November 25, 2013

Save Yourself...

Just helping spreading the word and recommend that you check out the lovely debut single (and video) Save Yourself from new Danish folk pop act NovemberDecember. Deservedly compared to Fleet Foxes, The Rumour Said Fire etc.

November 22, 2013

Oh so quiet...

Not any good at blogging these days, so if you're interested in knowing what I'm up to, I suggest you follow me on Twitter instead. Recommended two tracks their earlier today, so thought I'd shared them here as well...

Via Rodolfo comes this superb female-fronted guitar pop track by UK act Blessa.

Regulars are already familiar with Bubblegum Lemonade, but in case you haven't checked it out already, don't miss out on ace new track This Is The New Normal (opening track from new album Some Like It Pop).

November 13, 2013

A return to pop music...

Just thought I'd share the terrific news that yesterday Champagne Riot announced an "official return to pop music". Time will tell whether it will be as a one-man-project, as a duo or trio (for a short period of time I do believe they were a trio), because right now the return announcement is all the information there is. Needless to say, this is no less than fantastic news, as the band and their electro dance/disco pop anthems have been sorely missed! Promise to keep a watchful eye out for updates and will return immediately if/when news on line-up, releases, concerts and more or less anything else has been revealed!

+ Scandinavian Warfare

November 8, 2013

Three videos...

A trio of videos has reached me (through various sources) and since neither of them are even close to reaching the number of views they deserve, I thought I should help adding one or two views to their totals by posting them. Enjoy the videos or if you're not into videos at all, just close your eyes and simply enjoy the songs instead, as all three of them are indeed (you've guessed it) immensely enjoyable!

Perfect heartache, mad men and girls...!

A new song from Finns Delay Trees has hit the interweb and Perfect Heartache is a simply wonderful guitarpop tune. So it's just plain business as usual I guess?

I'm 6 years late I know, but after being tuned in on TV series by Orange Is the New Black (all hail Netflix) I've finally started watching Mad Men. 5 episodes in I do find it highly entertaining, though it's not quite what I expected, as I thought there would be more advertising/business content and less domestic problems and dealing with ghosts of the past.

The new track from UK quartet Hush! is quite a monster, running for more than 9 minutes. Building my expectations on the band's debut, the instant pop charmer and very 80'ies inspired There's Something in the Stars Tonight, but with Girls the band surprisingly heads in a completely different direction sounding grand, darker, more complex and flirting quite heavily with the shoegaze genre. Perhaps not an immediate winner, but definitely a grower!

November 4, 2013

The young and hopefuls...

The brand new and eagerly awaited Northern Portrait track The Young and Hopefuls from the oft-mentioned A Sunday Matinée compilation is now available for streaming and once again I have to give in to the temptation, and write what I've written so many times before. No band writes, records and (obviously) releases better jangling guitar pop tunes than these lads and as cliché'ish it may sound, I remain amazed me how this band continues to be so stunningly brilliant.

November 1, 2013

One step closer to trouble...

Yes, I know I just wrote that I'm busy...and I sure am!

I posted the new video by Odd Collection yesterday. Here's the track without moving pictures...

A whopping 11 tracks from the upcoming A Sunday Matinée compilation can now be streamed via SoundCloud. This new baby by Charlie Big Time is absolutely wonderful!


Busy day today, so this will be super short.

Stream the much anticipated new single from Danish electro pop act Tiger Baby. Dreamy, catchy and simply gorgeous!