October 31, 2013


Vote for the best Danish album ever (or so they say).

Apparently Club 8 is big in Japan Indonesia.

Sorry, but I'm not going to accept your invitation to connect on Linkedin.

Finished watching the first season of Orange Is the New Black last night, so now what?

Going to stream the new album Adagio by 4 Guys From The Future today and I expect it to be awesome!

Streamed the new Arcade Fire yesterday and was slightly disappointed not to be blown away.

Will give it more tries though.

Sort of bended the unwritten rules of this post, by posting that second line on Arcade Fire.

The jangling new track by The Electric Pop Group from the A Sunday Matinée compilation is now up for streaming.

And the equally jangling track from Pale Sunday is up there as well.

This new video (and song) from Danish electro-pop trio Odd Collection is pretty cool.

October 30, 2013

A Sunday Matinée...on a Wednesday...

Just a shout out for the upcoming Matinée Recordings compilation A Sunday Matinée, which will be out next month to celebrate the label's 15 years of existence. 15 (new, unreleased, rare etc.) tracks by 15 of the label's very finest artists, including brand new and much anticipated ones from long time blog favorites Northern Portrait and The Electric Pop Group. 5 of the tracks are up for streaming (and teasing) on SoundCloud and they sure promise that should you decide to buy the album (and why not?) you will be in for one massive indie pop fix.

October 28, 2013

Sunday Morning on a Monday...

Yesterday Sune Rose Wagner (of The Raveonettes) shared this cover version of Sunday Morning, which he recorded 14 years ago. As you know, I've never been a fan of cover versions, but this is a really cool interpretation (the noisier sound fits the song perfectly) and an absolutely superb tribute to the late Mr. Reed.

October 25, 2013

Another list of songs found...

Some seriously horrible submissions today and my stamina is being tested more than ever (?)! The good part being that hundreds of mails have been deleted, so the number of emails in the inbox is not that far from being trimmed down to a four digit number. I'm sorry, but three measly songs (though three quite good) are all you'll be getting today, as real life work is demanding my presence...

October 24, 2013


The video for US duo England in 1819's haunting and gorgeously wonderful track Himmel (which I posted earlier today) is rather spooky and with Halloween coming up; perfectly themed and timed.

List of songs found...

The ongoing story of cleaning the mailbox goes...well...on, but since I woke up with a real positive mind this morning, I am actually going to give several tunes a chance. The good ones (if any) or promising/interesting will end up here. The bad or not-so-good ones will end up somewhere completely different. So today you'll (once again being blue-eyed optimistic) hopefully get lots of (or at least a few) brilliant songs and, since I'm far more focused on listening than writing, no words. In the earlier days of blogging we used to call lists of songs like this one for "mix-tapes" (probably used as a lame excuse for not bothering writing anything), though time has probably come to find a more up-to-date term? "List of songs found in emails and posted for streaming at SoundCloud" doesn't really sound any good at all, but that's exactly what this is...

Will bring the broom to work again tomorrow, so look out for more posts like this one in near future.!

October 23, 2013

Rambling shit...

Continue to receive loads of shitty mails, so yesterday I made the decision to help people figuring things out, since they clearly cannot figure it out themselves. So set up a number of filters including bad words like "remix", "rnb" and "hip hop", and so far a fine little number of emails have ended up directly in the waste bin. And I've only just started and you bet more filthy words will be added. Now I can only dream of a function that will allow me to spam people right back with 20 mails (or more) telling them "I'm ever so sorry, but since you rather obviously did NOT read the guidelines and mailed me some horrible, horrible music, I thought I should let you know that your email automatically was filed in the trash folder. What a great job you did wasting your time, your client's money, but luckily you failed in wasting mine!"...or something similar rude!

Hopefully you've forgotten all about it, but maybe one of two remember how I wrote about my back problem? It still persists, but now I've got a name for it. It's called...you've probably guessed it...herniation. You can read a whole lot more about it at Wikipedia (or choose not to), but luckily it won't take an operation to fix it. Instead I will be looking forward to seeing my physiotherapist quite often over the next few months.

Is Orange is the new Black the new black? I've always hated TV-series and loathed the concept of having to wait 1 to 7 days for the story to continue. However, I signed up for Netflix about a month ago (to get access to the movies and the children's stuff) and ever since the provider has done a real fine job reminding me again and again that "hey we have truckloads of series right here, just waiting to be streamed". So this weekend I finally gave in and thought "what the heck; why not give it a try?". So obviously I decided to make my "debut" by watching a series about a woman sentenced to 15 months in a women's prison. And being my "debut" I logically cannot share my opinion on whether or not this is better than any other series around. But 5 episodes in, I'm rather impressed by the mix of drama (most of the characters being far more captivating and with far more interesting stories than I ever expected) and comedy (at times it's absolutely hilarious). And of course...the best part being that there are several episodes left as well as loads and loads of other series to be looking forward to...

This is really contradictory I know and very much against anything I've "preached" about obscurity over the years. So despite Cut Copy being the most blogged artist according to Hypem, I nonetheless have to post the band's new track We Are Explorer. Not groundbreaking or anything, just a plain brilliant electronic pop tune.

Never mentioned the release of The Proctors' album Everlasting Light (through Shelflife Records). Lead single Trouble With Forever is a simply wonderful jangly guitar pop tune that is bound to bring back some lovely Sarah Records memories...currently streaming the album via Spotify and it really is quite wonderful!

October 22, 2013

Dry your eyes and watch my ship go down...

Had last week off from work and as the blue eyes optimist I am, I seriously expected that there would be enough time for writing a blogpost or two. But fatherhood, husbandhood, hanging around the hood, whateverhood, sure is a full time job, so there was no time left for that kind of fun.

So as always following a break (be it short - be it long) there is plenty of stuff piling up.

I bet the whole world knows this already, but consider this a service message for the few, who doesn't. There's a new Arcade Fire video out and a new album coming up.

Danish (who's behind this?) one-man project I Am Noxious is busy working his butt off in the studio (or so we are led to believe) recording new songs. But has nonetheless found enough time to give an older demo track (don't think the first version was ever available online?) an overhaul. Watch My Ship Go Down is described as "a lo-fi pop tune about Friday Nights", although I'm not totally convinced if the term "lo-fi" really fits in this case? A fine, rather catchy and slightly experimental electronic pop tune is probably somewhat more accurate ...I guess!

Another fine and equally interesting Danish electronic pop act It's A Synth is rather busy these days as well and this past weekend the band launched their new website; thereby publishing a few new tracks for us to stream. With a declared ambition of creating "big exciting four-minute floor fillers and epic evolving soundscapes" the new tracks (being uptempo, haunting and energetic) certainly verifies that the band is heading in the right direction.

Their first album aside, I cannot recall ever being a fan of Texas (the band). Always thought that this was a band for girls pretending they were listening to rock music, when they were actually listening to some seriously soft shit. But new single Dry Your Eyes is surprisingly enjoyable and highly recommendable. Not that surprising really when learning that the song was co-written with long-time blog favorite Richard Hawley and it does indeed sound remarkably like something that Mr. Hawley could have recorded himself.

October 9, 2013

A few choice words and a couple of songs...

My repost of those promo mails guidelines hasn't helped the slightest bit. So right now I'm seriously considering turning on the out-of-office-assistant with a reply saying "don't you ever dare sending me another useless remix or another shitty hip-hop track! IF you do I'll track you down a shove your computer up your..."...or something like that! Doubt it would help though and since I'm generally far too polite, I probably won't!

So while I'm feeling more and more drawn towards turning my back on promo mails, I luckily still receive some fantastic recommendations from old contributor J.A.. Amazing how he's able to dig out interesting yet little known artists over and over. Here are two of his most recent finds and as always this is seriously interesting and great stuff!

Taxes is a shoegaze act from Australia and here you'll get the full package of excellent songwriting and distorted guitars.

If you prefer guitar/synth driven pop songs that are quite 80's inspired, then check out the trio Toy Cities from Brooklyn instead.

And what do you know! Just saw that Mr. J.A. has mailed a few tracks...bet there will some interesting stuff among those as well, but will have to get back to those some other day!

October 8, 2013

The milky way...

Another pleasant surprise found in the mailbox today. New brilliant single from Sweden's Ismael called Vintergatan (Swedish for "The milky way") was released a few days ago and though sung in their native Swedish the track has quite a "US pop/rock" sound to it. No need to list any references (bet you'll easily spot them yourself), so instead I'll simply focus my words on recommending that you give the track a real good listen...it's pretty damn fine! New album Atlas will be out later this month...

Found a silver dollar on the avenue...

I've said it numerous times before, but it really, really makes my day, when I pick a random track from a random promo mail and then gets completely knocked off my feet. Happened today when I checked fresh single On The Avenue by fairly new Australian trio Major Tom, which since then has been on continuous repeat. The track is an irresistible, charming and close to perfect 70's inspired piano-pop song getting quite some inspiration from (without ripping off) Elton John and (so they say) Ben Folds. SoundCloud doesn't seem to be working today, so instead you'll have to enjoy (and enjoy it you should) the track via this bandcamp link.

And the SoundCloud widget which seems to be working again (the reason was probably some problem with my fucked up computer! Yes! It's new, but still pretty fucked up!).

October 2, 2013

Three quick ones...

Spent far, far, far too much time this morning installing my new computer at work, so today time is a valued commodity. So this will be short...

A couple of  months ago, I was (and actually still am) really high on the single Over & Over by UK singer Sivu and now he has a new track out called I Lost Myself...which (fortunately) is a pretty damn fine pop song as well!

You probably have done so already, but if you happen to be one of the few, who hasn't, I strongly urge you to stream the new Azure Blue album Beyond the Dreams There's Infinite Doubt (you can do that right here). Honestly, seriously, scout's honor, hand on my heart etc. Pop music rarely gets more delicious than this!

And while you're over at Soundcloud you simply "have to" stream the new and (by me at least) highly anticipated Prince of Spain album His Majesty. On the short side clocking in at less than 30 minutes, but it will certainly be among the best half hours you will spend this year!

Sorry, but I did tell you that it would be short!