saw them live) that the band sounds much better live than on record.

Do you like Jeff Buckley? If you do I strongly recommend that you listen to the gorgeous Black Cat by Danish youngsters The Imaginary Orchestra of Mr. Kite (I think the average age of the band members must be close to 19). These guys must have been listening a lot to Grace when growing up?
+ Black Cat

J.A. recommends Nothingness by Swedish indie pop (and somewhat shoegaze inspired) band Signed Papercuts. This is the title track of the 3 track EP to be released on Cloudberry Records on Wednesday. The band hails from the indie pop capital of Sweden (or perhaps even the world) - Gothenburg - and as always this is nothing but excellent! Swedesplease has more.
+ Nothingness

Tickets are still available for the Kent concert.

July 27, 2007

Friday blurbs (one more time)...

To be honest I was quite affected yesterday by Michael Rasmussen being fired by Rabobank and then pulled from Tour De France. Certainly Michael Rasmussen didn't do things by the book, but I still thought or hoped that you had to be proven guilty, before anything like this could happen. Lots of the things he has said and done do indeed indicate that something could be wrong, but not necessarily that something IS wrong. Please, please. Someone show me some kind of evidence!

Big thanks to Jonas for the info last night that the sales of tickets for the Kent concert on December 8 in Copenhagen had begun. So now I'm the lucky owner of two tickets and looking forward to another encounter with the best band in the world. Peter has asked me for a few tickets as well, so I'm also looking forward to seeing him in Copenhagen :)

I'm going to see Grand Avenue in Tivoli Gardens tonight. I'm the dude in the back with the beer!
+ What's On Your Mind (found this one over at Soundvenue - hope they don't mind me posting it!)

Tower of Foil will release a new 3 track EP Faster Than Your Eye on Friday, August 10. I've been given permission to post the title track a few days prior to the release, so check back on August 6. And you really should, because it's an absolute beauty!
+ Highland Lullabies (title track of the band's 2006 EP)

Like a few other bloggers Peter is hyping Mono in VCF. No wonder - this is great stuff!
+ Spider Rotation

The other day the incomparable blog Indie MP3 recommended Swedish one-man-project Nixon. Wonderful indie pop with an electronic twist that reminds me a bit of Le Chevre (songs). And Indie MP3 has more interesting news today.
+ Her Dreams

UK Nick Drake influenced indie/folk/acoustic trio The Greens has recorded a new tune called Q & A. Quiet and beautiful.
+ Q & A

recommends the solo track So Wrong So Right by Budapest front man John Garrison. Apparently the band split in 2006, which I probably should have known, but embarrassingly have to admit that I didn't! A few of the band's older tracks are available as free downloads from the band's Myspace profile and especially the wonderful Is This The Best It Gets is an all time favorite (to be more specific I think it's one of the best songs ever written!). And Censored Memories (off to Myspace you go, if you want that one) isn't bad at all either!
+ So Wrong So Right
+ Is This The Best It Gets

Several blogs are recommending/hyping 2080 by US band Yeasayer. And it sure is a fantastic track by a band that has been compared to Midlake and lists Peter Gabriel and Fleetwood Mac among the influences. Released on new label Now We Are Free.
+ 2080

Peter Schallgrenzen recommended The Beauty of o.k. the other day in his blog and today I'm going to do the same. So if you're interested in listening to some really cool stuff (and of course you are) I suggest that you check out this excellent indie rock quartet from Hamburg. This is dark, grand and epic in an Interpol / Radiohead / Kashmir kind of way (with some Kent added to the mix as well).
+ A New Apart
+ Cluster

July 26, 2007

Pelle Carlberg...

Download the new single Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls by Pelle Carlberg. It's the second single from the album In A Nutshell released earlier this year on Labrador. I love this label and its policy of giving away the single title tracks for free! The track itself is up-tempo, catchy and utterly charming and should be the perfect fit on any summer soundtrack with the trumpets, handclaps and absolutely irresistible tune! The sun isn't shining right now, but I really feel like going to the beach!
Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls

July 25, 2007

Swedish Dew...

Amazingly I'm still catching up from the holiday break. Yesterday I learned that Swedish indie pop trio Dew had uploaded 4 tracks to the band's Myspace profile during my holiday (please don't ever do that again!). Again is a brand new track and the first recorded as a trio (the bass player Lars Kvarnström has been added to the line-up) and the other 3 tracks are from the 2005 album Somewhere Else (which I'm still trying to get my hands on). If the new recording somehow means that more productive days are ahead I don't know, but it is great to know that the band is very much alive. The first time I wrote about the band I compared Dew to The River Detectives and the new songs certainly haven't made me change my mind!
+ Again (new track)
+ Cheat and Lie
+ Lady of Mine

And two more from Somewhere Else
+ All That I'm Leaving Behind
+ Still Looking

July 24, 2007

Figurines - The Air We Breathe...

Morningside Records gives away another track from the new album by Figurines - When The Deer Wore Blue. Some Beach Boys influences here? Will be back with my comments/thoughts on the album whenever I get my copy of it (my local CD shop isn't very realiable these days).
+ The Air We Breathe
+ Hey Girl (first single)

Hyping the hype...

One of the most blogged about artists at the moment is UK electro/dance/disco inspired youngster Calvin Harris and just by mentioning his name I almost feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon. But since I received a promo copy of his album I Created Disco in the mail yesterday (the CD will be released September 4), I thought I might as well give it a listen and post my thoughts. So listening is what I did in the car and on the computer this morning, but I really cannot say that I was blown-away or overly impressed. There isn't much new under the sun to be found here (though it is quite entertaining trying to spot some of his many influences), and it's difficult not to ask yourself - why the hype? It certainly is charming, humorous, enjoyable in a very harmless way and should make people rush to the dance floor. But at the same time it's not even half as good as some of the many other interesting bands around. So when you're listening to it, you cannot let go of the feeling that someone has been (and still is) doing some superb marketing. I will give it another listen in the car tonight (just to be sure that I didn't miss anything the first time) and then I'm pretty sure that the CD will live its own quiet life on the back of the shelf.
+ Acceptable in the 80's

July 23, 2007

Schallgrenzen Festival...

has a Myspace profile. Hurry up and be a friend, because you are going! Aren't you?

Stream if you like...

Andreas of blog favorite Celestial is in a new band/project called Northern Fields. Unfortunately it's only possible to stream the tracks, but the four songs all sound very promising.

Irene has uploaded their new single to myspace. It will be released August 1 as a free download single, but until then it's "streaming only". The band's new album will be released September 12 on Labrador (of course).

July 20, 2007


This is just one of those posts that really serve no other purpose than adding to the total number of posts posted (sounds incredible stupid, but if you google the phrase "posts posted" you get 69,100 hits!). Actually I'm just kidding, though some might agree that I've never written anything of the slightest importance anyway, making all my posts being posted entirely for the sake of posting...

My old friends from Anamia will hopefully enter the studio very soon and start recording some new songs. At least that's what they promised a month ago - and "late July" is NOW - isn't it?
+ Butterfly In Paris

Another favorite act - Ruined By Martin - is also busy recording.
+ Dear Reo

Wonderful Swedish duo Tower of Foil has recorded a new EP. It's to be called Faster Than Your Eye and will be released very soon (whatever that means exactly?)!
+ Lilac Sky

More news on another favorite band - Kind of girl has been signed to Sonet/Universal, but are still looking for a label to take care of the export market(s).
+ Poetry Boy

If you understand Danish I strongly recommend this blog written/run by Jonas of Entakt. Quite entertaining.

Soundvenue reviews the new album When the Deer Wore Blue by Figurines. 3 out of 6 stars and the headline is - "the melodies are missing".

If you're all wondering why the weather is so bad this summer - this guy admits he is to blame!

The Hype Machine Toplist has been updated. Hits In The Car is no. 150 (up from no. 177 in February).

I have 1,975 Myspace friends, but that's certainly way too many. So I've started to delete those artists/bands that only post garbage bulletins and aren't willing to share any songs!

I really like the whole idea/concept of Last.fm. But do you honestly want the entire world to know what you're listening to. I mean - no (hidden) guilty pleasures! They will all be revealed. So yes, yes. I admit to like Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell.

Green Concorde Remix...

The track We Set Sail By The Way We Feel from the Green Concorde debut album Ten Cities has been remixed by EloPhonic. Somehow the music of this band always sounds absolutely fantastic when it is being remixed. My favorite (so far) among the mixes remains the fabulous version of This Time done by tWAMi, which has been featured in the blog several time before. Two more remixes for download can be found here.
+ We Set Sail By The Way We Feel (EloPhonic remix)
+ This Time (remix by tWAMi)

July 19, 2007

Two different paths, a heartbreak and a record deal...

Probably 90% of the songs posted in this blog are either indie pop tunes or tracks by Danish artists. But every now and then I decide to follow a completely different path in my quest for new music and the other day it paid off (at least for me it did), when I came across UK band hornby pylons. The quartet (based in Cardiff) writes this about their music: "The music made by hornby pylons has so far defied accurate description but is thought to live somewhere between the soul sonic force drum machine, 90's grunge, DFA synths and a badly mixed charity shop DJ set. And the band adds: "the music sounds like electronic drums with electric guitar near a human singing along to keyboards. if you listen closely you may hear the bands actual voices." So not at all the type of stuff you'd normally see (or hear) me post in the blog, but I really, really enjoy this very electronic sounding, somewhat monotonous, highly infectious, absolutely insisting and extremely cool track.
+ Think For Each Other

Following my little hike down the most unusual path, what would be more natural than taking a stroll in more familiar territory? So I decided to visit the "no. 1 indie pop expert himself" - Tom over at Indie MP3 - and it only took a few minutes, before I had fallen absolutely in love with his recent featured band - the Swedish indie pop outfit Hari and Aino. The band (which is not a duo) has just released the wonderful 3" and 3 track CDR Your Heartache and Mine on Cloudberry Records, but all the tracks have generously been made available as legal free downloads over at Last.fm. But the one track that has really caught my attention (which is quite a feat, as all the songs are excellent) is the wonderful, charming and very Swedish indie poppish Seasons that (according to the band) has received some airplay on the radio program P3 pop. I believe this is a rather new recording as well, though it (for whatever reason) is not included on the CDR.
+ Seasons

Danish indie rock trio Heartbreak Disco has recorded two new tracks during the band's annual "Heartbreak Summer Camp". Catchy stuff taken from the band's forthcoming EP.
+ Canada
+ Godspeed When You Sleep

Andreas from the Swedish blog We Say Disco (which now seems to be called Cellmates.se) posted a comment yesterday informing me that The William Blakes has signed a record deal and will start recording in September. Actually I already knew this, but shame on me for being to lazy to post this great piece of information. So thank you Andreas for the "wake up call". You can listen to a couple of new demos at Myspace or download the older tracks that I've re-posted below. Links taken down...
+ Violent God
+ Innocence and Experience
+ Science is Religion
+ Secrets of the State
+ On Fire
+ Beginnings

July 18, 2007

Kent News...

According to the official wepage the band's 7th album Tillbaka Till Samtiden will be released October 17. And the band will be playing in Copenhagen December 8.

Stay in Munich...

Things aren't exactly going my way today, so I really have no time for writing. So while I'm working and trying to get everything back to square one, I'll leave you with these two brand new tracks, by a couple of bands previously featured in the blog.

The Young Ones is from the forthcoming debut album by Danish indie-rock act Munich. It's up-tempo, haunting and catchy, and if the rest of the album is this great, it certainly is something to be looking forward to.
+ The Young Ones

The Myspace page of Spanish quartet Stay is entirely in Spanish, so I really have no idea what is going on. But I believe I Feel You Around must be a brand new one, but of course I could be wrong here (J.A. - can you help?). But a nice one it is, and the Kashmir reference makes perfect sense once you've listened to the track.
+ I Feel You Around (Kashmir Reflection)

July 17, 2007

That and This...

According to this page Under Byen will be touring Denmark this fall. September 29 the band will make a stop in Helsingør and it probably would be stupid not to go?
+ Af Samme Stof Som Stof

The youngsters from Electrojuice have created a remix of the VETO track You Are A Knife. Think I prefer the original version!
+ You Are A Knife (Electrojuice Remix)
+ You Are A Knife

That Labrador Summer Sampler yesterday took forever to download. And it just seems to be a compilation of all their previous freebies (see the complete list here), so it's kind of disappointing. But I'll try to listen my way through all the tracks later today. I really should be fair. Even though I know most the tracks already, this sampler certainly has made me listen to a few tracks that I haven't been listening to for a very long (perhaps even too long) time. Like for example...
+ Sambassadeur - Between The Lines
+ Afraid of Stairs - Not Today
+ [Ingenting] - Släpp In Solen
+ The Legends - Play It For Today

Anyone know if Memoplay (Adam Svanell + Björn Kleinhenz) will ever record another song? The band's webpage closed down a while ago, but now the 4 songs from the duo's (one and only) EP are available for free again - this time at Last.fm.
+ Words Are Small
+ Song For No Ears

Download the EMP remix of the Human League track Dreams Of Living.

July 16, 2007

Labrador Summer Sampler 2007...

Just passing this on. Download the Labrador Summer Sampler 2007. It's 336MB, so it might take a while! The original link is no longer working, but go here instead.

Spies on Holiday...

Just a few thoughts on the Spion/The Holiday Show double concert Friday evening.

Apparently 8 PM is too early to start a concert? Not that many people showed up, which was quite a shame. Though I don't really think I should complain about this, because it meant that there was plenty of room for everyone.

The Holiday Show delivered a fine performance. Unlike last year on Vesterbro the boys had time enough to do a sound check, so the band sounded a lot better than back then. The guys are actually taking a break right now (saying they are on Holiday, would sound like a stupid attempt at trying to be funny), but decided to take "a break from the break" to be able to play the concert. They seemed to have a great time performing, so I don't think they regret that decision at all. Afterwards I spoke briefly to Mads and Casper of the band and it seems like lots of positive things are happening. But we'll get back to that, whenever they are ready to share the news.

Second act Spion also gave a fine and energetic performance and certainly seemed to have a great time on stage, despite a few equipment problems. Luckily I got my hands on their newest demo and after listening to it during my drive home ("pump up the volume"), it is absolutely unbelievable that they haven't been signed to a record label.

In between the two acts I had the pleasure of speaking to Thomas of Volvoe. He admitted to be a regular visitor to the blog, so if you read this Thomas - It was really nice talking to you!!
+ The Holiday Show - City Girlfriend
+ Spion - Tynd Is
+ Volvoe - Travelling

J.A. Recommends...

One could easily be fooled to believe that the weather would be so great in Spain these days that J.A. would have all kind of difficulties to find enough time to be searching for new music. However (or perhaps luckily) that doesn't seem to be the case (or he simply doesn't care about his suntan?), so this morning I found some nice recommendations in the mailbox.

Today I'll only post one of his recommendations and (the obvious reason aside that the music is really great) the main reason for picking this one is that the band has a perfect name - Sunny Summer Day. And since the sun IS shining today, what would be more perfect than to listen to a couple of great indie pop songs from this Indonesian band? Both tracks are demos recorded this year and some of the main influences include The Field Mice and The Stone Roses, so you should know what to expect. According to the band's Myspace page they are signed to a small US label called Little Pocket Records, but no information is available on any releases. But certainly worth keeping an eye on!
+ You're The One For Me
+ Something In Your Eyes

July 15, 2007


Thanks to all of you, who posted comments on my Friday blurbs. I guess it has been vetoed that I should continue writing in English, so I'll let the discussion rest...for now.

@ Sara - saw your small plea in your blog, and it will be added to the blogroll very soon.

@ Tolga - your blogs will be added as well.

@ Strangeisthenewfruit - sadly I never found out more about The Fridaynight Club. But it still is a fantastic song - isn't it?
+ Aeroplanes

July 13, 2007

Friday blurbs...

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about switching language and start writing my posts in Danish instead. Let’s be honest for second. My English isn’t really any good and these posts are taking me forever to write. Writing in Danish would save me a lot of time and I’m pretty certain that the posts will be funnier and a tiny bit more interesting to read if written in my native language. But the obvious reason why I’m rooting against this switch is that I, pretty much like every other naïve blogger, hope that someday the entire world will be knocking on my bloggerdoor. Then it would be plain stupid that the world couldn't understand what I was writing - wouldn't it. And furthermore I'd probably risk loosing the two non-Danish speaking readers I have, if I made such a change? So for now the blog will continue being written in English and the dictionary will remain my loyal and trusted companion.

I wrote it earlier this week and I’m happy to repeat it. The more I listen to Our Love To Admire the more I like it.

Handily Supertroels has posted a compilation of all his freebies.

Some might ask what's there to be excited about, but I'm really, really looking forward to see Spion and The Holiday Show in concert tonight. Family obligations make it pretty difficult to fill my calendar with concert dates, so for obvious reasons I have to treasure the ones where I get the opportunity to go.
+ Spion - Dine Øjne
+ The Holiday Show - Put Me On A TV-show

This has already received plenty of blogger love, but I think that the great initiative deserves my recognition as well. The independent label Autumn Tone (run by Justin of An Aquarium Drunkard) has reissued the debut album Shadows Rise by post-folk duo Travel By Sea, as an “appetizer” for the band’s second release – due later this summer/fall. And a beautiful album it is. So quiet and mellow that you almost get the impression that it was created especially for the rainy days spent on the couch with a smoking cup of coffee in your hand. Despite truly deserving it, the album probably won’t appeal to the masses (these kinds of bands just never seem to do), so I very much doubt that it will propel the band (or the label for that matter) to stardom. But I assume at lot less will do just fine? However should I be wrong; then it's possible to buy the album here. Finally - am I really the only one who easily could imagine Lindsey Buckingham performing Brightside?
+ Brightside
+ Complete Shakeup

Chris posted it yesterday and I'll post it today. The new (AND free) track by Iron and Wine is excellent. His new album will be released September 25.
+ Boy With a Coin

July 12, 2007

Celestial - Somedays We Are

Swedish one-man indie pop/shoegaze inspired band Celestial released a limited edition 3" CD-single on Cloudberry Records earlier this year called Somedays We Are. The single is now sold out, so the band has generously made the title track available as a free download. If you (just like I am) are a fan of the band's other stuff, this excellent track certainly won't disappoint you!
+ Somedays We Are

Two to look out for (maybe?)...

Dan Wallace will release his new album Culture of Self on July 19. His music is pretty hard to label (a rocking version of the typical singer/songwriter?), but the four freebies of the album are pretty good.
+ Perfect Weather For A Superhero
+ The Heap

Swedish indie pop/rock band This Year's Model will release their debut album The Clock Strikes Ten in the rest of Europe on August 3 (already released in Japan and Scandinavia me thinks - how I wish bands were better at giving accurate information). The two sample tracks are short, but definitely not without potential (thanks J.A.).
+ Ten O'Clock Murder
+ O, Heaven Help My Foolish Heart

Obviously the burning question in both cases is, whether the rest of the album is any good! Will let you know if I ever find out...

July 11, 2007

Two nice ones...

Did a quick Myspace search this morning and found these two fine tracks:

+ Daylight - The Morning Call
Gorgeous guitar pop song by an Indonesian five-piece. Soon to be found in the right column.

+ Cézanne Grand - Iowa Fields
Wonderful and charming indie pop piece from this Swedish one-man band.

Don't expect any more updates today.

July 10, 2007

J.A. Recommends...

Norwegian synth/powerpop/electronic/futurepop trio The I. Sounds like Mew (vocals) meeting The Knife (visually) and Nine Inch Nails/VNV Nation (sounds). Or something close to that! More songs can be found here.
+ Senser
+ Make It

Spies on thin ice...

Danish rock quartet Spion (the Danish word for spy) wasn't picked as Gaffa's demo of July, but the review of the band's 2007 demo Tynd Is (Danish for thin ice) was still pretty good (4 out of 6 stars), so I decided to give it a listen. A rather good idea it seems, as especially the pulsing title track has blown me away completely. The drums sound like something that Mew could have recorded during the And The Glass Handed Kites recordings, and the chorus is one of those that will be stuck in your head for the next many, many days. Please don't let the fact that the band is singing in Danish scare you away, as this is excellent stuff! The band has recorded two more demos/EP's and both of them are available for free from the band's webpage.
+ Tynd Is
+ Lydløs
+ Når Du Kommer Hjem

This Friday the band will play a double concert at Lades in Copenhagen where my old favorites The Holiday Show will be performing as well. I'll be there....
+ Snookerstar (New mix)
+ Island Of Lonely People
+ Traveling minds

Probably should add that the demo by The Holiday Show was reviewed as well and received 5 out of 6 stars (pretty good and the band was compared to my old heroes Gangway). Demo EP of the month was by alternative rockers Up In Arms.

July 9, 2007

This and That....

This is old news, but remember to download the new (and excellent single) Hey, Girl by Figurines. The expectations for the album When The Deer Wore Blue (out later this month in DK) are sky high!
+ Hey, Girl

The more I listen the more I like Our Love To Admire!

If I ever meet Soko "I swear I'll kill her". What started out as a sweet little novelty thing is now all over the airways and for every listen that French accent annoys me more and more!

I've been listening to a lot of radio the past two weeks and it was great to hear P3 play songs by Kind of girl, Turboweekend and The Floor Is Made Of Lava (songs here).

FALK recommends this great new track by German new wave/gothic band Curious.
+ Resurrection

And J.A. recommends this catchy one by US electronic/powerpop trio Iris. Taken from the band's 2005 album called Wrath.
+ Appetite

Finally a nice one from the mailbox. The Lion by NY one man project Goodbye The Band reminds me (in a very positive way) of of Montreal.
+ The Lion

July 8, 2007

Back again...

After two weeks in the rain (how I wish I was writing "sun" instead) I'm back and typing this with (highly unexpected) pale fingers. Everything around here is pretty much as I expected; the mailbox is cluttered, the number of visitors has dropped and all my favorite blogs have posted zillions of new and interesting songs the past few weeks. So it might take some time before I've read my way through all the messages and listened to all the songs, as I do have plenty of work (you know - the boring and unimportant real-life stuff) to take care of as well.

A while back when I wrote the post on OMD covers, Oliver North Boy Choir mailed me their version of the classic Enola Gay. Back then I made a promise not to post it, and despite being quite a challenge I managed to keep my word. Now the band has decided to distribute the song to a few blogs, so I guess this means that I'm released from my vow? Actually this is an older piece recorded in the days when the band was named Pierre, but still intended to be used as a b-side. However something went wrong (won't try to give the technical explanation), so this ended up being the final version (and a damn good one I might add). One a side note; Ivan of the band has set up a blog called In a cyclone of stones (soon to be added to the blogroll).
+ Enola Gay

I've done my share of whole-hearted attempts trying to get into Stars, but Elevator Love Letter aside the band has failed to impress me. But I have to admit that the new track (which is already all over the blogosphere) is really, really sweet.
+ The Night Starts Here

I somehow completely missed the release last month of the Moonshine Heights EP by Stars In Coma on Music Is My Girlfriend. Freebie Spring Rain Song takes a while getting into, but is a real grower.
+ Spring Rain Song

But probably the best news of all is this new wonderful indie pop tune by Sweden's The Electric Pop Group. The band continues the formula from the album and has written yet another irresistible and charming tune (thanks to Coast is Clear).
+ My Only Inspiration

More tomorrow...I hope!