August 31, 2006


The new single from Swedish band Irene called Little Things (That Tear Us Apart) is available from the Labrador webpage. Described as "Bob Dylan on a Surpremes diet"! 2 minutes long (or short) and very catchy!!
+ Little Things (That Tear Us Apart)

Last weekend Danish band The New Brand finished second in the Emergenza Music Festival (ending a measly 2 points behind the winner), but their song Highly Addictive was voted best original song.
+ Highly Addictive

Peter over at Schallgrenzen is pretty high on Irish band alternative rock band Suddyn. If you listen to Drowning Souls by the band, who in their own words sound like a blend of Muse, Radiohead and Foo Fighters, it's not that difficult to understand why!
+ Drowning Souls

Said the Gramophone has a fantastic post on Temptation by New Order. That song is at least a thousand years old, but still one of the very best!

I've just added a link in the right column to Hello! Surprise! a guide to Swedish pop music.

August 30, 2006


Is MonoTaxi French or British? I'm not really sure, because the info available on the band is quite limited, but I think the quartet is from France. That's just my conclusion; but does it really matter and isn't the language of great music universal? Anyway - the band has labeled itself as indie pop, and on the fast paced I Really Want To and the catchy Kind Of Better this description probably couldn't be more accurate. But on the more nosier Nothing Wrong With Us the band sounds like Velvet Underground flirting heavily with the shoegaze genre, thus musically heading in a completely different direction. Perhaps the lack of info isn't crucial, but it would be very nice to know if other songs by this very good band are available (cannot find info on any releases) or if it has been signed by a record label.
+ Nothing Wrong With Us
+ I Really Want To
+ Kind Of Better

Finally - once again a big thank you to Rodolfo for another brilliant recommendation! And there are still several other interesting bands for me to check out in his recent mail......

August 29, 2006


Found two brilliant tracks from Monster Movie in the mailbox this morning. Both tracks are from the album All Lost released in April this year. This is great atmospheric dream-pop and I guess the album has just been added to my shopping list!
+ Driving Through The Red Lights
+ Vanishing Act

Another one I found in the mailbox the other day was instrumental track Julie's Story by TRS-80. This is quite monotone electronica, but still pretty good.
+ Julie's Story

Larry recommends US band Easterly, who has been compared to Pernice Brothers and Teenage Fanclub. The track Wicked Conversation definitely makes you think of those two bands!
+ Wicked Conversation (TW Walsh mix)

Chris over at Music of The Moment has introduced a new feature called Hot Tracks, where he lists his current favorite tracks. Very useful!

If you have a couple of minutes I suggest you visit the Myspace profile of Danish duo Nordstrøm and stream the track Natteravn. It's sung in Danish, but that song sure has Pet Shop Boys written all over it. Don't you think?

If you like Danish band Moi Caprice, I recommend that you check out this post over at emodreng og indiepige, where you can download 3 (really, really great) songs by the band....

A big thank you to José Antonio for informing me that it's possible to download a (really cool) remix of the new single Keeping You In Mind by Mighty Six Ninety from The Kids Label homepage.
+ Keeping You In Mind (Keeping It Electro Mix)

August 28, 2006

No end......

Danish rock band No end is recommended in a Myspace bulletin by fellow Danes The Holiday Show. The trio is performing at The Rock on October 5 and will get a little help (guitar/backing vox) from Casper of The Show. The music (which is pretty good) is described as energetic and melodic rock.
+ Beautiful Soul
+ I Should Have Known

August 27, 2006


Brilliant (but for unknown reasons, still unsigned) band kni9hts has uploaded 4 new tunes to the band's Myspace profile. This Manchester quartet is quickly emerging as one of my favorite new bands of the year and if you're a regular visitor to this blog, you're probably already familiar with the band, as I've featured it several times before. With these 4 new tracks the band has once again showed their talent for writing amazingly fine songs (these are little gems). Musically the band is located somewhere in the indie/alternative pop genre, getting inspiration from well-known bands like Doves, Puressence etc. Isn't it time to change that unsigned status?
+ Robots
+ Bogota
+ Racer Racer

August 26, 2006

August 25, 2006

Oh Kelly........

Spanish reader José Antonio does his utmost to keep me busy, by sending a constant flow of emails recommending various bands. I've suggested that he should start his own MP3 blog (in Spanish), because he seems to have lots of time on his hands. But more importantly - he's very, very good at constantly finding interesting bands. So hopefully the future will bring us a Spanish music blog to check out regularly. But here goes with some of his recent findings...

Spanish band Sterlin is from Mallorca and started as a project of Englishman Steve Withers, who got together with 5 Spanish musicians. The music draws on influences from pop, alternative/classic rock and is definitely worth exploring.
+ They Love You
+ Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)

Kelly by Van She completely knocked me off my feet, when I listened to it yesterday. This is yet another 80's inspired pop song, so gorgeously catchy and danceable that it's almost unreal. The song is not available as a free (legal) download, but a couple of other blogs offer it nonetheless. Try here or here.
+ Sex City (This track is free, but not half as good as Kelly)

Tonight Let's Show The World by Swedish duo Bobby, is a fairly catchy, but absolutely harmless electro pop song, which after several listen still fails to convince me of its qualities. The chorus sounds like it has been taken from a typical song in the Eurovision Song Contest, which probably is what prevents me from enjoying it.
+ Tonight Let's Show The World

I've seen Norwegian trio Lorraine being recommended a few times before in various blogs. Now I've finally listened to their music and my first impression is pretty good. This is indeed pop music (with a capital p), but very immediate and likeable, so this could easily be the biggest thing to come out of Norway since A-Ha!
+ Transantlantic Flight (zip file)

It doesn't happen that often that an Austrian band is mentioned here (it's probably the first time ever?), but Echophonic from Vienna is a surprisingly nice sounding indie pop band. The two first singles from the band's 2005 album (it's named after the band, but not their debut) are pretty good, and both of them are available as free downloads.
+ She's Got An Army
+ Okay

This will be the last update today. Still plenty of bands for me to check out, but they will have to wait until some time next week!

August 24, 2006

The Legends - Facts and Figures

The new album called Facts and Figures by Swedes The Legends will be released September 6 on (what probably is the best label in the world) Labrador. The two first singles from the album are available as free downloads and both of them are short (less than 3 minutes), catchy and will make you feel like dancing. So if these two tracks are any indications of what to expect, we sure have a fabulous album to be looking forward to. So why not order it now!!
+ Play It For Today
+ Lucky Star


Thanks to the interesting (and fairly new) Danish music blog emodreng og indiepige, I learned yesterday that several songs by Danish band Superheroes are available for free from the band's webpage. Even though the music is rather uncomplicated danceable pop music, I've never really been a fan of the band. I recall when I bought the album Igloo in 2000 that reviewers described the music as being very 80'ish, which I believe was quite unusual back then. So I guess you could say that the band was retro in a premature way? The band is pretty much the brainchild of former wunderkind (he's 25 now), songwriter, producer, singer etc. Thomas Troelsen, who's probably most well-known for producing Junior Senior. The two tracks below are both taken from Igloo and arguably the two best ones from that album!
+ What's Going On
+ Nightmare

August 23, 2006

Rodolfo Recommends!

Back from his holiday in Ecuador, Rodolfo has continued trawling the world of music and once again he has sent me a nice long list of bands and songs he thinks we all should listen to!

Goat Explosion is a NY duo playing dance friendly electro pop. I've never heard of them before, but apparently that band has re-formed after a 5 year break-up. Comparing the band to Swedes Le Sport is not completely off target.
+ Come On Make Me Feel

Be There by UK indie pop band Leon was one of my favorite songs a while back (play count says 28), but I never really bothered listening to the other tracks available. Wonderful is recommended by Rodolfo with the following description "will make you dream while listening". I think you should judge that yourself. But Wonderful is indeed a very nice if not wonderful song!
+ Be There
+ Wonderful

The Dawn Parade changed its name to The Visions at the end of 2005, but earlier this month the band decided to split up. The band was inspired by The Smiths (check out the title of one of the songs!), Pulp etc., and there definitely is some Idlewild inspiration in the music as well!
+ Morrissey's Tongue
+ Wider Than The January Skies (great epic track!)

Once again I owe Rodolfo a big thank you for sending those recommendations. It's much appreciated!!!!

Two new favorite tracks!

Yesterday I added two new tracks to my list of current favorites (the complete list can be found in the column on the right). The first one was Move On by LA duo This Episode. I found the song over at Coast Is Clear and it is incredible catchy and very 80 inspired. If I didn't know better I would have guessed that this was another Terry Hall project!
+ Move On

The second song was the darling of more or less every music blogger the past few months; Postcards From Italy by Beirut. When songs get "over-"hyped I tend to shy away from listening to them and in this case it was no different. Now I know it was quite a stupid mistake, because this is a fantastic track and it certainly deserves all the attention it has been getting! This is not your typical pop song and (if you haven't listened to it before) don't start thinking that it's the wrong track when the ukulele and trumpet start playing!
+ Postcards From Italy

August 22, 2006 - Top Tracks

I've added my 50 top tracks according to to the now playing list in WMP, so I'm currently listening to what is supposed to be my 50 favorite tracks. Some of them probably were flavor of the day/week, but overall there are only a few I wish was not there!!
Below I've posted a few of the tracks with the overall position in brackets.
(3) The Fridaynight Club - Aeroplanes
(9) Moonbabies - War On Sound
(12) Bahnhof - Tanktop Girl
(35) Phonodrive - Think About
(40) Oppenheimer - Breakfast In NYC
(40) Division Day - Colorguard
(49) Memoplay - Food In Strings

Ruined By Martin - Burn The Sun

I normally don't post music videos, but today I've decided to make an exception as my "friends" from Ruined By Martin have uploaded the video for Burn The Sun to Youtube. The video is kind of weird and spooky, but quite entertaining and humorous as well.
+ Burn The Sun

August 21, 2006

Mew - A Triumph For Man

Before you spend your weekly allowance at Ebay in an attempt to acquire Mew's 1997 debut A Triumph For Man, I have (good?) news for you. The band has decided to re-release the album on September 18 including a bonus CD with demos and acoustic tracks. If you understand Danish you can read more and see the track list here or here.
+ She Came Home For Christmas

Before going to sleep last night I couldn't help thinking that I should hurry up and sell my copy of Half The World Is Watching Me, before the boys decide to re-release that one as well!!

The short walk..

We participated in the Ecco Walkathon yesterday (the photo is not very good - I know) and walked 10 kilometers (6 miles) for charity! The weather was pretty fine (the rain quickly stopped and never returned), so we had a nice afternoon.
+ Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
+ Mad Staring Eyes - Walking In The Streets
+ The Monday Photo - The Walk

Try to make a search at The Hype Machine for Mew and you will see that just about every US blogger is writing about Denmark's finest (?) these days! Let's hope that the exposure will lead to a US breakthrough! And remember that the band will play in Tivoli Gardens on September 1.

Danish music blog Pastries, Pepper and Canals... has reposted the Danish Mixtape I posted a few weeks back!

German DJ/Musician Cord (a.k.a. Oscillating Brushhead) has uploaded a new track to his Myspace profile. As usual you never know what to expect, and this time it's an acoustic guitar and a drum machine (I could be very wrong here?)! Still pretty good though!
+ 1

Rodolfo has once again been so kind to send me an email packed with music I should check out! I won't listen to the stuff today, but hopefully some of his recommendations will be posted here tomorrow!

Hurry over to Coast Is Clear and listen to Count Them On One Hand by Black Car.

I forgot to mention it last week, but various sources report that Moi Caprice are currently recording their 3rd album. Expected date of release is November 13.

It's funny how many people find this blog, because they are searching for lyrics. Especially people trying to find the written words of Spleen United and Sidste Ambulance are frequent guests. You're more than welcome, but you won't find what you're looking for here!

Chris hasn't updated his blog today. Either he's
a) Busy (likely)
b) Hung-over (more likely)

August 18, 2006

Autumn Thieves

NY shoegazers Autumn Thieves broke up in January this year (I believe I've mentioned this a few times before), but every now and then a couple of "new" songs from the past are uploaded to the band's myspace profile. Yesterday two new tracks were made available and even though they seem to be more like "rough drafts" than actually songs, you still cannot help thinking that this could have developed into quite an interesting band. Apparently a complete work lp is due this fall, so hopefully we haven't heard the last new/unknown songs from Autumn Thieves.
+ Alone Again
+ One Final Thought
+ Rachel's Underground (an older song to give you an idea of what the band used to sound like)

Andy Durutti of the band moved on and formed a new band called Bordeaux, who (if I'm not completely wrong) continues to rehears and recording demos. Andy has also done some occasional work with another really fine NY shoegaze band called Elika (who I've mentioned several times before).
+ You're Not Safe At All
+ Acting For You

These bands and several other very good ones can be explored through the Loveless Music Group's webpage.

August 17, 2006

New music.....

Below a few (and pretty good) tracks that I've received in the mailbox over the past few days or have been notified were available at Myspace!

+ Du Pacque - Dedicated
New track from (what really should be) everyone's new favorite Swedish band!

+ Avocadoclub - The Realist
Short and very energetic from this German one-man project (or is it a band?)!

+ The Fields - Song For The Fields
Cool indie/folk track! Band members are from Iceland and The UK!

+ Leopold - Johnny
Pretty nice one from this Swedish 5-piece. Not sure about the rest of their songs though!

Also remember to check out the incredible Mama's Room by Under The Influence Of Giants posted by Chris.

Chris! GO HOME :-)

Anamia - CD release party

If you happen to be anywhere near Holsterbro on September 23, I suggest that you drop by Café Cremer and join the release party of Anamia's new CD! I don't think that the title of the CD has been revealed yet, but I recall it as quite "interesting"!
+ Butterfly In Paris (Remix by Twami)

August 16, 2006

Demons Are Real

Another band who participated in the Starfighters contest I mentioned yesterday was quartet Demons Are Real. The band didn't finish in the top 3, which immediately makes me jump to the conclusion, that there must be more music talents in Denmark than ever before. I've read in a review somewhere that one of the major complaints about the band is that you have heard this type of music lots of times before (dark and depressive music, which is perfect for rainy days). Fair enough. Every second new band these days claim to be inspired by New Order, Joy Division, The Cure and the likes, and though I guess some kind of "retro-rock" will always exist, it's perhaps time for upcoming bands to find new sources of inspiration? Oh well. I honestly don't care as long as the bands keep creating interesting sounds and Demons Are Real sure does, and this is yet another Danish band with, what seems like, endless potential!
+ Burning Oil (New Order meets The Cure (In Between Days) ??)
+ Your Information and Conclusion (Joy Division ??)
+ Planet Of Dreams

Pastries, Pepper and Canals...

Pastries, Pepper and Canals...; A new music blog focusing on Danish music has been launched. The first offerings are a couple of fab posts on Green Pitch and Traening. Check it out; leave a comment; be a friend!

August 15, 2006

Surfact - Starfighters!

The annual Danish music-talent contest Starfighters took place this weekend and was won by Copenhagen band Surfact (securing the band a record deal and a truck load of money for promotion). Influenced by bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Surfact belongs to a musical genre, which is light years away from the indie/alternative bands I normally feature in this blog. But this 5-piece still deserves to be mentioned, because I doesn't happen every day that you hear a band with this much potential. On several tracks the grunge influences are very obvious, but the great melody is always present, thus making it quite a thrill listening to the most recent shooting stars on the Danish music scene.
+ Sugarcane
+ Soul Slide
+ Monkey On Your Back
+ Make You Fail

August 14, 2006

The Automatons

It's a small world these days. What else can you say, when people from all over the world start recommending Danish bands you've never heard of? Spanish read José Antonio mentioned Danish electro/pop/new wave/synth band The Automatons in a comment last week, thus leaving me with yet another new (or unknown) Danish band to check out. The band gets the musical inspiration from a string of legendary synth bands (Human League etc.) and (according to band itself) has the ambition to revive the synth pop genre in a more modern version. The songs that are available sound quite interesting and do indeed fit into the synth pop genre, but unfortunately none of them leave a lasting impression (the memorable melody is not really there). So I guess this means a lot of hard work, before the ambitions can be fulfilled.
+ Kaiser Ming
+ Talk To Me

August 11, 2006

Danish Mixtape - Part III

I posted a couple of Danish Mixtapes a few weeks back and here's a third one to keep you entertained tonight. That is if you have absolutely nothing better to do! As always the songs are very good, free and legal!

+ Made Of Buildings - The Previews At The Movies
+ Tiger Baby - Girlfriend
+ Portland - Let Me Get What I Want
+ I Am Bones - Building Hospitals
+ Figurines - The Wonder
+ Gravy - Meltdown
+ Carpark North - Transparent And Glasslike
+ Sparklin June - The Warning Sign
+ Larsen & Furious Jane - Tourist With A Typewriter
+ Neon Machine - On What Deserted Island With No Hope Of Rescue Is This?
+ Anubia - Goodbye Now
+ Swimm TV is TV - Crush
+ Heartbreak Disco - Ice Floes
+ Sepiamusic - Stone

Songs I Wish I Had Written...

Swedish label Songs I Wish I Had Written has been so kind to send me the new EP's by Regina and Gentle Touch. I've mentioned these two very good electro pop bands a few times before, so I hope you have already listened to them. If not - you really should do it NOW! And if you like the music I strongly recommend that you buy the stuff, thus supporting the bands and a small label doing a lot trying to promote Scandinavian music (honestly - I wasn't paid for writing this!).

Gentle Touch:
+ Smedby (has caught the attention of at least one other blogger!)
+ Fascination

+ Minua ollaan vastassa
+ Minua ollaan vastassa (Unarmed Enemies' Overslept Edit)

Check out a couple of "team mates":

+ Le Sport - Tell no one about tonight
+ The Lovekevins -
+ Unarmed Enemies - Show Me Your Plans (Radio edit)

August 10, 2006

Stuff. Just stuff!

I was in Copenhagen last night watching Danish football/soccer champions FC Copenhagen play against Dutch team Ajax Amsterdam. This was the first game in the UEFA Champions League third qualifying round and the home side lost 1-2. Barring a miracle this will be another (very long) year without a Danish team in the prestigious Champions League. I know the quality of the photo is just bad, but that's the best my phone can do!

I'm currently listening to the new albums by Mojave 3 and The Ballet a lot. Both albums are ace!
+ The Face Of Everything (The Ballet)
+ The Mutineer (Mojave 3)

Lots of people are sending me emails these days recommending various bands/songs I should listen to. I appreciate it very much, because it makes life as a blogger a whole lot easier. I will do my best and try listening to the music, but I cannot guarantee that I will post any of it or even reply to the emails. Unfortunately this is not a full time job, though it could easily be turned into one!

Larry from the US sent me one of those mails yesterday suggesting that I should listen to German band Avocadoclub, because as he wrote "I think it would fit into your musical tastes". He especially recommended Too Much Space To Walk Away, which turned out to be an irresistible and very catchy pop tune. Probably not a song that will stick around forever, but as long as the sun is shining and the weather is fine, this is the perfect song!
+ Too Much Space To Walk Away

Danish band Twoface is currently recording their second album, but the band has generously uploaded 4 tracks from their 2003 debut Sounds of a Rude World to Myspace. This is POP music, but unbelievable charming and catchy, and if you're looking for the perfect summer song, you need to look no further, because Fire In Your Eyes will meet your every need.
+ Fire In Your Eyes (Ay Ay)
+ Revelations Day

August 9, 2006

Swimm TV ish TV

Copenhagen band Swimm TV ish TV (Sometimes When I Mute My Television I Still Hear The Voices) was picked as "Demo of the month" in the August edition of Danish music magazine Gaffa. The five-piece was formed less than a year ago and plays American inspired indierock (listing Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead among the influences and compared to The Pixies by Gaffa). The music is noisy and haunting, but still quite melodic, and if justice prevails this highly interesting band shouldn't stay unsigned for long.
+ Bastard
+ Dressed In Love

The Winner Takes It All ++++++

Normally I don't bother enter any competitions, because I know for sure that I won't win (obviously I won't win, if I don't enter), but yesterday I won It's A Trap's promo giveaway! Not exactly the big lottery prize, but still very nice!
+ ABBA - The Winner Takes It All

Hmmm - I actually like ABBA! Is that a guilty pleasure or is it OK?

UK quartet 8 Miles High recommended yesterday by an Anonymous reader (who is not at all anonymous, but is actually a Spanish guy called José Antonio) are indeed quite good. The band is influenced by several classic bands from the 60's (Kinks, The Who etc.) and as you would expect, the music is foot tapping guitar rock.

+ See My Way
+ Lonely Room

José Antonio also recommends New Jersey band New London Fire, who released their debut album I Sing The Body Holographic yesterday. Hopefully album opener and first single Different is an indicator of what to expect from the album, because this up-tempo tune is an immediate "ear-hanger"!
+ Different

August 8, 2006

Rodolfo Recommends!

Like probably every other music blogger I get lot of emails every day from bands, labels or fans suggesting that I listen to this artist or that particular song. Unless I turn blogging into a full time job I have no chance to listen to all the stuff. But whenever Peruvian reader Rodolfo sends an email I'll make sure to find the time to listen to his recommendations, because he has a pretty great music taste and always seems to be able to find something worth your while. This time it's no different and in his recent mail he introduces me to a trio of quite interesting bands.

First band is Costar; a Norwegian band now residing in London. The music is straightforward and likeable pop/rock, which doesn't require much work getting into. The songs are catchy and it is really no surprise that this band has received some radio airplay.
+ Stuck In The Middle
+ Looking For Love

Gran Ronde from LA have a very British sound and should appeal to the fans of bands like Franz Ferdinand, We Are Scientists etc. However I (once again) think that this is a band sounding fresher and a lot better. No album releases yet, but the potential for a nice debut is definitely there!
+ Say Say Say
+ Set It Off
+ Retrace

Third and final band is The New Humans from Newcastle, UK. The more I listen to this band the more interesting it gets. This is pop songs with a twist of punk and electronic sounds.
+ Good Morning Japan
+ Escape From The 80's

Finally I think I should mention that Rodolfo has a Myspace profile. So go there and send him a "friend" request!

August 7, 2006

Regina - Singing in Finnish...

Today Swedish label Songs I wish I had written (Le Sport, Gentle Touch etc.) is releasing a new single by Finnish electronic pop band Regina called Minua Ollaan Vastassa. Once you adjust/get used to the vocals being sung in Finnish (this is not meant to offend anyone, but it does indeed sound a bit awkward), you will realize that this is a damn fine pop single. Instead you're left with the impression that the strange lyrics add an almost mystical dimension to the simple electronic but very catchy and charming tune. The fine female vocals and the short "instrumental break" around the 1:40 minute mark make the single and the band (completely unknown to me yesterday) very pleasant acquaintances. The single contains 3 other versions of the song and one of them is a pumping (and very cool) dancefloor-filler remix by Danes Tiger Baby (thus making this a kind of inter-Scandinavian collaboration). Order it here (€4).

Minua Ollaan Vastassa (Original version)
Minua Ollaan Vastassa (Tiger Baby Remix)
Katso maisemaa (2005 single)

August 4, 2006

Holiday in Harlesden?

Danish songwriter Tobias Bulow sent me a message the other day at suggesting that I should try listen to his music. So I did as he suggested, and even though I was a bit unconvinced the first few times I listened to the songs, the two tracks below have turned out to be real growers! I've never been any good at this, but I guess the music can be described as a kind of alternative electropop with some sort of melancholic twist. Tobias probably gets his inspiration (I'm guessing now) from bands like Depeche Mode (early 80's), The Knife and (if he's ever heard of them) Cause and Effect.
+ Harlesden Gardens
+ See Me Out

Danish sensations The Holiday Show are now in the studio recording their debut album. I guess I'm not the only one expecting a lot of these guys?
+ Put Me On A TV Show

Check these two posts:
Peter writes about Swedish band The Fine Arts Showcase.
+ Chemical Girl

Chris writes about US band For Those Who Know.
+ Competition

I now have 999 "friends" at Myspace! Oh my I'm popular. Just wish this was real life!!! Just to rule out any misunderstandings. No prizes for "friend" no. 1,000! Sorry Peter ;-)

August 3, 2006

Elephants at The Ballet with Boris Yeltsin?

It's now possible to order the debut album Mattachine! by NY indie band The Ballet online. I've already order my copy and you really should order yours as well!!
+ In My Head
+ I Hate The War

Danish indie/pop/garage/mixofeverything band The Elephants has uploaded a couple of great new tracks to the band's Myspace profile.
+ Shivers
+ Valentine's Day

Supertroels claims that "your appendix will fester badly" if you don't buy Broom by Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin. I still have mine left (appendix that is), so do I dare risk that? I guess not and since SSLYBY sounds really great, buying the album is probably the wisest thing to do?
+ House Fire
+ Oregon Girl (incredible song)

One song that I keep getting back to is Airport by Swedish alternative rock band Like Honey. I mentioned this excellent song for the first time in this blog more than 6 months ago, but I think it deserves at least one more shot.
+ Airport

August 2, 2006

Paddy Casey

Pete White sent me a message the other day recommending that I listen to Irishman Paddy Casey. So I did and it didn't last long before I realized that I was dealing with yet another talented singer/songwriter. His been around the music scene for a while now (haven't heard of him before though) and both tracks featured below are from his 1999 debut album Amen (So Be It). When reading through his profile, I'm somewhat surprised that he doesn't list David Gray among his influences, because you could easily fool me to believe that Fear was a new (and very good) song from the more well-known Brit. Whether Paddy Casey agrees or approves I don't know, but he probably doesn't mind that I strongly recommend that you give him a listen!
+ Fear
+ It's Over Now

Stay positive!

It's not the easiest thing staying positive today. It's raining, which I guess will make the farmers quite happy, but most likely will piss off the rest of the population. Myspace sucks, because the music links aren't working, thus making my two Danish mixtapes absolutely useless (apparently it helped complaining, because the links are working now - I'll send a little rain for Spain then ;-) ). My boss is constantly whining. point in going on I guess?

+ Preston School Of Industry - Caught In The Rain

August 1, 2006

New Links....

Several music blogs have been added to the links section. Check them out!!

Another Form of Relief
The BM Rant
Contrast Podcast
Covert Curiosity
Culture Bully
The Diy Rockstar
Great Body Of Water
I'm Just Sayin Is All...
I Rock Cleveland
The Rawking Refuses To Stop!
Stage Hymns
Warped Reality

Danish Mixtape - Part II

Reading from the comments it sure looks as if I forgot several bands in my Danish mixtape yesterday. So I've decided that the only right thing to do is to post another mixtape, to make up for the errors in the past! So here we go one more time and once again the songs are very good, free and legal!!!!
On a completely different note, someone also complained that the beautiful island of Bornholm was nowhere to be found on the map of Denmark I posted yesterday. I'm terrible sorry about that and hopefully today's picture will ease the pain just a tiny bit?

+ Moi Caprice - My Girl You Blush
+ Ruined By Martin - Perfect Sense
+ Veto - You Are A Knife
+ Leisure Alaska - Return Of The Power
+ The New Brand - With You
+ Cinnober - Fast Machine
+ Powderdust - Bet You 2
+ Munich - With Smiling Lips
+ Mavis - Point Of No Concern
+ Charlie Don't Surf - Breakthrough
+ Late Night Venture - Pay The Moon
+ The Elephants - Autumn Hearts
+ Girls! - No More Fooling Around
+ Skywriter - For Heaven's Sake
+ Salem - I Love The Avenue
+ Ehlers/Thejsen - Art Of Loneliness