January 31, 2011

Heaven can wait...

One of three fine acoustic performances by This Vision recorded at a 100 year old theatre hall in Helsingborg, Sweden. Relaxed, beautiful and quite a refreshing alternative to the band's normal electro pop sound!

January 30, 2011

Free OMD remix...

Marsheaux has produced this really enjoyable remix of If You Want It. Still waiting for OMD to announce a Danish live date, but starting to doubt if it will ever happen?
+ If You Want It (Marsheaux Remix)

January 29, 2011

From the top of my head...

No agenda tonight. Nothing.

I began the year writing that I would try to improve the quality of the blog. Looking at the stuff posted this month, there’s only one correct conclusion; mission incomplete. Still 11 months left of the year to improve things, so better times ahead…I hope...!

Earlier this month I kicked off my own small mission that I will indeed listen to the “1001 albums you must hear before you die”. So far I’ve listened to 5, so 996 albums left. At the current pace (two albums a week) it will take approx 10 years to work my way through the list, but I’m in no hurry and really looking forward to the (hopefully) many interesting listening experiences. Perhaps not looking that much forward to Baby One More Time, but swear I won’t be stopped by a threat of 42 minutes of pure torture. Will keep you updated on how things are progressing…

Remember to support Danmarks Indsamling tonight!

Bright Eyes gives away a second track Haile Selassie from the forthcoming album The People's Key. Don't forget to grab Shell Games (the first track) as well, while you're there!

Monster, second single from Dearling Physique's album Deadeye Dealer, is not quite as appealing as first single Discipline Your Hands, but that probably would have been a little too much to ask for!
+ Monster
+ Discipline Your Hands

New track No Miracles by Sweden's This Year's Model is an infectiously catchy pop song. Plain and simple! From the band's forthcoming album We Walk Like Ghosts.
+ No Miracles

Good stuff in the mailbox tonight...for a change!

Just found this ace new track by Danish indie-folk sextet Alcoholic Faith Mission.
Alcoholic Faith Mission - Running With Insanity by Paper Garden Records

Check out this rather innovative project called Tw1tterband...


Danmarks Indsamling...

I know I'm repeating myself, but it's a good cause, so please support it (click the picture to learn more)! A "real" post will hopefully pop up later today/tonight!

January 28, 2011

January 27, 2011

Danmarks Indsamling...

Not going political. Just think this is worth supporting (click the picture)!

January 26, 2011


Via The Line Of Best Fit/Something In Construction comes this first preview track (the correct title is Blues and not Loney Blues) from the forthcoming Loney Dear album Hall Music.
Loney Dear - Loney Blues by SICrecords

The William Blakes announced yesterday that the band's new album (and fourth since the debut in 2008) will be out soon. An (almost) unprecedented pace of work and you'll have to be amazed if the album is of the same quality as the first three!
+ Violent God

Spleen United are busy recording their third album (follow the progress on Facebook), but have nonetheless found the time to remix Kenton Slash Demon's Sun.
Sun (Spleen United remix) by Spleen United

Reality Bites from the upcoming two-track single by Emerald Park is absolutely ace!
Emerald Park - Reality Bites by afmusic

January 25, 2011

Unfamiliar stars...

Check this clip of The Lucksmiths recording their final single Get-to-Bed Birds (and check the cool t-shirt worn by the drummer!).Taken from the new Unfamiliar Stars DVD, which is out next month on Matinée Recordings. The band probably sounded as great as ever on this track, which somehow (if possible) makes it even sadder that they decided to split!

+ Get-To-Bed Birds

January 24, 2011


It’s Monday, I’m tired (blame it on the red wine) and have plenty of work to do, so talk about a seriously bad cocktail! No way today is a happy Monday, but no way in hell am I going to post the unbearable Manic Monday. Then much rather a song about drugs (or at least I believe it has to be about drugs; I mean, how else do you interpret “you’re twistin’ my melon man”?), if for nothing else, just to be able to see the band name and feel that there might be some hope after all!

January 23, 2011

January 22, 2011

Brunch and red wine...

That’s my agenda for today (not at the same time though). So no time for reading, writing, blogging, whatever, so instead I’ve dug out this old favorite that hopefully one or two of you will enjoy! I remember buying the 7” single way back in 1986 (old fart), while on a short stop in Stockholm, before travelling on to meet my family in Finland.

January 21, 2011


Lots of mails to read and plenty of music to listen to. Sadly there’s some real life work that needs to be taken care of as well, but I won’t let that stop me and plan to update this post from time to time during the day.

Right now I’m busy streaming the Psychic Powers Live Dublab “Sprout Session” (mp3). Still awaiting (some kind/any kind of) news on when the band’s debut album will be released. In February last year they announced that the album was done and in March they added that the album was going to be called Infinity. So what exactly are you guys waiting for? This is pure torture you know!

Need to check out the new single Get In Line (via Pitchfork) by I'm From Barcelona...any good? Summerlike and nice, so I guess it's pretty much as one would expect?

White LiesIs Love has been overhauled by Stereolab. Arguably the best remix I’ve heard so far of any track off Ritual, as you can actually recognize the song!

German blog Mittsommernachtsspitzen has been added to the blogroll. Cannot say I understand much of the content (never paid much attention in German class), but the blog does feature some fairly interesting artists!

What the world is waiting for? Not quite sure! But definitely good news that Jonathan Johansson will release a new single in February followed by an album in March!
Aldrig ensam by Jonathan Johansson/HYBRIS

The forthcoming Champagne Riot Moonstruck EP is now available for preordering from the Matinée Recordings site. It will be a four track affair and the fact that ace song Ingrid Bergman won’t be included made me post my dissatisfaction at the Matinée Facebook page. Matinée countered and replied “Don't worry - we have even grander plans for Ingrid!”, which made me fell all stupid, because Jimmy obviously knows a great song when he hears one and won’t waste this grand opportunity to release it. Sorry for questioning your plans, instincts, judgment etc.! I promise it won’t ever happen again!

January 20, 2011

Forest & Crispian...

New EP The Saint by Sweden's Forest & Crispian will be out on Monday (January 24) on Slow Shark Records. The single Let The Best Band Win is currently topping Danish radio chart Det Elektriske Barometer and is indeed a nice little pop gem.

+ Let The Best Band Win


Brabrand is the first solo recording by tung_nem frontman Martin Arnholt (as well as being a town in the outskirts of Arhus) and published under the alias Marnholt. Fortunately this isn't the first sign of the band splitting up, but rather the impact of Mr. Arnholt writing a song that he didn't quite feel would fit in the tung_nem "universe"; lyrics in Danish and the song having a very personal touch. Said to be inspired by such diverse artists like Cypress Hill, Björk and Love Shop, but cannot say I'm familiar enough with either artist to actually spot if it's true. Instead I'll stick my usual formula; do I like it or not? And of course I do!

Brabrand by marnholt

+ Brabrand

January 19, 2011


Been real busy the past couple of days as work has been taking its toll. It’s frustrating at times, but just to keep things in perspective I keep telling myself that work pays the bills. Not that it makes me any happier, but I should be old enough by now to understand that, from time to time, one has to do things one does not enjoy doing.

A Classic Education will be supporting British Sea Power on the band’s US tour this spring. The new is accompanied with a free download of new track I Lost Time, which is beautiful, dreamy and has a kind of 60’s feel to it. So a typical A Classic Education track you could say!
+ I Lost Time

More beautiful and dreamy pop music for you on this tired Wednesday morning, as wonderful folk-pop constellation High Highs shares brand new track Flowers Bloom. Imagine lying comfortably on your back on a carpet of soft green grass gazing at the clouds drifting by while listening to this...
+ Flowers Bloom

Leisure Alaska guitarist dondreas has entered this remix in the “remix Ginger Ninja’s Wet Like a Dog” contest at BandBase.
+ Wet Like a Dog (dondreas remix)

Long time Hits In The Car favorite Tower of Foil has released their first ever video. It's for new single Sunday Love and it is quite DIY(ish) and really, really nice! Check the band's homepage for more (several) free downloads.

+ Sunday Love

January 18, 2011

New Glasvegas track...

Sign up here and download it for free...or stream it below. From the band's sophomore release EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ which will be out on April 4. No...no...I won't (and shouldn't) comment on it after just one listen, but...

The World Is Yours by glasvegas

January 17, 2011

VETO - This Is Not...

VETO premiered new track This Is Not at P3 Guld Saturday night.

Update: Just found this via Soundcloud...

 VETO - This Is Not by thisisnotveto

January 15, 2011

On the stereo last night...

...while ripping CD's (something that should have been taken care of a long time ago!)...

January 14, 2011

From the pile...

Det Vackra Livet is the most recent band signed to Labrador and the duo consists of brothers Philip and Henrik Ekström of The Mary Onettes. So don’t be surprised if it sounds like something you’ve heard before, even if it is sung in Swedish. Positively meant btw., as the song has the typical pop charm of the brothers’ other band.
+ Viljan

Ritual, the sophomore White Lies album, has leaked and somehow a copy has landed on my computer. But before IFPI and other morons start accusing me being the sole reason for the deterioration of the music industry, I will (of course) buy a CD when it’s released on Monday (because my wife says so!). So please don’t point your guns at me! Regarding the album, I know I’ve voiced my first impressions once too often, but following four listens Ritual certainly does not have the instant catchiness of the debut, where every track (more or less) could have been picked as a single. Ritual however, I expect will be a real grower and if this is business as usual I'm probably going to rate it much higher than the debut in a few months’ time. The video below previews a few album tracks, though I suspect most people interested in the band have found a copy of the album by now?

Hey there...Leisure Alaska...

Andreas, guitarist of Leisure Alaska, has been so kind to mail a reply to my inquiries about what or what isn’t happening with the band. The good news is that (technically) band is still a band though it's now scattered geographically (band members living/staying in The UK and Denmark). Andreas explains that they faced adversity at a time when the band’s enthusiasm was low, which is a “classic” band killer. But future plans still include the release of an album, though they have no idea on when or even how they are going to do it, which I guess means that the band no longer is signed to a label? Let’s hope they figure things out some time…soon! Below that phenomenal video for Hey There Mr.

+ Hey There Mr. (Radio Rip)
+ Transistors In My Mind
More songs available for download from BandBase.

January 13, 2011

On the radio this morning...

As per usual I didn't make a year-end list for 2010, but had I made one, The Suburbs would no doubt have been my album of the year. This is a fantastic but rather disturbing video.

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

January 12, 2011

Bits and pieces...

First a brief update on two of the bands mentioned in my recent “whatever happened to” post.

I did mention that Us With Millions split up, but has since learned that the main reason was the band members lacked the motivation to carry on with the project, when no label was prepared to release their debut album. I’ve (sort of) suggested that they should try to release it themselves on (e.g.) bandcamp, but I doubt if that’s ever going to happen, as I expect the project to be buried and forgotten. The band has mailed me their last recording or, in their own words, “swan song”, which has that very typical Us With Millions sound!
+ Phoenix

Yesterday I received a mail from The Holiday Show bringing the sad (but again, not so unexpected) news that they have split up as well. Apparently musical differences was the reason for the break-up, but all four band members are still involved in music, so we're probably going to hear more from the guys in various disguises at some later point!
+ Snookerstar

Check out this fine Twin Shadow remix of Oh Land's White Nights. Seems like the release of her US debut has been rescheduled and will be out March 15 instead!
White Nights - Twin Shadow Remix by Oh Land

Why hasn't Bright Eyes included Denmark on his upcoming tour? Doubt he'll have any problems selling out a venue here! Btw. Did you remember to download great new track Shell Games?

Since I've started whining; The Paings of Being Pure at Heart isn't coming to Denmark either. I've always said that this band can do nothing wrong, but not coming to Denmark is a major blunder (at least if you ask me)...
+ Higher Than The Stars

January 9, 2011

Whatever happened to...

Not a highly original post this one, but for whatever nostalgic reason I spent some time last night checking out bands I've at some point featured on this blog. And on quite a few occasions I ended up asking myself: "what happened?", "why haven't we heard anything from these guys for ages?", "why weren't they huge?" etc. etc. Lots of questions to be answered, so I put on my Sherlock Holmes cap, found a magnifying glass, worded "the game's afoot" and started to search for information, updates or (heck) even signs of life from a few of the band...

The Holiday Show
They released their debut album in October 2008 and seemed poised for bigger things. But as soon as We Are Popular was released they more or less stopped promoting the album and concerts have since then been few and far between. Searches don't give any explanation to the lack of activity though a couple of band members seem to be busy doing other things (writing songs for other projects and promoting music). So I guess the project has been put to rest...for now (I hope).
+ Always Something Missing

Us With Millions
In April 2009 the band wrote that a track had been playlisted by P3 and an album was forthcoming. Since then; not a word. Can't find updates anywhere, so I took a shortcut and mailed the drummer asking for updates, news, gossip...anything. Received a long reply this morning and the sad (but not so unexpected) news is that the band has split up. If by no others, they'll at least be missed by me!
+ Rosebud

Leisure Alaska
The band is/was responsible for one of the best music videos ever by a Danish band and released their debut album The Deja In My Vu in 2006. On a few occasions since then the band has written about their forthcoming album and in mid 2008 the track Present Yet Unseen was shared. In October 2009 the band posted a Talking To Teapots cover and that's the last thing I can find from the band. One band member is involved in this project and another band member is on Twitter. Perhaps he knows something (mail has been sent)?
+ Present Yet Unseen

These guys should have been the kings of indie pop by now, as their 2008 debut EP Downhill was nothing but spectacular and made some of us believe that the band was ready to take on the world. Boy, were we ever wrong, as (a few live dates aside) the band has shown very few signs of being alive since then. I've heard some rumors (cannot recall exactly when and where I heard them) that the band was recording new material, but I've never seen it verified. Have asked a band member for news a couple of times, but the replies have been kind of vague, so not sure what to expect (if anything). It's a shame. It really is!
+ Downhill

Wanted to check out a few other bands, but my laptop was so slow that I decided to stop the project before things came to a violent end...

January 7, 2011

On the radio this morning...

A busy (and anything but beautiful) day has begun...

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

January 6, 2011

Lately I've been...

…listening a lot to I Am Kloot. The main purpose was to check out Sky At Night, but instead I’ve spent most of the time reacquainting myself with the superior Natural History.

…enjoying the new Bright Eyes track Shell Games. It’s free, it’s good and has rather unexpectedly made me look forward to his new album The People’s Key.

…thrilled to learn that Under Electric Light is about to release his debut album. Will be out in Japan (only) on Fastcut Records on February 16. Said to be released in Europe and North America as well some time later this spring.
Take Me Away by under electric light

…impatiently awaiting trustworthy news on when the Psychic Powers debut album Infinity will be released. A handful of nice tracks are free to grab from RCRD LBL.
+ Glide
+ Brighter

…listening to the forthcoming single of one of my favorite Danish band. I’m afraid that’s all I’m able to reveal at this moment except perhaps that it’s a very Blur-inspired thing.

…checking out the new Secret Shine album The Beginning And The End. Been ages since I’ve listened to some proper shoegaze!
+ No More Inside

January 5, 2011

How Can I Turn The Darkest Night...

Loney Dear is this month’s guest artist at mixtoverdener.dk (mix two worlds) and shares this rather alternative remix/interpretation of Bortkørende Tog (Train Passing By) by Danish composer Rued Langgaard.
+ How Can I Turn The Darkest Night


Check the funny new video by Jonka for the track Better. If you (unlike me) enjoy(ed) watching sitcoms from the 70's, 80's, and 90's you should be able spot quite a few references.

Baker Street...

Baker Street singer Gerry Rafferty dies at age of 63. R.I.P.

January 4, 2011


First day at work of the new year (that was yesterday) pretty much turned out to be exactly like I expected it to be; chaotic and unpleasantly reminding me that busy days are fast approaching. Things have been exactly the same for the past many years, so hardly a surprise. But still I’m trying to get used to it and most likely never will!

Don’t make New Year’s resolutions any longer, as the last one I made (a few years back) was that I wanted to gain 20 kilos (44 lbs). Not by working out but instead through eating and drinking (the fun way). But my wife said no (and of course a whole lot more), so it kinda ended there. So since I’m no longer allowed to make any funny ones, then why make any at all?

But I promise (unless of course you consider this a threat) that I’ll do my utmost to keep the blog alive for another year and perhaps (please note: I wrote perhaps, thus not promising anything) even try to improve the quality of the content...and reduce the whining. Though the last part could prove difficult!

Over and out and back to work…

ps. thank you to whomever it was who clicked the Google ad yesterday!

January 3, 2011

Winter 1...

Peter and the Pirates shares excellent new track Winter 1. A few years ago I did order some release(s?) by the band, but I don't recall the band sounding this great (noisier and less catchy, but perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me?). So time to give the band a second chance I guess...

January 2, 2011


...will hopefully resume tomorrow. Meanwhile enjoy these two (fairly) new and really fine tracks by Danish electro-synth-rock trio tung_nem. A few more words about these tomorrow! If you haven't, I strongly suggest you check out the previous recordings by the band. All compiled in this post from March last year...

Fell Asleep At The Wheel by tung_nem

Born In Good Shape by tung_nem