February 27, 2007

Busy Tuesday...

Only have time to post a few one-(or perhaps two-) liners.

Found the track Paragraphs Relentless by Dälek in the mailbox this morning. I normally don't like this type of music at all (mix of Hip-Hop and Rap), but to my big surprised I really enjoy this one!
+ Paragraphs Relentless

Talking about dislikes. I hate it when bands and albums are being (over-)hyped, but I really, really like Wincing The Night Away by The Shins.
+ Phantom Limb

Chris meets Blackfield.

Peter has posted a new (at least it's new to me) and excellent track by EPO-555. EPO-555 spin-off Oliver North Choir will release their 4 track debut single (download only) on Sunday (March 4). I've had the pleasure to listen to all 4 tracks and it's brilliant stuff!
+ Something New (demo version)

Finnish alternative rock band Tinker has uploaded 3 new demo tracks to Myspace. I've only listened to them once so far, but they sounded pretty cool.
+ Sleepwalk
+ Tonight & Me
+ Cynic's Heart

February 26, 2007

New single by Pelle Carlberg

Labrador gives away the new single by Pelle Carlberg for free. It's taken from the forthcoming album In a Nutshell, which will be released March 28. It's a nice little pop tune featuring Norwegian singer Ida Maria on vocals.
+ I Love You You Imbecile

Bubblegum Lemonade

Friday evening I wondered why Bubblegum Lemonade had never been featured in any music blogs. By judging from the comments I guess my conclusion was a bit hasty and incorrect. Sorry about that and I promise to do my homework better in the future. So to make amends I've listed some of the blogs below that at some point have featured this excellent Scottish band.
- Powerpopaholic
- Mira el Péndulo
- Indie MP3
- Think Small

And Merz mentioned the band in his post yesterday!

Finally I've posted four tracks by the band found over at Myspace (all of them in a decent quality).
+ The Tomorrow People
+ Unsafe at any Speed
+ Just Like You
+ Tyler

February 23, 2007

Best of...Friday evening edition

Just watched Trading Places on TV. I know it's 24 years old, but I still rank it as one of the funniest movies ever made. I'm not the movie buff I once used to be, so I won't start any Eddie Murphy rant (because I haven't watched any of his movies the past 10 years).

While watching I had a Best Extra Stout from Coopers Brewery (Australia). Must be one of the best beers you'll ever taste!

OK - no more best of this and that bullshit. Probably should stick to what I normally do and post some music instead.

Sherwood from California has a new album (A Different Light) coming up and gives away a track from it called Song In My Head for free. It's one of those typical and instantly catchy American pop/rock tunes that we all hate to admit actually liking.
+ Song In My Head

Over at Last.fm I've sent a request to become a member of a group called Department of Free Sounds (apparently it has to be accepted by someone). Thanks to the recommendations found there, I'm currently busy downloading and listening to some quite interesting stuff. A few samples (though they have probably already been featured in other blogs)....
+ Sleepy Township - Monument
+ Eux Autres - Ecoutez Bien!
+ Bubblegum Lemonade - My Dreams of You

A quick search over at The Hype Machine reveals that no blog has ever featured Bubblegum Lemonade. Why is beyond me, because this band (mixing noise pop and jangling guitars with a lot of 60's inspiration) should give fans of bands like The Field Mice and The Jesus and Mary Chain plenty to cheer for

Short ones...

J.A. recommended Swedish indie/alternative act Principe Valiente to me a while back. The band has been so kind to send me a couple of nice tracks to post in the blog.
+ Desire
+ The Night

I'm definitely going to listen to more songs by the incredible The Search today.
+ Six Year Eclipse

Peter is really high on Winterpills. Listen and find out why! And while you're there remember to check out the two fabulous tracks by Minipop!

Peter (Mr. Schallgrenzen) recommends this epic instrumental post-rock track by Greek band Afformance.
+ A Tide Before The Flickering Sun

February 22, 2007

Snow continues to fall....

But no - I'm not going to post that track again today!

Hand Signals by Hits In The Car favorite Pete White has been remixed by Soundfoundation. Amazingly this version is even better than the original! If you have a couple of seconds you really should stream his new and surprisingly up-tempo/rocking track How It Is over at Myspace. I'd love to share this track with all of you, but getting permission to doing that seems to be a bit complicated.
+ Hand Signals Rmx
+ Hand Signals

The entire 2006 album Into the Plateau by Spanish indie electronic act Delorean can be downloaded for free over at Last.fm. All 8 tracks are "designed" for the dancefloor, so if you're searching for a "Saturday evening/night soundtrack" - look no further. Kindly brought to my attention by none other than J.A.!
+ Complexity Reducer
+ As Times Breaks Off

OK now - this is what you do! Take the biggest blender you can find. Into the blender you put all your CD's by The Cure, New Order, Joy Division, Puressence and The Radio Dept. You spice it up by adding a little (not very much) shoegaze, some new wave and of course a whole lot of that typical Swedish ability of writing great and catchy tunes. Switch on the blender at high speed for a couple of minutes and....voila....you have The Search from Uppsala. A whopping 63 tracks are available for free from the band's Last.fm profile and obviously I have yet to listen to all of them. But those tracks I have listened to so far are nothing but fantastic! Thanks to Fadeaway for unknowingly assisting me in finding this band!
+ Through the Walls of Ice
+ Collapse of the Imagination
+ I Didn't Raise No Fool

February 21, 2007

Snow Fell.......

Every time it's snowing I cannot help posting this fabulous track by The Consultants! I guess the song will forever remain a classic even though the band split up shortly after the release of the (excellent) debut album Work from Home.
+ Snow Fell (It's Night)

I've always been quite slow, so it's completely new to me that the lead singer Marisha Chinsky of the aforementioned The Consultants went on to join (or form?) a band called Polar Bear Parade. In a post nearly 6 months ago Indie MP3 described the sound of the band "like a poppier version of early Sonic Youth", which I think is spot on.
+ Baby Bohemian
+ Firehouse
+ Mountain Lion

And the rest of the members of The Consultants went on to join My Teenage Stride. I've been familiar with this band for quite some time, but haven't really bothered listening to them at all. Once you've listened to Live and Die in.. you'll probably agree that this was quite a mistake!
+ To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge

And finally....3 more songs about snow - I haven't listened to the lyrics, so I damn hope that it's not THAT kind of "snow"!
+ Kuryakin - Snow
+ Tower of Foil - Silent Stream of Snow
+ Sambassadeur - Ice & Snow

February 20, 2007

A few Last.fm tracks...

Just a quick post with a few tracks found over at Last.fm. All of them really deserve a proper introduction, but I have no time for writing that today. Nonetheless I hope that you'll give them a listen (or two)!!

+ Rocketship - I'm Lost Without You Here
+ Audrey - Mecklenburg
+ Love Spirals Downwards - Will You Fade

and right now I'm listening to a string of beautiful atmospheric tracks by dreampop, ethereal, neoprogressive rock band Blood Ruby.
+ Midsummer Fires
+ Underwater Place

February 19, 2007

New single by Mixtapes & Cellmates...

Nomethod Records gives away the new Mixtapes & Cellmates single Quiet for free. It's from the band's debut album (no release date mentioned) and sounds pretty good. Somehow I just wish it was running a bit longer than 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
+ Quiet (Zip file)
+ Quiet

February 18, 2007

Sunday evening...

SuperTroels has posted a really cool remix of Teach Me Tiger by Speaker Bite Me.
+ Teach Me Tiger (SuperTroels Remix)
+ Teach Me Tiger

Check Chris' Lazy Sunday Mix. Don't miss the fantastic Smother + Evil = Hurt by The Kissaway Trail. Sounds a lot like Arcade Fire - doesn't it??
+ Smother + Evil = Hurt

Merz is back in action!!!!!

Alison recommends The kids are all shite by German band Mikrofisch. The lyrics are quite interesting or perhaps funny is a more accurate description!
+ The kids are all shite

February 17, 2007


Last week I received a copy of the Organized Faults EP by Danish electro/power pop band Volvoe, and since then it has been a frequent guest in the car stereo. The EP has not been officially released but instead distributed to a lot of people in an attempt to put a little more focus on the band. And perhaps even better to catch the attention of the music industry in general. The long-term ambition/dream is (of course!) to be able to release a full-length album, and if the band continues to write attractive, interesting and catchy tunes like those on the EP, we should have an album to be looking forward to very soon. Below the excellent Remedy from the EP and you should check a PLAGUE of ANGELS if you'd like to hear two more tracks by the band.
+ Remedy

February 16, 2007

Best track of the year?

The first time I listened to Twist from the new Ether Aura album Before We Could Sing (officially released tomorrow), it felt just like a bomb went off in my head. This fantastic track, in all its energetic intensity, runs for 2 minutes and 39 seconds and has those lovely roaring drums, them noisy shoegaze guitars and a chorus to die for. On top of that you have the angel like and absolutely wonderful voice of Kate Hinote, who so demonically declares “I WILL hurt you”, which makes this track so darn close to being perfect.
Better prepare yourself to get blown away!

+ Twist

And of course a big thank you to the band, for letting me post the track!

Falk recommends....auto-auto

auto-auto is yet another interesting Swedish band from Gothenburg, but these guys don't belong to the extensive group of indie-pop bands coming from that city. Instead the duo plays synth-pop inspired by Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk etc. as well as finding some inspiration in the more "heavy" industrial electronic names like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb. The entire 2005 Totem EP (and a remixed version as well) are available for free from the band's webpage (where you can find lots of other stuff as well). Thanks to Falk for sending the recommendation!
+ Transdimensional
+ I Am the sun
+ Iam the sun remix by Infinite beat

February 15, 2007

dis and dat...

Last night I listened a lot to this great (I think it's an older one) track by US indie/power-pop band The Picture.
+ So Many Days

Yesterday emodreng og indiepige posted 3 tracks by Swedish indie-pop youngsters Abraham & The Ditsy Blondes. Here's a sample and if you like it, you can find two more here.
+ My Vocabulary

Danish band The Art has posted 3 free tracks over at Myspace. I cannot link directly to any of them, but they are all worth checking out. The band has been compared a lot to The Cure, which is no surprise really.
+ Somewhere

My copy of the new Ether Aura album arrived yesterday. I'll post my thoughts and a few tracks next week.

Zeon's Music Blog has been added to the blogroll.

And a quick one....J.A. recommends Brist by Swedish band Kontraband. How do you describe stuff like this? Danceable goth pop?
+ Brist
+ Brist (Compute Version)

Today's picture has once again been "borrowed" from the home page of Amnesty International Volunteers.

February 13, 2007

New songs and some mixed stuff...

Below I've posted 5 new tracks found over at Myspace. The quality of the songs has indeed improved from the lowly 96 Kbps and the bitrates of the new songs are 128 Kbps or better. I still cannot figure out how to link directly to the songs (Chris is working on this), so I've had to upload the songs myself (hopefully no one minds?). The Myspace download function doesn't seem to be working perfectly, but hopefully they are trying to fix it, so we can return to "the good old days"!!!

Shoegazers Tearwave from US has posted two new ones. The band has recorded a fine cover of The Church's Under The Milky Way and Read Me is a really great shoegaze inspired track (noisy guitars, dreamy vocals and stuff). A full length CD has been recorded and that one should be a "must".
+ Read Me
+ Under The Milky Way

Alaska (Chris' guinea pigs) from Sweden is one more band in the ever growing line of fantastic Swedish indie pop band. A new EP should be just around the corner, and hopefully the rest of the tracks are as good as these. Originally recommended to Chris and me by J.A.
+ Another Beat
+ Perfect View

Björn Kleinhenz is a real blogger "darling". No offence, as not only does he create great music, but he is also one of the musicians that seems to recognize the relevance of the music bloggers. AND the importance of giving away music for free! But I'd still love to know what has happened to Memoplay!?
+ Sing YEAH

Just found this new and absolutely wonderful indie pop tune by Indonesian band Annemarie over at Music Is My Girlfriend. The band's new album called ABC on TV will be released on Monday (19th).
+ Bubblegum I See

aPLAGUE of ANGELS has a superb post on Danish indie/electronic act Volvoe.

I've added On The Trail Of The Great and Der Mondgucker to the blogroll.

I've "borrowed" today's picture from the home page of Amnesty International Volunteers.

Business as usual...

Exactly! Nothing new under the sun. I'm busy and expect to spend the next 12 hours at work. Unfortunately the pivotal point of life cannot be blogging, though that certainly would be quite an appealing scenario. But every now and then my “real life” job requires some attention, and with the next paycheck in mind, I’ll try to focus on work today (at least for the next couple of hours…....)!
Since I doubt very much that anyone are the slightest bit interested in my personal whinings, I’ve posted this absolutely gorgeous indie/electronic pop track instead (recorded by 17 year-old wunderkid Ben Garrett under the alias frYars), to get everyone's focus back on track. I've been given permission to post more tracks, so check back for more (but not today)!
+ The Ides

February 11, 2007

Decorate. Decorate.

Danish indie/electronic band Decorate.Decorate. has launched a new website and among the goodies there is a free download of the excellent Surname of Copenhagen in a new/updated version. I'm not sure, but I believe the website version must be the one that will be on the mini album that will be released later this year! Download the new as well as the old demo version and decide for yourself, which is the better one (I'm undecided, as I somehow prefer the drums on the demo)!
+ Surname of Copenhagen (mini album version? - 96 Kbps)
+ Surname of Copenhagen (demo)

Layabout + Myspace - back to "normal"?

Yesterday when I downloaded the fine new track Arms Around The City by US (Steely Dan and Elvis Costello inspired) jazz/pop trio Layabout from the band's Myspace profile, I noticed that the bitrate was 192 Kbps and that the song was tagged correctly! Hopefully this is not an error/mistake, but a sign that the "good old days" are about to return (though I seem to be having problems copying the link, so I had to upload it myself)? The track is from Layabout's forthcoming EP called Suburban Legend and it makes quite a lot of sense posting this track on a day like this (when it's windy and biting cold). This is quiet and beautiful stuff and darn close to the perfect soundtrack when you're sitting in you warm living room drinking a steaming cup of coffee...
+ Arms Around The City
and a couple of older tracks
+ Barbara
+ Dressed in Grey

Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote etc.

Both Kunsten At Slippe Taget by Entakt and Too Young To Die by Phonovectra are being tested this week by the Danish radio chart Tjeklisten. So there are at least two (very) good reasons to vote!

February 10, 2007

James Hurst - Spread The News...

Thanks to FALK for suggesting that I should download the 4 track EP Spread The News by UK singer/songwriter James Hurst. The EP was released to the internet a little more than a year ago, so you can say that not all good news travel fast. The songs were written, recorded, performed etc. by the man himself in his living room. These songs could easily have come out as the typical singer/songwriter/acoustic stuff, but James Hurst adds nice pounding drums to the productions as well as plenty of electric guitars (at least to three of the tracks), which helps making this really interesting stuff.
+ Ok
+ Spread The News
+ Happy Lonely
+ Forget Your Face

February 9, 2007

Andrew Boland...Shadowplay

He's been quiet for a while, so I sent Andrew Boland (ex-Shadowplay) a message today, asking for news/updates. He quickly replied that he's been quiet for the one simple reason, that there isn't anything to tell. Since there (unfortunately) is no news to share, I thought I'd share these two wonderful tracks instead. Once you've listened to them, I hope you'll understand why I'm so interested in hearing more from this excellent Irish singer/songwriter. Oh! And before anyone starts ripping me. Yes, yes, yes! I know that I forgot both tracks when I made my best-of-2006 list!
+ The Submarine Song (Shadowplay)
+ Leonard Cohen's Few (solo track)

February 8, 2007

A new export market???

6 out of the last 40 visitors to the blog have been from China! Before today the number of visitors from China was 80 (in little more than two years). Now the number is 96. What's happened (don't tell me they are just spammers!)?

It's been a while....hasn't it?

Since the last time I mentioned my favorites Kind of girl? Oh well - If you are a regular visitor to this blog, I suggest that you simply ignore this one, because I doubt very much that you have missed all of my (many, many) previous posts on this excellent Danish indie rock band. If you are a newcomer and for some reason have never listened to Kind of girl - I guess your time is now! The debut album will be released later this year (I hope!).
+ Poetry Boy
+ Slaved By Your Charms

The Bastard Fairies...

Download the entire 12 track album Memento Mori by US alternative, avant-garde, experimental (feel free to add whatever you think is appropriate) duo The Bastard Fairies for free here or here. The music has been described as "Suzanne Vega shtupping The Knife" by (((withoutsound))) and most pictures of female singer Yellow Thunder Woman (which I've read is a translation of her Indian name Wakinyan Zi Win) are rather, ahem (*blush*) interesting. The entire "concept" is certainly both weird and fascinating, though at first it leaves you with the impression that this is meant to be some kind of repulsive joke! But once you listen to the music you realize that it's surprisingly catchy, and much, much better than you ever expected it to be..
+ A Venemous Tale
+ Everyone Has A Secret
+ Apple Pie

February 7, 2007


Thanks to Fadeaway, Italian shoegaze/ alternative rock band Murnau caught my attention a while back and now the band's wepage (in Italian) is finally working again. 8 tracks (as well as a couple of live recordings) are free to download and all of them are well worth a listen. I don't understand a word Italian (not quite true - I actually understand the meaning of "molto bene"), but according to a message I've received from the band, all of the tracks are new recordings. The band has existed since 2004, is still unsigned (hopefully not for long) and lists the Post-Rock, Shoegaze (and a few other) genres in general as the main influences.
Molto bene indeed!
+ Come un fantasma
+ Dentro Me
+ Last Hope Sound

Labrador 100

Labrador (probably my favorite label) has made 4 tracks from the forthcoming 4 CD-box set Labrador 100 available as free downloads. You can see the entire tracklist and download a few more tracks as well over at Last.fm.
+ Club 8 - We're simple minds
+ Acid House Kings - Say yes if you love me
+ Tribeca - Her breasts were still small
+ Irene - Waterfront

February 6, 2007

Entakt - Kunsten At Slippe Taget

Watch the (weird, but very fascinating) video for the new single by Entakt called Kunsten At Slippe Taget. It's one of my favorite tracks from the album, and that piano sounds like Kent meeting Muse. Listen, watch and enjoy!

The video is also recommended by DoCopenhagen and Soundvenue.

New songs by Track a Tiger....

Listen to two brand new tracks by Chicago band Track a Tiger.
+Saint About to Fall
+All These Accidents

February 5, 2007

This and That....

Listen to a new track by Swedish indie pop band The State of Samuel.
+ The Residents of Gloom

Never mentioned it before, but January was the best month in the history of the blog with more than 10,000 hits. THANKS to those who dropped by!!
Peter had quite a successful month as well!

Stream a new track by The Holiday Show over at Myspace.

Chris writes about Icehouse (great post and lots of MP3's).

Stream or download the entire HCA album by Swedish instrumental/electronic artist Fujasaki.
+ You Never Left An Airport Happy pt. 2

Check the popularity of the blogs listed at Hype Machine. Hits In The Car is no. 177 (NO! - I didn't count my way down the list....)!

Liga.dk = MP3 blog?

Entakt - Træerne Vokser Ind I Himlen - Thoughts

Why is it that every time I find an album to be really great, I find it equally difficult to write a post about it? I’ve often wondered if it is because I want my post to be good enough, to serve it justice? Or is it because my post suddenly starts resembling a review, which is the last thing I want it to? Maybe it’s because a post with no other content than; “this is a damn great album – go buy it”; is rather pointless? I honestly don’t know why I experience this kind of “writer’s block”, so I believe your guess will be as good as mine.
The most recent example of this stalemate has occurred whenever I’ve wanted to write a post on the debut album by Danish 5-piece Entakt called Træerne Vokser Ind I Himlen. I’ve probably started writing the post 10 times and deleted it all again the same number of times.
So I’ve been getting more or less nowhere on this project ever since the album was released (January 6), which has been a quite annoying experience. Primarily because this is indeed a fine and rather remarkable album deserving to be mentioned and recommended.
Needless to say I’m not even remotely close to being familiar with everything released in Denmark, but I have difficulties remembering a debuting band in recent years, with more confidence and a higher level of ambition than Entakt. And probably no debut has been more anticipated in Denmark the past 5 years than this one (the most recent one I can think of is the Saybia debut). This especially because the band, thanks to Myspace and Mymusic.dk, has spent the past few years building a rather huge fan base on the web (myself included). So I guess one can say that the self-belief (and expectations) didn’t exactly emerge out of the blue.
With all this in mind, it was with some interest and anxiousness that I listened to the album for the first time, but it didn’t take long for it to convince me of its (many) qualities, which was quite a relief (don't we all hate being disappointed?). Træerne vokser….is packed with intelligent/relevant lyrics and contains a string of very nice melodies, which more than once made me (and still makes me) think of my Swedish favorites, Kent. Of course there are a few week moments on the album, and some songs take longer getting into than other, but overall this is a prosperous debut, which makes me believe that 3-4 albums from now these guys will be among the best this country (or perhaps even the world) has to offer.
I’ve tried to get permission to post a track from the album, but that quikly turned out to be an uphill climb. Instead I’ve posted three older tracks, from the EP Ventilen. Despite being 3-4 years old, the songs still give a pretty fair introduction to the musical universe of Entakt.
+ Ventilen
+ Side 2
+ [Vinterbrud]

February 3, 2007


Another highly interesting band I came across the other day was US indie poppers Sprites. The band was formed in 2002 by Jason Korzen and his wife Amy, following the split up of his former band Barcelona (never heard of them, but probably should have). With an ever changing line-up (the Korzen's aside), the band has since released two albums and an E.P. According to the band's web page, Sprites love MP3's and (even better) to share them, so 5 great ones can be found there for free. The band has toured with The Lucksmiths, which probably is one of the first bands you think of, when you listen to Sprites...
+ George Romero
+ Bionic Hands
+ I Go Crazy

February 2, 2007

Le Chevre...

On my Last.fm crusade earlier today, I came across one-man project (?) Le Chevre from South Carolina. The Postal Service is mentioned as the top similar artist, but to me the music sounds like a really charming version of The Notwist going indie pop. No matter what it only took one listen before I got completely hooked on these incredibly catchy indie/electronic/synthpop tunes. A release should be available from Horizon Records, but it seems to be out of print. Hopefully something can be worked out, because I seriously need to get my hands on this stuff! On a final note - Is it just my imagination or does Michael (the lead singer and the dude in the picture) look at lot like George McFly?
+ Played Like A Record
+ Everything Reminds Me
+ The Woods Never Ended

Last.fm - Stuff

I'm still damn busy, but today I'll let the recommendations over at Last.fm guide me to some (hopefully) interesting music. I like the whole idea of recommending music to groups and people, though I do find it rather pointless recommending anything that you cannot download or at least stream. There's so much music out there, so don't expect anyone putting that much of an effort into searching for something that might be interesting. After all, the next band offering free music is just one "click" away! Below some of the songs I've found today thanks to the many recommendations and despite being quite a mixed bag, I enjoyed all of them....

+ Club 8 - Everlasting Love (typical and irresistible Swedish indie pop)
+ Acid House Kings - Do What You Wanna Do (Swedish 60's inspired indie pop)
+ Edson - Sunday, Lovely Sunday (happy Swedish indie pop)
+ Mount Eerie - I Hold Nothing (electronic lo-fi - does that make any sense?)
+ Thelittlesorryselfyouare - Designedly dissolved into nothingless (instrumental post-rock)
+ Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - To The Ramones (punk rock)
+ Tompaulin - Heard Your Whisper (label as indie pop - not quite sure if I agree)

February 1, 2007


Now this one is difficult. Probably every blogger is tired of receiving mass-emails from bands asking us to listen to their music! Some time I randomly check out a few, but mostly I delete them when they start cluttering the mailbox. But a mail the other day from NY based trio Mancino caught my attention. I'm not naive believing that I'm the only blogger approached by the band, but especially a thing (or two) is worth pointing out. Starting the mail by writing "Hi Stytzer" certainly helps, but in the mail the band also writes "It seems like you talk mostly about Scandinavian/European bands on your blog, however I do honestly think you will enjoy our music." Hey! Apparently they had checked out my blog and its contents before sending the mail, which hardly any band does! So just because of that, I simply had to check out the music of Mancino.

As it turns out the music is a mish-mash of many things and is pretty damn hard to describe. In a way it's indie pop, but not with the straight forward and immediately catchy tunes that we are used to from that genre. Perhaps if you add some avantgarde jazz, 2-step and the playful moments of The Flaming Lips you're closer to a description? I saw someone adding circus music to the mix, which isn't completely wrong either. And in the end I'm not quite sure if I like it all..........though it does seem to get better and more enjoyable for every listen. What do you think?

The three tracks below are all taken from the band's debut album Manner Matters which has just been released. More info can be found here.
+L'amour (or less)
+Hetchie Hutchie Footchie
+Circus Scabs

Mymusic.dk - 2006 lists.....

The other day the excellent Danish music site Mymusic.dk posted the lists of the most downloaded tracks of 2006 in various genres. Unfortunately you have to be a registered member (and understand Danish) to be able to download the music. So I'm giving you a helping hand and posting a few of the more popular ones below.

+ VETO - You Are A Knife
This well-known track was the most downloaded in the rock genre. The world is already waiting for the next output! And giving away the first single and best track for free is the right attitude!

+ Anne-Stine Feat. Innocent Blood - Randersgade
This was the most popular pop track. Wonder why, because this is really not my cup of tea.

+ Sidste Ambulance - Når Jeg Dør
Topping the list of popular electronic tracks. Sidste Ambulance's debut album (released last year) was quite a disappointment, but still the album version of Når Jeg Dør was a lot better than this earlier version....

+ Campsite - Lines Intact
I was quite surprised to find this one available for free, as I've often wanted to mention Campsite in the blog. The band's 2006 debut Names, dates & places was actually quite good and this (the first single of the album) is a nice up-tempo and catchy one.